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@  stabcon (Sun 30 May 21 - 21:21)

5 years :o how time flies

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 30 May 21 - 21:52)


@  Andrews (Mon 31 May 21 - 15:55)

@Jay-Eff 5 year award issued, thank you for your service o7

@  Jay-Eff (Tue 01 Jun 21 - 12:50)

Why thank you, many fun hours thanks to this place

@  Vex (Thu 03 Jun 21 - 19:59)

New gamemode suggestion. Please voice your opinion on the thread. http://forums.realit...tion-overthrow/

@  Andrews (Mon 07 Jun 21 - 15:11)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Mac10. View Mac10's Profile

@  Andrews (Mon 07 Jun 21 - 15:14)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force fancy. View fancy's Profile

@  Andrews (Tue 08 Jun 21 - 13:14)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force JoanGore6. View JoanGore6's Profile

@  Andrews (Fri 11 Jun 21 - 20:37)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Twigs101. View Twigs101's Profile

@  Andrews (Fri 11 Jun 21 - 23:34)

Welcome all :D

@  Villhelm (Sat 12 Jun 21 - 16:28)

Sorry for the late post!

@  Andrews (Mon 14 Jun 21 - 15:12)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force ElidaTicke. View ElidaTicke's Profile

@  stabcon (Tue 15 Jun 21 - 16:06)

Training post is up, please RSVP!

@  Vex (Fri 18 Jun 21 - 09:43)

Can someone please put up server 3 for tonight. ty in advance

@  stabcon (Fri 18 Jun 21 - 14:54)


@  Andrews (Sun 20 Jun 21 - 08:34)

Happy Fathers day (UK/GB) have a great mission today all!

@  Andrews (Sun 20 Jun 21 - 13:51)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Toniii. View Toniii's Profile

@  Andrews (Tue 22 Jun 21 - 20:43)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Cynff. View Cynff's Profile

@  Andrews (Wed 23 Jun 21 - 16:00)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Barkhorn. View Barkhorn's Profile

@  Andrews (Wed 23 Jun 21 - 18:17)

If you are not at training tonight I am watching you RG



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Andrews - "Leaders in Reality"


London born Andrews is the owner and head admin of Reality Gaming. He started his first clan within Delta Force (PC 1998) and started playing the original C&C series competitively on-line. Turning 22 he created the 26 air mobile brigade, a large 50 man strong Air Assault unit within MOHAA (PC 2002) this was aided several by soldiers from the United Kingdom.


Learning much from these leaders of men, Andrews quickly went on to launch the Deadly Dozen, a small group of highly skilled competitive Call of Duty (PC 2003) players from Europe.


The Deadly Dozen achieved several awards, ranging from UK no1 in the clan base ladder to smashing sponsored teams at i-23 (multiplay LAN) where they won cash prizes and became sponsored themselves.

At 24 Andrews started a family and retired as a clan leader. Following 3 years of adjustment into his new role as a Dad and losing 90% of his "cat like" sniper reflexes, Andrew decided to create a place where he could retire from the high octane pace of competitive gaming and relax among friends.


This casual community would focus more on realism and creating unique experiences for mature like minded milsim soldiers while allowing flexibility.

In 2007 Andrew co-created Operation Reality, a unique project to conduct large scale tournaments and campaigns within ARMA. After several years of developing, researching and perfecting our goal, Andrew created Reality Gaming in 2010.

As a community leader and senior manager with over 15 years of experience, his guidance and direction have helped build our great community.

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    Playing online games. Dota2, arma3, coh2. I enjoy creating GFX and Videos for the community.
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