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@  stabcon (Sun 30 May 21 - 21:21)

5 years :o how time flies

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 30 May 21 - 21:52)


@  Andrews (Mon 31 May 21 - 15:55)

@Jay-Eff 5 year award issued, thank you for your service o7

@  Jay-Eff (Tue 01 Jun 21 - 12:50)

Why thank you, many fun hours thanks to this place

@  Vex (Thu 03 Jun 21 - 19:59)

New gamemode suggestion. Please voice your opinion on the thread. http://forums.realit...tion-overthrow/

@  Andrews (Mon 07 Jun 21 - 15:11)

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@  Andrews (Mon 07 Jun 21 - 15:14)

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@  Andrews (Fri 11 Jun 21 - 23:34)

Welcome all :D

@  Villhelm (Sat 12 Jun 21 - 16:28)

Sorry for the late post!

@  Andrews (Mon 14 Jun 21 - 15:12)

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@  stabcon (Tue 15 Jun 21 - 16:06)

Training post is up, please RSVP!

@  Vex (Fri 18 Jun 21 - 09:43)

Can someone please put up server 3 for tonight. ty in advance

@  stabcon (Fri 18 Jun 21 - 14:54)


@  Andrews (Sun 20 Jun 21 - 08:34)

Happy Fathers day (UK/GB) have a great mission today all!

@  Andrews (Sun 20 Jun 21 - 13:51)

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@  Andrews (Tue 22 Jun 21 - 20:43)

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@  Andrews (Wed 23 Jun 21 - 16:00)

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@  Andrews (Wed 23 Jun 21 - 18:17)

If you are not at training tonight I am watching you RG


Event: Operation Rasman Freedom

in Task Force Calendar (Battle Schedule)
Added by stabcon, 04 Jun 2021

Taking place 06 Jun 2021 (Single Day Event)




Rasman has yet again fallen in to chaos, its so bad that stationed NATO troops in the area has had to fall back and established a perimeter around the town.

TF RG was in the are on a training assignment in the Takistani mountains, when we got requested to redeploy to FOB Garmsar and get ready to retake the town.

The area has seen a period of peace for a while now, we suspect that a sudden influx of arms and money is what sparked this conflict.

While we have been able to trace where the money is coming from, we have not been able to id the suppliers.

We tracked the money to a sheik living not to far away from the town, we will need to either kill or capture this individual only referenced from here out as "The Money".



8xHuskey GPMG

2x Huskey HMG

1x Huskey Logistics GMG

1x MRZR 4

2x UH-60M

2x AH-60M

Standard weapons/ammo/equipment at base



Operational Plan

RGTF are to assault and take back the town of Rasman

Secure intel on suppliers

Kill/Capture HVT (Aka "The Money")

Squad operational intent

Take town of Rasman

Secure Intel



Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

RSVP for event

The event poster has requested that attendees RSVP for this event

You do not have permission to RSVP

See All

38 Attending


LOA - Covid



LOA - Hockey

Possible LOA power set to get cut just after OP starts. 

Possible LOA.
LOA- Family