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@  Andrews : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 04:43) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Milsim Community marquise crowley.
@  marquise cro... : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 04:44) thank you, im looking for a good server to play on
@  marquise cro... : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 04:44) you guys looked like a good candidate
@  Helios : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 07:35) well thank you :)
@  Andrews : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 07:55) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Milsim Community TristaChaf.
@  aBrat : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 08:13) Well mates, I'm traveling back to Lithuania today, I wont be in the training, because at that time I will be somewhere in Germany :D See you on Sunday Mission. When I will be at home I will need TS3 Premissions back. Cant wait to play Arma3 with my Gaming PC :D
@  CAESAR : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 08:29) Poke me on TS when you get back, I'll sort it. What are the specs of your new PC?
@  Anto : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 08:29) Msg over the tannoy at work, Met Police conducting exercises at Canary Wharf, expect simulated gunfire and explosions, take no action unless told otherwise. Dammit, where's my AUR when I need it?
@  CAESAR : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 08:29) Also, safe travels.
@  CAESAR : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 08:47) Haha Anto, the Met, Emergency services and the Army are doing some massive terrorist attack exercise atm, been 6 months in the planning.
@  Anto : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 08:49) Yes, they said it was planned. Still gonna raise a few eyebrows when you're out picking up lunch though, bound to be someone who didn't get the message :-)
@  aBrat : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 11:37) Scrach my last, I leaving tomorrow at early morning, some miss-planing from the travel company. Seems I'm staying for the training tonight. Thank you Ceasar, but I will hold the wish for tomorrow :D
@  Andrews : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 16:34) GL Brat safe travels get back soon1
@  Anto : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 17:42) Q: where can I find the version of Cyprus push to hear that works on RG server? Updated it and now get kicked off due to key issues
@  Helios : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 17:44) download the RG modpack again, it's in there
@  Anto : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 17:46) Thx Helios - I took a punt on that and started d/l it again - good to know bandwidth not wasted ;-)
@  Anto : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 17:46) Now it's a race between download and training..
@  Derbysieger : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 17:50) Interview with German Luftwaffe Ace Erich Brunotte who helped with the development of the DCS Fw 190D-9 and Bf 109K-4
@  TAE : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 19:58) Bump on Public PvP
@  chrisob : (Wed 01 Jul 15 - 21:25) RG TOP GEAR 2015

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Toggle %s [EVENT - SUN] Ragnarok [July 5 - 6PM]

Posted By:  Mars @ Today, 18:52


by [RG]Mars

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack (v2.01)





ISSUE DATE: 01/07/2015


Afghanistan - with rising attacks against local populations and NATO fortifications, the RGTF have been sent in to help shore up defenses. Deep in the tribal mountainous region, RGTF ground forces have taken up positions along side the newly formed Afghan army in an important communications array.
With local radio chatter spouting rhetoric of a huge upcoming battle on the infidels ears, the RGTF and Afghan army are digging in.

RG Taskforce Task
At all costs, the infrastructure of the comms relay must stay in tact. The RGTF will need to work closely together to be able to repel the almost certainly, vastly numerical enemy. Decisive communications and a solid defensive plan will need to be in place if the RGTF hopes to hold their ground.

Enemy Forces:
Mixed infantry and small arms. Some technicals and off road vehicles. Mix of NATO and Russian weapons.

RGTF Ground forces stationed at the radio relay have only what they were carrying or traveling in and will need to be supplied with both fortification material and ammunition.
RGTF Air assets based out of NATO airbase have the following:
1x NATO A-10D
1x UH-60M
2x CH-47F


Equipment available for transport to the relay:

1x M2

1x Mk-6


NATO repair, refuel, rearm vehicles are available at the airbase

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
Defensive formations
Heavy weapons


Defensive formations

Heavy weapons
Special operations

RGTF Intent:
Hold onto the radio relay against enemy attack

ROE: Weapons Free
Civilians will not be present around the militarised radio relay, anyone approaching the relay is to be considered hostile. Friendly Afghan Army personnel are also present at the relay

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation and is fully authorised by the Afghan parliament to use deadly force.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" - Buddha

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Toggle %s [TRAINING] AGENDA 1st July

Posted By:  Mars @ 29 June 2015 - 16:13




Wednesday 01/07/15- Schedule and Agenda



  • 18:45- Numbers Report & NCO Briefing
  • 18:55- Recruit Assignment & Load Onto Server
  • 19:00- Taskforce Briefing
  • 19:05- Training Begins
  • 20:45- Training End & Debrief
  • 21:00- PvP/Fun Mission


