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@  The Icarus : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 11:01) Yeah I know for sure I won't be using blastcore again.. as soon as we started firing everything lagged the crap out. lol. Fun pvp mission though
@  Andrews : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 14:26) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Milsim Community Norseman.
@  stal20048 : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 15:19) There was no lag old boy
@  The Icarus : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 15:48) fps, durrr
@  Andrews : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 16:41) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Milsim Community Lewis White.
@  Lewis White : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 16:44) Yo
@  Anto : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 16:59) @The Icarus I was watching you two dance on Helios' Twitch channel, cannot believe you didn't get a hit on him!
@  Scaeva : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 17:01) But he got 30/30 on rifle range :P
@  Anto : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 17:03) @Scaeva Ah, but he was using the LMG last night, you need real skill to be an autorifleman ;-)
@  Villhelm : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 18:18) As shown, scores on the range aren't everything ;)
@  CAESAR : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 18:45) So did I Scaeva ;-)
@  Villhelm : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 19:45) RACE MAP- 8PM testing
@  Andrews : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 20:31) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Milsim Community stdenis.
@  stdenis : (Thu 05 Mar 15 - 20:33) sup
@  Andrews : (Fri 06 Mar 15 - 06:12) The Road to Deployment Q1
@  TAE : (Fri 06 Mar 15 - 06:20) Doing that to such a beautiful song... I demand capital punishment! - Like the video though ;)
@  zepplin1 : (Fri 06 Mar 15 - 06:20) FUCKING AWESOME VIDEO
@  Scaeva : (Fri 06 Mar 15 - 06:50) Nice one :P
@  Jammer : (Fri 06 Mar 15 - 07:18) That vid! Brilliant :)
@  vino : (Fri 06 Mar 15 - 07:24) awesome video!

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Toggle %s Arma 3 Marksmen DLC Exclusive First Look Livestream

Posted By:  Andrews @ Yesterday, 06:10
This Saturday March 7th, starting at 17:00 UTC, Bohemia Interactive will be hosting an exclusive First Look Livestream for its upcoming Arma 3 Marksmen DLC. 
Straight from Bohemia Interactive HQ in Prague, members of the Arma 3 development team will be showcasing the seven new DLC weapons - alongside much anticipated new features, such as Virtual Garage, weapon resting and bipods, the improved simulation of recoil and suppression, and various enhancements to sound. The session is expected to be about one and a half hour, and will be streamed to the official Arma 3 channel on Twitch. 
“After many months of hard work, we’re excited to finally present the upcoming Marksmen DLC to Arma 3 fans. There’s a lot to show. We have seven new weapons, new showcase scenarios, a feature called Virtual Garage, a brand new multiplayer mode – and not to forget, major free platform features, such as weapon resting and deployment, which have been on the community wishlist for a long time. We hope to see all of you joining us for the livestream this Saturday!”, said Matt Lightfoot, Associate Producer at Bohemia Interactive. 

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Posted By:  CAESAR @ 04 March 2015 - 15:24



Good afternoon all, 


I'm announcing on behalf of VEGAS and High Roller that VEGAS Selection is now open, due to vacancies within the team, we are looking to recruit at least TWO members to be integrated into the team. Applicants are expected to be mature, experienced and skilled Members. VEGAS Operate as a small team at company level as part of a Studies and Observation Group (SOG), conducting reconnaissance, providing Search and Rescue capacity (SAR), Path finding, HVT extraction and elimination and operating within a unique environment using specialist equipment. There are no limits on Applicants, furthermore applying to VEGAS will not affect your position or role within your current Squads unless you pursue to Phase 3, by which time transfers will be discussed and approved anyway. Application process is simple, simply PM me on the forums that you wish to be an applicant for VEGAS Selection, Applications close at 1500 GMT 11/03/2015 (3pm GMT, Next Wednesday) - You have between now and then to apply and ask any questions or queries about VEGAS before submitting your request. 


Selection is split down into three stages. 

  • Phase One - This phase will test your basic marksmanship, map reading and CQB skills, we are not looking for expert level proficiency, but a confident understanding of these skills. (Open to any number of Applicants - This will take place on Wednesday trainings)
  • Phase Two - In Phase Two, Applicants will go through a dynamic mission or exercise where certain key skills will be tested in the field. Whilst these skills will not publicly be stated to maintain the dynamic nature, I would advise brushing up on navigation and combat drills. (Open to a limited number of Applicants - This will take place on Wednesday trainings OR an organised event during the week which Applicants can make)
  • Phase Three - The final phase, by this time you will have successfully passed Phase Two's testing and will be considered an ideal VEGAS member. Upon accepting, you will join VEGAS on Missions and Trainings for FOUR (4) weeks (Operations and Trainings) to make sure that you fit within the current team chemistry, to ensure that we're not wasting your or our time later down the line. (This is only open to a select number of Applicants relative to the amount of spaces we have, so for example during this batch we will accept two people onto Phase Three to ideally fill the two available places, we will not ever waste your time by having you compete against each other for places, VEGAS' strength is and always will be the team bonds).


