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@  Obi (Thu 20 Jun 19 - 18:40) Okay, that video makes me want it now lol
@  Andrews (Thu 20 Jun 19 - 19:50) @stabcon added to news :)
@  Zezzek (Thu 20 Jun 19 - 22:12) Did anyone other than me get Satisfactory?
@  Andrews (Thu 20 Jun 19 - 23:00) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force MrEnerGy. View MrEnerGy's Profile
@  stabcon (Fri 21 Jun 19 - 15:27) Casual Op tonight by Zezzek! http://forums.realit...pic=1372&page=3
@  stabcon (Fri 21 Jun 19 - 15:27) Get on and support :)
@  Shlee (Fri 21 Jun 19 - 20:59) great mission thanks zez
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 21 Jun 19 - 23:56) Nice mission Zezzek
@  stabcon (Sat 22 Jun 19 - 17:21) Please make sure you have RSVP'd for the Sunday mission! http://forums.realit...ion-black-wing/
@  Andrews (Sun 23 Jun 19 - 10:35) Have a great one today guys!
@  Sireuz (Sun 23 Jun 19 - 20:42) Great mission Icarus, https://imgur.com/a/15MbeYC
@  Shlee (Mon 24 Jun 19 - 08:13) Anyone use Tracknoir? trying to figure out the curves for what works with me. Anyone got a scnsht of theirs for reference? example
@  shrap (Mon 24 Jun 19 - 09:13) Great Mission Icarus ! :)
@  Shlee (Mon 24 Jun 19 - 10:26) Had a little play, can't wait to try it wednesday :D
@  AHM (Tue 25 Jun 19 - 14:09) @Shlee Hadn't seen that one before. I'm definitely gonna try it out and get back to you. Thanks!
@  Shlee (Tue 25 Jun 19 - 16:46) I had a PS3 camera not doing anything so its an interesting test atleast
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 25 Jun 19 - 19:39) Welp, Steam Summer Sale is here :)
@  The Icarus (Wed 26 Jun 19 - 03:11) Filing for bankruptcy in 3... 2... 1...
@  pvt_p3te (Wed 26 Jun 19 - 11:06) Who needs food anyway?
@  Guss (Wed 26 Jun 19 - 16:06) This friday we will head off on another Patrol through Takistan!! Be there 28-06 at 19h00

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Jungle Operations (Striking Snake)


During the second part of Operation Furious Fairy we were able to secure a strand of the Shiva virus, destroy the research facility with accurate artillery fire and to free to captured scientists. While gambler was still in the air, dangling underneath their parachutes, the SPECTRE leader ? Number One ? managed to escape in a private jet from the airfield south east on Crab island. One of our Talon Air pilots managed to shadow the private jet al the way to the thick jungle on the border of Colombia and Peru where the target landed on a remote airstrip. We believe Number one is hiding in one of the villages there, however, the exact location is unknown.
Over the last couple of days we managed to get some solid intel about one of the other members of SPECTRE ? Number Three ? who we strongly believe is living in a town West of the main airfield. It is there that he own/runs a factory and a powerstation. The RGTF Intelligence Unit is certain he would have intel about the position of the hiding place of Number One. Our first objective is therefore to find Number Three and retrieve the intel about the location of Number One.

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Mission Design: Helios

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Great vid Andrews!

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