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@  TAE (Fri 01 Jan 20 - 06:29)

Happy new year!

@  Andrews (Fri 01 Jan 20 - 06:44)

Happy new year!

@  Andrews (Sun 03 Jan 20 - 07:38)

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@  Andrews (Sun 03 Jan 20 - 15:56)

I know it was a hard month for us all but thanks to TAE, Era, Marius and Warthog for the support.

@  stabcon (Mon 04 Jan 21 - 17:30)

1st training post of the year is up! Hope to see you all then!

@  Aatoshi (Tue 05 Jan 21 - 20:12)

1st training this year on my birthday? WTF?

@  lllBENlll (Tue 05 Jan 21 - 22:40)

nice present you got there see what the Community does for you

@  Aatoshi (Wed 06 Jan 21 - 21:24)

And then my birthday comes to an end and I want to thank everyone that said happy bday to me!

@  stabcon (Sat 09 Jan 21 - 13:39)

Please dont forget to RSVP for Sunday Op. Knowing numbers before the mission is crucial to your enjoyment

@  Mira (Sat 09 Jan 21 - 17:51)

Hi everyone

@  Guss (Sat 09 Jan 21 - 18:07)


@  Andrews (Sun 10 Jan 21 - 21:02)

Late LOA from me but a cracking turn out for our first mission of the year! Role on 2021.

@  Andrews (Mon 11 Jan 21 - 14:48)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force TheRealGates. View TheRealGates's Profile

@  Lethals (Wed 13 Jan 21 - 20:54)

Free game, Little Nightmares.

@  Andrews (Fri 15 Jan 21 - 15:35)

It's Friday, casual arma 3 gaming starts at 7PM Posted Image - Anyone got any good mods / mission ideas?

@  Lethals (Fri 15 Jan 21 - 17:56)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is free-to-keep on EGS store!

@  Andrews (Fri 15 Jan 21 - 18:26)

@Lethals Getting this now :) - BTW guys Zezz is running some MILSIM ops on server 4 in 45mins

@  Veter (Sun 17 Jan 21 - 21:32)

i don't even

@  Andrews (Mon 18 Jan 21 - 18:05)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Treschi. View Treschi's Profile

@  Thehelloguy (Tue 19 Jan 21 - 12:59)

@veter Guess I am a man of high standards :D



Member Since 13 Aug 2015
OFFLINE Last Active Today, 16:26

In Topic: [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

16 September 2020 - 16:41

Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Sam
New Assignment: Sgt - Vegas Section Lead
Effective as of:  01/09/20


During his time at RG, Sam has shown great leadership potential, good working knowledge of tactics and procedures and is well regarded by his team. It gives me great pleasure to announce his promotion to Vegas Lead. The enthusiasm and willingness to learn will be both an asset to Vegas and the Taskforce as a whole.


Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Cherokee
New Assignment:Corporal 2IC - Arrow
Effective as of:  13/09/20


Cherokee has adopted many roles within Arrow since he joined RG, with a good deal of experience at the squad level, we feel he is more than capable of supporting his squad leader in operations and leading his own fireteam. He will no doubt be an asset to his squad and Gambler Platoon in this new role.


Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Zezzek
New Assignment:Corporal 2IC - Blade
Effective as of:  13/09/20


In a stroke of deja vu - Zezzek is once again taking on the NCO role. After spending some time in an acting position, Zezzek has shown his strengths and experience, as well as a boost in confidence in the role. I have no doubt Zezzek will be a valuble addition to the NCO line-up.



Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Aatoshi
New Assignment: PFC
Effective as of:  13/09/20


Stepping down from a succesful stint as 2IC Arrow, Aatoshi has served his squad and the platoon with distinction. We will still see him on the field, but carrying a shovel and explosives rather than stripes. We thank him for his service to his squad and RG during his tenure.



Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Caesar
New Assignment:  Reserves - VIP
Effective as of:  01/09/20


After many years of service, Caesar is stepping down from duties at RG to focus on real life commitments. We wish him the very best in his future and hope to see him return to RG ranks one day.


Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Seanster, Obi
New Assignment:  Reserve
Effective as of:  16/09/20


After supporting the platoon and the Task Force as 3-0 for quite some time, unfortunately both members must step down to focus on real life commitments. We wish them both the very best and hope to request mortars and medical from them very soon.



The following members have hereby been discharged due to inactivity. They are clear to reapply following the standard method should their situation change and they wish to come back.


In Topic: [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

11 May 2020 - 10:16

Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member: Rct Ostap
New Assignment: Pvt.
Effective as of:11/05/2020
Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member:  Rct Mace
Effective as of:11/05/2020
Issuing Officer: Capt. Stabcon
RG Member:  Rct Darth269
New Assignment:Pvt.
Effective as of: 11/05/2020


After  a very successful recruit phase I am proud to welcome all 3 of the above candidates in to RG proper. They are now cleared to apply for permanent roles in a squad of their choice.

In Topic: [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

29 February 2020 - 20:06

Issuing OfficerCapt Stabcon

RG Member: Bonesaw8D

New Assignment: Private


After a succesful trial period Bonesaw is promoted to Private and is free to join a squad on a permanent basis.



Issuing OfficerCapt Stabcon

RG Member: lllBENlll, Whigital


New Assignment: Tech Staff


After long service with RG and many hours spent assisting and creating things for our modpack, I am please to announce that lllBEN and Whigital are now officialy recognised as members of RG's development team. We are lucky to have them!

In Topic: [NEWS] Rank and Assignment Announcements

15 February 2020 - 19:51

Issuing Officer: Capt Stabcon

RG Member: Reti

New Assignment: Sgt, Arrow


After some time as an acting Sgt, Reti has proved that he is more than capable of leading Arrow forward as a fully fledged Sergeant within Gambler.



Issuing Officer: Capt Stabcon

RG Member: Kimbo

New Assignment: PFC


After a long stint as Blade Sergeant, Kimbo is stepping down in order to focus more on personal life and new challenges outside of RG. Although not leaving fully, he can no longer dedicate the time to run a squad. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for all he did as a Sergeant in the task force.


Issuing Officer: Capt Stabcon

RG Member: Shlee

New Assignment: Sgt, Blade


After many years as aa Blade member, Shlee is now promoted to its Squad leader, we wish him the best of luck in this new role and have no doubt he will do very well leading the squad



Issuing Officer: Capt Stabcon

RG Member: 


CPL Barnes

Rct Postme

Rct Flower

Spc Lethals

Rct Kinqqz

Rct Kwinno




Due to current Task Force requirements, Gambler's Orbat is to be adjusted. As of 13th Feb 2020 Gambler will now field 3 squads plus its HQ/Support element until further notice.