Gambler Agenda

  • ​Squad Leaders- Report to SSgt.Blackheart for FAC instruction. Followed by Gambler SOP updates with 1Lt.Lokter.
  • 2IC's to lead Squads in conjunction with Cpt.Slysi for a refresher on Comm's, Unit Drills, Terminology,  Rules of Engagement & Positive Identification of targets .
  • New Recruits will be put through Basic Combat and Radio Training (BCRT) by CSM.Mars in order to qualify for participation in Wednesday training and Sunday Operations

Vegas Agenda

  • Dismount, Ambush&Casualty drills
  • Security&CQC SOP
  • Pre-Selection briefing and discussion


Talon Agenda

  • TBC



21:00-22:00hrs (GMT) - Optional PvP

Please note, this is an optional extra event and is not mandatory to attend after training.



Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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Toggle %s [EVENT - SUN] Canary [June 28 - 6PM]

Posted By:  Mars @ 25 June 2015 - 09:09


by [RG]Mars

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack (v2.01)





ISSUE DATE: 25/06/2015

Altis continues to be the new front line in both political and military manoeuvrings between Russia and the West. An impoverished nation, Altis has been increasingly leaning towards Russia, swayed by vast amounts of money pouring in to help it's ailing economy. Russia has built several research stations on the Island which is now split on an East/West division, both politically and geographically.
2 Days ago a key NATO scientist defected and fled across the border to Eastern Altis. His research is critical to NATO and a special operations missions is being put together to recover the scientific research and the scientist himself, codename Canary.

RG Taskforce Task
With the border well guarded, heavy enemy AA presence and a NATO buffer zone in force, the only alternative is a covert amphibious assault. The mission is to stay covert for as long as possible. Early detection will allow enemy forces to mobilise and redeploy, making the task harder.
Stage 1
Civilian trucks have been supplied to allow the TF to move from the main NATO airbase to Agia Triada without raising local suspicion. There several ribs have been stored for the coastal assault. Once in enemy territory the TF is to move to complete a timed and coordinated assault on the research center as well as 2 AA sites to allow for air operations. All documentary scientific data must be recovered before remaining hardware is destroyed.
Stage 2
The TF are to move to the nearby residential complex to locate and capture the defected scientist. Another AA battery guards the site and will need to be neutralised at the first opportunity. Once the AA threat has been dealt with and the scientist located, the TF is to extract via air.


Enemy Forces:
Rebel militias are in control in most area's. Military and research complexes are thought to be much better guarded by well trained regular mixed troops, vehicles and light armour.
a QRF force is stationed Paros which will respond once the TF is detected. With the road layout their approach should be predictable. A much larger force will be scrambled from Southeast Altis if the QRF fails to secure the area. The TF has no hope of defeating this much larger mechanised force and must withdraw from the AO before the main enemy force comes into play.

A mix of both NATO and local equipment. As there is a significant AA threat, Drone usage has been authorised.
1 x UH80
2 x AW101
2 x MD500
2 x AH-6
Civilian trucks
NATO repair, refuel, rearm vehicles

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
Forward operations


Forward operations
Special command

RGTF Intent:
Secure material scientific data
Destroy scientific hardware
Capture rouge scientist

ROE: Weapons Tight
Civilians will not be present in military, scientific or restricted area's but may be present elsewhere.

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation and is fully authorised by SHAPE to use deadly force.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination." - Albert Einstein

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Toggle %s [TRAINING] AGENDA 24th June

Posted By:  Mars @ 22 June 2015 - 18:22


aaah yeeeah!


At the start all members are expected to quickly and quietly form up on the line.


19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)


19:00 - Arrival at RGTA (line)
19:05 - 5min Introduction and announcements
19:10 - Report to CSM or HQ Senior Training Officer and confirm your schedule
19:15 - Combined training
20:30 - Group Debrief about what we all learned and how we will apply it (Task Force)



Training leaders this week:

Recruits (non basic combat training):
After the initial line-out and welcome, you will report to Command Sergeant Major Mars to be assigned onto basic combat training. Once passed you will be eligible for inclusion in standard Wednesday training and Sunday operations.

Combined training by 1LT.Lokter:
navigating and fighting in a wooded environment.


Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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