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@  Lightninguk : (Thu 18 Dec 14 - 14:33) it because i not took any of my time of this year been saving then up
@  Villhelm : (Thu 18 Dec 14 - 16:24) Mission should be ready in a few days, may try and run it sunday if possible and no one else is doing anything
@  Derbysieger : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 01:38) Caesar is gonna love this. I just realized I have footage of him clearly being ejected from his quadbike :D
@  Derbysieger : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 01:42) Gonna call it The epic tale of caesar and his seagulls
@  Derbysieger : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 02:05) Caesar and his seagulls
@  Andrews : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 06:41) We need a Christmas Hero ! http://forums.realit...son-for-giving/
@  Lightninguk : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 07:10) good morning rg
@  Mars : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 09:15) Lol Derby, someone clearly ejected him! Funny that specs even have access to that option.... :s
@  The Icarus : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 09:23) Yeah, we also had the option to 'drop ladder' but that didn't work.
@  Mars : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 10:22) Huh, so it was you trying the options then ;)
@  The Icarus : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 10:38) Not until someone told me that was possible to get scrollwheel options. I didn't even have arma on the forground.
@  The Icarus : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 10:38) Ps. forum daddy. I donated an extra 25pounds and my supporter status got demoted. :P
@  Andrews : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 10:59) he he thats class :P
@  The Icarus : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 12:21) Classy Jim - The Office
@  CAESAR : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 13:38) Knew it was someone who ejected me lol...
@  Andrews : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 13:40) http://i.imgur.com/c4FIYeZ.jpg
@  The Icarus : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 16:42) @Caesar, very likely yes. Although until someone has actual proof or steps forwards and says they did it, we will never know for sure. :P
@  The Icarus : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 16:58) Working on a video intro in AE using ingame greenscreen
@  Lokter : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 20:20) Uni work submitted, Christmas chilling can finally begin.
@  Andrews : (Fri 19 Dec 14 - 20:52) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Milsim Community KirillPIlot737.

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Toggle %s [NEWS] Bohemia Interactive 2014 Year In Review

Posted By:  Andrews @ Yesterday, 15:18


Bohemia Interactive 2014 Year In Review 
Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday December 18th 2014

It's been an amazing year at Reality Gaming enjoying our adventures in ARMA 3.

As one of the most exciting years for our studio comes to a close, we’ve deployed a special dev blog in which various members of the Arma 3, Take On Mars, and DayZ development team recap the past (15th anniversary) year, take a brief look at the near future, and thank everyone for their incredible support! 




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Toggle %s [TRAINING] Batoru Rowaiaru

Posted By:  Mars @ 14 December 2014 - 22:50



This will be the last official event of 2014! As such, we're going to be doing something a little different....

At the start all members are expected to run around like headless chickens going  woo!-woo!-woo!-woo!-woo!-woo!-woo!


Just kidding, at the start all members are expected to quickly and quietly form up on the line.


All welcome:

There will be an address by Lieutenant Colonel Andrews to close out 2014 followed by the main event.



You will need an extra mod to take part in this training. This is a one time only mod and can be deleted after the Wednesday event.

Mod available here


Mod line:


Signups are now open and it is polite to RSVP or post LOA:

(please note, this is not a mandatory event)


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Toggle %s [EVENT - SUN] Bridgehead [DEC 14 - 6PM]

Posted By:  Mars @ 08 December 2014 - 19:57


by [RG]Mars

The standard RG Map packs and Mods are required to play this Operation!

This mission is using the new AirCav structure

Please note if you have not signed up you might not be able to play on Sunday. Sign up ends Saturday 23:59 GMT.



ISSUE DATE: 08/12/2014
ISSUING STATION: NATO - Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)
ISSUING OFFICIAL: General Philip Breedlove - Supreme Allied Command Europe (SACEUR)

SITUATION - (Follow on from 'The Ten Thousand')
Russian forces continue to make inroads into Romania and are now approaching within 50km of Bucharest. Their armoured and mechanised spearhead followed by infantry has so far smashed any defecnce Romanian and NATO troops can muster. Their coastal expansion, however, has not gone so well for them. QRF NATO forces have managed to reinforce and hold all coastal deep water ports leaving the entire Russian advance working off a single deep water port. This port is now supplying the entire Russian advance.

RG Taskforce Task
The RGTF has been given the covert op task of infiltrating into the Russian zone of control and capturing the port area. NATO forced are aggressively engaging Russian forces at the front pinning them in combat and preventing them from falling back to the port area, while an American carrier fleet has taken up position to protect sea lanes.
Under the cover of darkness the RG Task Force has slipped into an unused airfield in south east Romainia close to the Russian bridgehead. It's mission is to take and hold the port of Berezino and therefore cut off supplies from the advancing Russian colums. A fully operational artillery encampment has been identified and SACEUR has requested RGTF spec-ops quietly infiltrate and disable or destroy the artillery pieces before they can be brought to bear.

Enemy Forces:
Enemy forces are mainly comprised of small groups of Russian army but they have been training up local pro-Russian militias to bolster their ranks and they are well dug in. Satellite and UAV surveillance has noted several units of light armour in the area but it appears the only dedicated AA has been moved to guard the artillery encampment. Although no other AA has been detected, man portable air defence systems remain a threat in hostile areas.

The enemy artillery encampment is thought to be somewhere to the south of Berezino town. AWACS and UAV confirm all heavy armour and Russian fixed wing air assets have been moved to the front line and should not be expected in our AO.

Heavy fighting in the area between local groups should work in our favour and you may only find limited response to skirmishes in the Berezino surrounding area, however the suspected mechanised platoon size garrison at Gorka will undoubtedly respond once the port area comes under sustained attack.

Friendly Forces:
Gambler has deployed in force but has limited support. Ground equipment consists of the following:

2x HEMTT transports
2x AMV-7 Marshall
1x Hunter
4x AW159 Wildcat Transport
4x MH-9 Hummingbird
2x AH-9 Pawnee
4x Quadbikes

All RGTF units are present at the airfield.

Operational Plan
As per Highroller

Take and hold the port of Berezino to break the Russian's only bridgehead and force capitulation of hostile forces.

Ground Forces tasks:
1 - Take The North Western town of Khlem from enemy forces to set up a FOB and secure flanks for the main assault on Berezino port.
2 - Take and hold the upper port area of Berezino and eliminate all enemy forces.
3 - Take and hold the lower port and clear out the suspect HQ in the area eliminating all enemy forces.

Special Forces tasks:
1 - Infiltrate behind enemy lines for SAD mission on enemy artillery position.
2 - Proceed West by any means necessary to intercept any enemy reinforcements which might be heading to Gambler AO from Gorka.

Air Assets tasks:
Talon to provide logistic helicopter support for reinforces to front, Medevac and special forces missions as well as scouting and CSAR.

ROE: Weapons Tight
An absolute priority for the mission is no civilian causalities as each civilian casualty will further bolster Russian propaganda. As we will be attacking at first light and as there is a 9pm-9am curfew in force there should be no civilians on the streets, however, confirm PID enemy before engaging. non hostile civilians are not to be engaged, destruction of civilian infrastructure is to be minimised at every opportunity.

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force area defence and exfiltration.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


"In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth." - Patti Smith

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Toggle %s [TRAINING] Agenda 10th of December

Posted By:  Mars @ 08 December 2014 - 09:28




This week will be individual squad training on the new RG Training Arena (RGTA).

At the start all members are expected to quickly and quietly form up on the line.


All squads:

  • Individual squad training on RGTA


  1. Timed range race - to promote awareness on fatigue over combat effectiveness
  2. Assaulting a fortified compound - practical

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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