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@  Villhelm : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 15:36) i said dont ask why "looks around in case dev team find me"
@  Helios : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 15:45) :ph34r:
@  Akseone : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 15:46) I didn't ask why. It was more of an if/when xD we could throw the jurassic arma mod in there too and be space marines hunting dinos :)
@  Villhelm : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 15:55) NO HELIOS HAS FOUND ME "is murdered horribly" but seriously a week friday (the 10th) i think
@  Akseone : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 15:57) aha xD it would be a nice side project to do. have a little bit of downtime and relaxation. I wonder wether lokter could zues something like this
@  Akseone : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 16:03) I ma sitting here dribbling at the op this week. looks tekkers,
@  Villhelm : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 16:06) Raptor mod last time i looked was very heavy server usage
@  Akseone : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 16:07) I played on it, It does eat the fps a little but if you have zones (the server I was on turned a taviana island into "sector D") its great fun. like a safari xD
@  Andrews : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 18:32) Who's up for some diving? http://forums.realit...ltis-role-play/
@  Tristan : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 18:56) im up for it
@  Helios : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:23) For the updated modpack, don't forget to copy the userconfigs folder (located in the @RG_Pack) into your main ARMA 3 root folder. If not, you'll get an error on start-up and ARMA closes down.
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:25) cheers i'm downloading it now at a Crazy 130KB/s
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:26) got a new card finally
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:27) forgot how to play Arma though, what's the 'G' key do again?
@  Helios : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:28) had to assemble it yourself? :P
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:29) yeh but i couldn't see which usb port to plug it in to.
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:53) The M113 has PIP driver view now?
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:53) can that be disabled locally?
@  Doolz : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 19:54) never mind you can change view, nice option
@  pvt_p3te : (Tue 31 Mar 15 - 20:04) "G" opens the gear menu yeah?

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Toggle %s [EVENT - SUN] Deliverance [APR 5 - 6PM]

Posted By:  Mars @ Yesterday, 19:18


by [RG]Mars

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack (v2.01)





ISSUE DATE: 30/03/2015


RGTF are once again trying to stem the tide of blatant Russian aggression backed by wanton denials of involvement. Although pro Russian rebels have been careful not to start all out war with a NATO backed country, they continue to skirt the edges of conflict, poking and testing NATO resolve.

Sent to Latvia as part of a NATO charm offensive aimed at demonstrating not only NATO's resolve and power but also NATO's commitment to it's Eastern European members. Across the border in Belarus, Pro Russian rebels are mobilizing. Belarus, part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization signed with Russia, has recently been making noises at a swing towards the West. Tired of continued pressure from it's neighbor, Belarus is seemingly wanting to break the shackles of the Tashkent Pact which may then pave the way for NATO membership.

Russia is not about to let any more of it's former territory get swallowed up by the NATO machine it sees creeping ever closer to it's borders. Heavy weapons and infantry have been spotted moving along it's border and entering Latvian sovereign territory. Seemingly a move designed to further test responses and embarrass NATO in it's inaction.

RG Taskforce Task
SKYNET has located a convoy of heavy vehicles which has penetrated into Latvian territory. It is thought they are trying to reinforce a rebel held airfield on the Belarusian border. NATO wants to immediately stamp out any foothold pro-Russian militia are able to attain so as to avoid another stalemate and tradeoff situation such as Ukraine.

SACEUR has ordered the convoy to be pinpointed and assaulted with the goal of it's total destruction while in it's most vulnerable state. After it's completion RGTF is to assault and capture the enemy held airfield.
Good luck!



Enemy Forces:
While the convoy is thought to be traveling West to east and potentially vulnerable, the last images from SKYNET5 before it drifted off station has the convoy at close to 15 vehicles. These include several GRAD style systems. Infantry troop carriers and APC's. At least 3 Tracked AA systems. 1 MBT and assorted support vehicles. There is likely to be significant infantry support with heavy weapon and MANPAD systems.

The primary airfield has already been well fortified. Outlaying villages are in full control of pro-Russian rebels. They have dug in and provide both a hard static ground defense as well as a significant AA threat which effectively rings the entire airfield. A squadron of fast jets comprising of both Sukhoi and Yak CAS and AA variants are stationed at the airfield and have been actively patrolling the area. Further Russian fast jets are also testing NATO air defence and reaction times throughout Belarus and may be active in our AO.
Although they are technically inferior airframes and none of the modern Russian jets, they are capable machines in well trained and disciplined pilots hands. They have been seen providing CAP for convoys in the area and if they are not immediately present, they will undoubtedly respond once friendly ground assets are threatened. Heavy armour is present at the airfield though no tracked AA or artillery support is confirmed - it is therefore imperative that the convoy not reach the AA ring and be allowed to further fortify the airfield beyond the local assaulting capabilities.

