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@  Boagy (Wed 28 Apr 21 - 19:52)

Hiya! I can't for the life of me get past the captcha on the recruitment contact us form, any tips or tricks? Promise I'm not a robot :lol: :lol:

@  Greeny1911 (Wed 28 Apr 21 - 19:55)

Goodbye and Good luck to Silberio on her adventures to the USA

@  Andrews (Thu 29 Apr 21 - 17:45)

@Boagy It's more of an intelligence test, you gotta click the right button :D Welcome back

@  Boagy (Thu 29 Apr 21 - 17:48)

Failed at the first hurdle! Thanks mate good to be back!

@  Andrews (Thu 29 Apr 21 - 17:51)

On a serious note this is a little annoying and has been fixed in an update we are working on. :)

@  Vex (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 10:23)

Antistasi - Server 3 - 7PM GMT - tonight.

@  Black Betty (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 12:26)

Anywhere I could find the modset for Antistasi? Or is it just the one we always use?

@  Vex (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 12:33)

modset hasn't changed for it @Black Betty

@  Vex (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 13:08)

More info about the gamemode found here (for anyone new to it): http://forums.realit...erilla-warfare/

@  Villhelm (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 19:41)

http://forums.realitygamer.org/calendar/event/900-sunday-operation-operation-badgers-set/ Mission Post for RSVP - WARNO to follow!

@  Andrews (Sat 01 May 21 - 06:57)

Thanks for the support this month RG, our journey in 2021 is stronger than ever and its all thanks to this amazing community. Welcome to all our new members, standards and quality of content has never been higher. Big pats on the back this Sunday.

@  stabcon (Tue 04 May 21 - 17:46)


@  Andrews (Tue 04 May 21 - 22:08)

TaskForce lets get the likes in for this one, also Sub to Vex for more great RG content: VIDEO

@  Andrews (Fri 07 May 21 - 19:39)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force ltomada. View ltomada's Profile

@  Villhelm (Fri 07 May 21 - 23:32)

Server 4 test went amazing, post up tomorrow

@  Andrews (Sat 08 May 21 - 15:23)


@  Villhelm (Sat 08 May 21 - 16:27)

RG Members - Vietnam at 7.30!

@  Mira (Sat 08 May 21 - 20:36)

wow, that 'nam mod is grand!

@  Veter (Sun 09 May 21 - 20:17)

Roll for luck

@  Andrews (Sun 16 May 21 - 23:11)

Servers are being reset and tested, will be back up soon - servers up!



Member Since 13 Aug 2015
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In Topic: [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

16 September 2020 - 16:41

Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Sam
New Assignment: Sgt - Vegas Section Lead
Effective as of:  01/09/20


During his time at RG, Sam has shown great leadership potential, good working knowledge of tactics and procedures and is well regarded by his team. It gives me great pleasure to announce his promotion to Vegas Lead. The enthusiasm and willingness to learn will be both an asset to Vegas and the Taskforce as a whole.


Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Cherokee
New Assignment:Corporal 2IC - Arrow
Effective as of:  13/09/20


Cherokee has adopted many roles within Arrow since he joined RG, with a good deal of experience at the squad level, we feel he is more than capable of supporting his squad leader in operations and leading his own fireteam. He will no doubt be an asset to his squad and Gambler Platoon in this new role.


Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Zezzek
New Assignment:Corporal 2IC - Blade
Effective as of:  13/09/20


In a stroke of deja vu - Zezzek is once again taking on the NCO role. After spending some time in an acting position, Zezzek has shown his strengths and experience, as well as a boost in confidence in the role. I have no doubt Zezzek will be a valuble addition to the NCO line-up.



Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Aatoshi
New Assignment: PFC
Effective as of:  13/09/20


Stepping down from a succesful stint as 2IC Arrow, Aatoshi has served his squad and the platoon with distinction. We will still see him on the field, but carrying a shovel and explosives rather than stripes. We thank him for his service to his squad and RG during his tenure.



Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Caesar
New Assignment:  Reserves - VIP
Effective as of:  01/09/20


After many years of service, Caesar is stepping down from duties at RG to focus on real life commitments. We wish him the very best in his future and hope to see him return to RG ranks one day.


Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Seanster, Obi
New Assignment:  Reserve
Effective as of:  16/09/20


After supporting the platoon and the Task Force as 3-0 for quite some time, unfortunately both members must step down to focus on real life commitments. We wish them both the very best and hope to request mortars and medical from them very soon.



The following members have hereby been discharged due to inactivity. They are clear to reapply following the standard method should their situation change and they wish to come back.