If this sounds like a challenge you would like to take on, then by all means, PM me with your intention to run through selection or any questions you might have, there are no restrictions on who can apply to run Phases One and Two - Privates & NCOs are all welcome. Whilst VEGAS TL&ATL reserve the right to remove applicants throughout the Selection, rank makes little difference, we look for character and skills above all. Any queries regarding the process or VEGAS, PM me or find me on team speak. 

Best of luck to all that apply, 


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Toggle %s [EVENT - SUN] War Machine [MAR 08 - 6PM]

Posted By:  Mars @ 02 March 2015 - 10:32


by [RG]Mars

This mission is using the new TF structure and modpack





ISSUE DATE: 02/03/2015


Russia continues to push the boundaries of it's influence as well as test the patients and limits of Western political will. So far, amid strong protests from the UN and NATO, it has come up against little real resistance to it's use of brute force to achieve both destabilisation and land grabs in and around it's borders.
After annexing Crimea and starting a proxy war in Ukraine to effectively divert attention from the annexation, the Estonian island of Saaremaa has become the new front. Rebels, backed by a now familiar and more professional military core, has seized the East of Saaremaa. Russia again is simply denying all the evidence, media images and released footage of troops in Russian equipment as merely a 'coincidence' or Russians on holiday.
NATO now wants concrete and undeniable proof of state backed Russian involvement. As Estonia is a NATO member, the council has declared it has full authority to 'intervene'. The Americans want to mobilise forces for a full frontal assault on the 'Russian' rebels. SACEUR has decided on a more subtle step, to prove Russian involvement forcing them to withdraw and hopefully dissuading them for similar activities in other regions.

RG Taskforce Task
The RGTF are to be used in a deep strike/HVT mission. Their task is to push into hostile territory to recover both hard copies of Russian intelligence as well as a 'live resource' - details of the target package are to be released just before go-time.
RGTF will push at first light to maintain as much initiative as possible.



Enemy Forces:
Well supplied, trained and equipped rebel mercenaries using modern Russian weapons and systems. They are backed by suspected professional Russian standing army of unknown total size. American satellite imagery confirms Russian style heavy armour, artillery and modern weapon systems have been moved into the region.
The front line is though to be too well defended by Russian heavy armour, artillery and tank destroyers to even attempt a push through. The only hope is a surprise assault by the coast and pushing in for a lightning raid.
Although enemy airspace has very limited fixed wing or rotary activity, intel confirms the entire area is heavily defended by modern dedicated tracked AA as well as the best man portable air defense systems Russia has to offer.
The coast, although mainly lightly defended, has already been ringed by sea mines. It also appears Russia holds both a reserve mechanised platoon to the North and a reserve armoured platoon to the East of captured territory to be used as a reactionary force. OP on the coast are likely to mean any initiative will not be kept for long.
Good luck!

RGTF have the following equipment for use:

  • 1x A-10A Warthog
  • 4x Patria AMV
  • 1x UH-60M MED
  • 1x AH-6 Littlebird
  • 1x MH-6 Littlebird
  • 2x SDV Wet sub

The local airbase is fully equipped with both refuel and repair assets.

All RGTF units are present.

Operational Plan
As per command

Push into hostile territory, capture both Russian hard copy and live intel, exfiltrate.

ROE: Weapons tight
Although most civilians have left the rebel control zone which has seen fierce fighting, some may remain. NATO and the Estonian government has asked for all targets to be positively identified as carrying weapons before engaging.
Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force deployment.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein

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Toggle %s [TRAINING] AGENDA 4th OF March

Posted By:  Mars @ 02 March 2015 - 09:32


aaah yeeeah!


At the start all members are expected to quickly and quietly form up on the line.


19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)


Training lead this week:- TBC

Recruits (non basic combat training):
After the initial line-out and welcome, you will report to 1st Lieutenant Lokter to go through basic combat training. Once passed you will be eligible for inclusion in standard Wednesday training and Sunday operations.

All other:
Agenda to follow:


21:00-22:00hrs (GMT)


Wednesday Night PvP:

High command has decreed that this event will be open to anyone that signs up and attends Wednesday night training. RSVP for training and guarantee yourself a slot for the PvP event.

This week:



Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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