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@  Vex (Thu 06 Aug 20 - 19:31)

Yesterdays extravagant firework finale thanks to Talon's unexpected demise.

@  Bonesaw8D (Thu 06 Aug 20 - 19:33)

I've had Vex working away for me ;)

@  The Icarus (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 02:27)

Borderlands 3 is free to play on steam until August 12. Also 50% off if you do decide to buy it.

@  Daveo1996 (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 12:06)

Is BL3 any good? heard some mixed reviews about it so I never looked again into getting it

@  The Icarus (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 15:01)

I guess it is a matter of personal opinion. I loved it.

@  The Icarus (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 15:02)

Since it's free I would just give it a go.

@  Guss (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 18:36)

Post Scriptum tonight?

@  Andrews (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 19:14)

@Vexmockingbird OMFG that looked amazing can't wait to see it in mission / deployment :D

@  stabcon (Fri 07 Aug 20 - 20:50)

Apologies to all for the lack of mission post, it will go up tomorrow.

@  stabcon (Sat 08 Aug 20 - 11:11)

warno up, apologies for the delay http://forums.realit...altian-resolve/

@  lexxix (Sat 08 Aug 20 - 15:14)


@  Daveo1996 (Sun 09 Aug 20 - 09:37)

That moment when you move around some stuff in your room and you find your old training notes... jeez I can barely understand them :D

@  Refurius (Sun 09 Aug 20 - 15:20)

we did neither dave :D

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 09 Aug 20 - 20:23)

Some photos from tonight's OP once more (not as many as last time)

@  Andrews (Mon 10 Aug 20 - 16:50)


@  Guss (Tue 11 Aug 20 - 11:24)

Really enjoyed the intro style!

@  Andrews (Tue 11 Aug 20 - 20:30)

glad you liked it, was a good operation :)

@  Andrews (Wed 12 Aug 20 - 03:51)

Alt+F5 new banner :D

@  marius (Wed 12 Aug 20 - 07:20)

Nice banner!

@  Andrews (Wed 12 Aug 20 - 19:09)

planned server restart at 1am tonight guys, will be down approx 5mins



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#80 [SERVERS] Updates and Information

Posted by Andrews on 12 October 2014 - 14:22





Thanks to the continued hardwork and generosity of our members, we now have the new Reality Gaming servers online. The teamspeak and minecraft servers will be moved shortly to our new host.
Our primary gaming/operations server. Used for Sunday operations and Deployments. High performance headless client.
Our 24/7 Dedicated training server. Will be running our PDT missions and be used for independent squad training.
Our testing hub. For testing new addons, available for bookings with mods outside of the RG pack.
Our public battlezone. (recruitment server) Where RG members fight alongside one another and the arma community. Can be booked for public events, hunger games etc, competitions etc.

#79 [SCHEDULE] Weekly RG Events

Posted by Andrews on 12 October 2014 - 14:17

6pm GMT Sunday - Mandatory
This is the official weekly RG Sunday mission. Game faces on!
7pm GMT Monday - Optional
We switch things around and go up against each other! A new custom PvP mission every week.
7pm GMT Wednesday - Mandatory
Weekly training by division. See your division leader for details.
7pm GMT Friday - Optional
Casual nights. It may be anything from a test mission to a public open night through to a wasteland night. 
All RG members are expected to attend the mandatory events. Any unable to attend must post an LOA. Repeated missing of these events will eventually result in your space being made available for someone that regularly attends.