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@  Boagy (Wed 28 Apr 21 - 19:52)

Hiya! I can't for the life of me get past the captcha on the recruitment contact us form, any tips or tricks? Promise I'm not a robot :lol: :lol:

@  Greeny1911 (Wed 28 Apr 21 - 19:55)

Goodbye and Good luck to Silberio on her adventures to the USA

@  Andrews (Thu 29 Apr 21 - 17:45)

@Boagy It's more of an intelligence test, you gotta click the right button :D Welcome back

@  Boagy (Thu 29 Apr 21 - 17:48)

Failed at the first hurdle! Thanks mate good to be back!

@  Andrews (Thu 29 Apr 21 - 17:51)

On a serious note this is a little annoying and has been fixed in an update we are working on. :)

@  Vex (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 10:23)

Antistasi - Server 3 - 7PM GMT - tonight.

@  Black Betty (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 12:26)

Anywhere I could find the modset for Antistasi? Or is it just the one we always use?

@  Vex (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 12:33)

modset hasn't changed for it @Black Betty

@  Vex (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 13:08)

More info about the gamemode found here (for anyone new to it): http://forums.realit...erilla-warfare/

@  Villhelm (Fri 30 Apr 21 - 19:41)

http://forums.realitygamer.org/calendar/event/900-sunday-operation-operation-badgers-set/ Mission Post for RSVP - WARNO to follow!

@  Andrews (Sat 01 May 21 - 06:57)

Thanks for the support this month RG, our journey in 2021 is stronger than ever and its all thanks to this amazing community. Welcome to all our new members, standards and quality of content has never been higher. Big pats on the back this Sunday.

@  stabcon (Tue 04 May 21 - 17:46)


@  Andrews (Tue 04 May 21 - 22:08)

TaskForce lets get the likes in for this one, also Sub to Vex for more great RG content: VIDEO

@  Andrews (Fri 07 May 21 - 19:39)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force ltomada. View ltomada's Profile

@  Villhelm (Fri 07 May 21 - 23:32)

Server 4 test went amazing, post up tomorrow

@  Andrews (Sat 08 May 21 - 15:23)


@  Villhelm (Sat 08 May 21 - 16:27)

RG Members - Vietnam at 7.30!

@  Mira (Sat 08 May 21 - 20:36)

wow, that 'nam mod is grand!

@  Veter (Sun 09 May 21 - 20:17)

Roll for luck

@  Andrews (Sun 16 May 21 - 23:11)

Servers are being reset and tested, will be back up soon - servers up!


Operation Porewit IV

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OFFLINE   stabcon


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    by [RG] Stabcon, [RG] Villhlem


    This mission is using the standard RG mod pack





    ISSUE DATE: 17/03/2021
    ISSUING OFFICIAL: Lt.Col.Andrews


    RG forces were successfull in our attempt to hold the line during a fierce counter offensive by cordovian forces. Desspite heavy losses across the front, NATO forces were able to maintain their positions and push further inland and cause the enemy to start withdrawing across the border.
    Whilst much of Chernarus is now secure some pockets of resistance are keeping NATO forces tied up, preventing any kind of pursuit into Cordovian territory. The enemy has utilised this time to centralise much of their equipment and forces used in the invasion (and what little they have left) at the NWAF for withdrawal beyond Chernarussian borders.
    The capture of Major Kuznetsov has allowed NATO forces to quash much of the internal resistance fighters and prevent any meaningful insurgency from beginning.
    NATO want to finish the job. With enemy forces in full retreat, they want to ensure that they will be in no position to repeat anything like this for some time. Despite the catastrophic losses of men and equipment during last weeks offensive, they still possess a substantial amount of equipment that would be useful in capturing and turning over to Chernarussian defense forces. 
    No longer protected by any substantial AA net, enemy forces have consolidated and dug in at NWAF and the town of Vybor to the south to block NATO advances. The area has been heavily mined allowing only certain routes of attack. With some AA armoured and mechanised units still operating, there is still a risk of breakout should NATO forces waver on the advance. 


    1x CH53
    2x MV-22B Osprey
    1x AH1Z
    2x UH1Y
    4x MH60S Seahawk
    4 x M115A1
    2x M1A1FEP
    1x M109A6
    4x FA/18
    2x Harrier
    Standard support and supply equipment and vehicles.

    Operational Plan
    RG forces are to assault and secure the NWAF region.

    Squad operational intent

    Gambler forces are to assault through the town of Vybor to gain entry to the NWAF
    Assault the NWAF and clear of hostile forces
    Capture any equipment possible
    Re-insert/Resupply of ground forces
    Armoured support
    CAS/CAP as requested
    Vegas to assist in offensive on Gambler objectives
    SSE of target buildings at NWAF

    Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.



    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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