A small auxiliary airfield to the Northeast is known to house both transport and CAS rotary airframes. A study of the satellite images suggest that there is little to no AA present potentially making it a vulnerable preemptive strike target limiting enemy rotary airframes.

NATO has squeezed significant aerial assets into a local airfield.

4x F/A-18 E Superhornet
4x F/A-18 F Superhornet
1x AH-64D Longbow Apache (Ground suppression configuration)
1x AH-64D Longbow Apache (Close air support configuration)
2x CH-47F Chanook
2x UH-60M Blackhawk
1x UH-60M MEV Medevac
2x AH-6 Littlebird
4x MH6 Littlebird
1x Bardelas tacked AA
FGM148 + ammo
FIM-92F + ammo
Ground vehicles will also be available for transport if needed

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
CAP of Gambler aerial movements
Localised aerial superiority and CAS of Gambler operations
All logistics

Forward recon
Joint terminal attack controller
Secondary AA Support
Secondary heavy armour elimination support

Elimination of all ground forces
Destruction of enemy fighting capability
Capture of airfield real-estate

RGTF Intent:
Destroy enemy armoured convoy
retake enemy held airfield.

ROE: Weapons tight
Civilians will be likely in built up area's but may also be in other area's. Care should be taken in military bases as civilian contractors may be present. Heavy weapon systems and all high explosives are banned in built up areas.

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation and is fully authorised by SHAPE to use deadly force.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.” - Alice Walker

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Toggle %s [TRAINING] AGENDA 1st April (No joke!)

Posted By:  Mars @ Yesterday, 11:34


aaah yeeeah!


At the start all members are expected to quickly and quietly form up on the line.


19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)

Training lead this week:- TBC

Recruits (non basic combat training):
After the initial line-out and welcome, you will report to 1st Lieutenant Lokter to go through basic combat training. Once passed you will be eligible for inclusion in standard Wednesday training and Sunday operations.

All other:
- Basic explantion of new features in modpack update by DEV's

Agenda to follow:

21:00-22:00hrs (GMT)

Wednesday Night PvP:

High command has decreed that this event will be open to anyone that signs up and attends Wednesday night training. RSVP for training and guarantee yourself a slot for the PvP event.

This week:


Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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Toggle %s MOD PACK v2.0.1

Posted By:  Helios @ Yesterday, 05:40


As you may or may not have heared, Mars and I have been working on updating the RG modpack. We've updated nearly half of the mods with their newest version and fixed around 25 bugs that we currently had in the pack. Furthermore, Alive, ACRE and RHS have been updated as well, fixing more of the issues we had.

Head over to our download section and grab the addon't there - updated marked with "FEATURED" Our servers will be updated monday 30th so be sure to try and connect to the Operations or Training server before wednesday's training so you're sure all mods have been installed correctly. If you're having issues, jump onto TS and ask the staff for help.

More info here: http://forums.realit...-mod-pack-v201/

Have fun!


Mars and Helios

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Toggle %s Talon Recruitment OPEN

Posted By:  BlackHeart @ 29 March 2015 - 22:13




Good evening everyone,


I am happy to inform everyone that Talon recruitment is now open. Please head here to apply: http://forums.realit...94-talon-apply/


Talon is currently looking for TWO members to fill our ranks. We are looking for members with dedication, patience, self-discipline and a healthy attitude. If you think you fit the bill then head to the link posted above after speaking to your Squad Leader and Commanding Officer and register your interest.


Talon's recruitment process is as follows:

- Speak to your Squad Leader and Commanding Officer to let them know you're thinking of transferring.

- Post an application to join Talon at the above link.

- Complete each of the assessments listed in the Talon application thread.

- If successful, you will be assigned to Talon on a four week trial as a Talon Cadet.

- During these four weeks we will assess you to make sure you are suitable for Talon and also to make sure Talon is suitable for you.

- At the end of the trial we will sit with you and discuss how things have gone and this is when we may offer you a permanent place on the Talon Roster.


I wish good luck to anyone that applies. Feel free to contact me or any other member of Talon if you would like to discuss anything you are unsure about.



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