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@  Villhelm (Thu 19 Oct 17 - 16:03) Im really liking the sabotage missions so it will probably be a NATO/US Woodland one, so if you want to make loadouts (reccomend mostly assault rifles and one shots) then itll be faster on the night
@  CAESAR (Thu 19 Oct 17 - 16:51) Delaying the Op by playing ARMA Barbie will be punishable by death on the spot.
@  bone (Thu 19 Oct 17 - 17:50) cheers Vill, im prepping at least 7 woodlands nato load-outs just in case ;)
@  Villhelm (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 08:45) Reccomend packing AT mines and other explosives, going to be a mayhem mission :)
@  Sam (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 08:48) Are M112 DemoBlocks ok or do you prefer AT mines? I can have it both ways
@  Villhelm (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 09:01) You will need both, I'll drop some crates down for you to use
@  Sam (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 09:05) I have loadouts ready to go with both, thanks Vill
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 09:07) I'm gonna hold up proceedings then cus I ain't got nothing!!
@  CAESAR (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 09:34) d e a d.
@  Villhelm (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 10:36) You can take a Ural to the objective to catch up
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 11:31) Can you still copy loadouts when you go to load at the bottom of arsenal screen
@  Sam (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 11:33) Load whatever loadout you already have saved, modify it to your needs, then save it again giving it a new name.
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 15:12) @Ceasar maybe you can help me choose an outfit! Perhaps some shoes and a clutch bag?
@  Sheppard (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 16:21) @CAESAR isn't SF rule #1 Look cool?
@  stabcon (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 17:02) "Ultimate excellence lies not in winning every battle, but in looking cooler than the enemy when fighting." - Sun Tzu
@  CAESAR (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 17:11) I 'unno, looking fly seems to have killed a few bad dudes too
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 17:20) Wow if Stabs said it then its gotta be true ;)
@  Thehelloguy (Fri 20 Oct 17 - 18:09) Vill all mighty!
@  stabcon (Sun 22 Oct 17 - 10:56) mission day! make sure you have rsvp'd!
@  stabcon (Sun 22 Oct 17 - 14:32) if anybody is interested in the mission making process im streaming now twitch.tv/stabcon

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? ARMA 2: Camp Reality (The Lost Tapes)


Filmed by [RG] Andrews - Featuring RG members 2012.


In 2010 the lifeless corpse of [CCO] Major Andrews was found stabbed in the back, body dumped in the ruins of central Iraq. The assination (carried out by a teenager and hired chinese thug) saw the demise of CCO and the founding principles of CRO.

Soucy, a junior ranking command officer was MIA weeks after this footage was found, alongside Manhattan, LightningUK, Ducky and Foxxion. No one was ever brought to justice.

These tapes were recorded a few days before Andrews body was found. They contain the last moments of a golden era, now being enjoyed at our new home.

If you want to become part of the fastest growing ARMA community.

Apply now at: http://www.realitygamer.org

We are recruiting.

Network: http://www.realityga...g/<br />Gaming: [url="""]http://gaming.realitygamer.org
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