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@  TAE (Fri 09 Jul 21 - 05:41)

We better get Bruce out of there!

@  Scaeva (Fri 09 Jul 21 - 08:26)

Lol, one of the most motivating WARNO's ever made, can't say "no" to this one :D

@  Vex (Fri 09 Jul 21 - 19:28)

Thanks to everyone that turned up. Shame that technical problems ended the mission before it really got started.

@  Andrews (Sat 10 Jul 21 - 11:51)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force kotanpeter. View kotanpeter's Profile

@  Andrews (Sat 10 Jul 21 - 23:52)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force aiden. View aiden's Profile

@  Shlee (Sun 11 Jul 21 - 16:09)

give um hell today RG .o7

@  Seanster (Mon 12 Jul 21 - 00:47)

When 3.0 joins Talon

@  Thehelloguy (Thu 15 Jul 21 - 13:30)

Happy Birthday Stabs!

@  stabcon (Thu 15 Jul 21 - 15:05)

Thank you very much

@  Guss (Wed 21 Jul 21 - 18:27)

Throwback to my mission. Sadly it despawned after a while!

@  Andrews (Sun 25 Jul 21 - 09:05)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force CJ©. View CJ©'s Profile

@  Greeny1911 (Sun 25 Jul 21 - 20:25)


@  Greeny1911 (Sun 25 Jul 21 - 20:27)

"you good?" Nope!

@  Aatoshi (Sun 25 Jul 21 - 20:39)

Hehehe, we landed good tho!

@  Andrews (Mon 26 Jul 21 - 21:34)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force hzarockks3. View hzarockks3's Profile

@  stabcon (Wed 28 Jul 21 - 11:41)

As we approach the end of the month - I must once again ask you for your support, if you can spare a few coins of your local currency that would be appreciated

@  stabcon (Wed 28 Jul 21 - 15:54)

You guys are amazing

@  stabcon (Wed 28 Jul 21 - 20:09)

https://steamcommuni.../?id=1910457930 REQUIRED FROM SUNDAY

@  Andrews (Sat 31 Jul 21 - 18:34)

As the good Cpt said thanks again all, I'm still far from home but missing our chats. Hope to see you all end of AUG for a big splash in the arma verse before the new year! Viva La RG

@  Andrews (Mon 02 Aug 21 - 20:07)

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Operation Fat Man

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    by [RG] Stabcon


    This mission is using the standard RG mod pack





    ISSUE DATE: 2505/2021
    ISSUING OFFICIAL: Lt.Col.Andrews

    Ever since RG forces left the island nation of Altis, there has been instability in the region. The Altis government have taken to buying and selling any weapons and equipment from any nation that they can in order to keep opposing nations and internal aggresors at bay. However this arms race has caused huge amounts of national unrest. Whilst the money is spent on weapons of war, the population goes hungry and infrastrtucture fails. Opposing factions have began to splinter and rival nations have begun proxy campaigns to keep Altis in turmoil. NATO are looking to intervene in support of the Altis government however, there is a problem
    Unbeknownst to NATO - Altis is now a nuclear power. Welll, they should be but there is a problem. No sooner than the warheads were delivered, the convoy was attacked and the warheads stolen. The Altian government believes it was pre planned and an 'inside job' instigated by rebel forces and opposing nations by proxy, however that is not our concern. 
    The warheads have not only been stolen, but the island nation is now being held to ransom. Either agree to be annexed - or the warheads will be detonated, leaving the island uninhabitable for years and killing hundreds of thousands.
    The deadline will be 3 hours from when we arrive - The Altian government has contacted us directly, NATO would refuse to get involved. This is a bold move by any nation, but we do not have time to investigate, we must prevent the detonations and prevent this form happening again.

    2 x UH60 DAP
    2 x AH-6 Littlebirds
    6 x MH-6 Littlebirds
    1 x Chinook
    Various logistic vehicles and supply crates
    Operational Plan

    RGTF are to locate, disable and retrieve stolen warheads.

    Squad operational intent
    Provide overwatch and support from OP's
    Assault enemy positions and retrieve warheads
    Provide transport for ground personnel
    Provide light CAS


    Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.



    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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