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@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 12 Dec 18 - 23:47) Sound didnt record :(
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 12 Dec 18 - 23:48) Was funny thought Stabs, you went slightly Cockney at one point :)
@  Andrews (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 01:54) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force kishi02. View kishi02's Profile
@  Villhelm (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 13:29) Anyone for a big chunk of liberation tomorrow? I havent been on in a while
@  marius (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 13:46) Yea same here, would be fun :D
@  Daveo1996 (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 19:12) LEGO The Hobbit is free on HumbleBundle :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 23:23) https://youtu.be/esoFO3r8F5M this is so much fun for me :P
@  Villhelm (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 13:18) Right, 7.30 Liberation, lets push as much as we can!
@  The Icarus (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 14:52) Oorah
@  Andrews (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 20:07) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Drasta. View Drasta's Profile
@  CAESAR (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 22:20) Decent town clearances today lads
@  The Icarus (Sat 15 Dec 18 - 14:35) Servers down for Achilles 1.2.1 update.
@  stabcon (Sat 15 Dec 18 - 17:44) Subnautica is free on the Epic Games store
@  Andrews (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 20:58) Working on forum database
@  stabcon (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:28) Great final operation guys, thanks to everyone for coming! ggwp
@  Seanster (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:33) Single Technical vs RG
@  CAESAR (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:43) Didn't get any combat shots but great job today guys!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:58) Well done RG great way to end the Year, thanks :)
@  Obi (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:59) So mad I missed it!
@  TEMPLAR (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 23:44) Was a great mission

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Jungle Operations (Striking Snake)


During the second part of Operation Furious Fairy we were able to secure a strand of the Shiva virus, destroy the research facility with accurate artillery fire and to free to captured scientists. While gambler was still in the air, dangling underneath their parachutes, the SPECTRE leader ? Number One ? managed to escape in a private jet from the airfield south east on Crab island. One of our Talon Air pilots managed to shadow the private jet al the way to the thick jungle on the border of Colombia and Peru where the target landed on a remote airstrip. We believe Number one is hiding in one of the villages there, however, the exact location is unknown.
Over the last couple of days we managed to get some solid intel about one of the other members of SPECTRE ? Number Three ? who we strongly believe is living in a town West of the main airfield. It is there that he own/runs a factory and a powerstation. The RGTF Intelligence Unit is certain he would have intel about the position of the hiding place of Number One. Our first objective is therefore to find Number Three and retrieve the intel about the location of Number One.

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Mission Design: Helios

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Great vid Andrews!

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