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@  stabcon (Sat 12 Oct 19 - 19:51) If you havent yet done so, please RSVP for tomorrows mission http://forums.realit...operation-thaw/
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 13 Oct 19 - 21:03) Awesome Mission RG really well played guys, tanks and Infantry mixed well!!
@  Villhelm (Sun 13 Oct 19 - 21:39) Thanks dussack for acting as meatshields!
@  Sireuz (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 01:11) Another great OP! D11 keep bringing awesome new experiences, and thanks to everyone that takes part in making this as magical as Christmas, happy D11!
@  Barnes.J (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 10:30) Thank you to everyone involved in giving us the best experiences! Another amazing mission worked out well!
@  Wells (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 11:08) i had the time of my life yesterday on my very first mission with RG, all tho i had some issues with not being able to see farther then 20meters when using Ads.
@  stabcon (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 14:34) Glad you enjoyed it Wells!
@  Pterolatypus (Tue 15 Oct 19 - 12:48) Servers currently down for the CUP update - looks like a big one so might be a while. All done
@  shrap (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 10:40) no training tonight ?
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 10:42) Of course thre is you muppet
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 10:43) *there :)
@  chrisob (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 12:14) https://uk.virginmon...rien3&pageUrl=1
@  Guss (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 13:45) Nice one Chris!
@  Villhelm (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 16:23) Apologies for lack of training post! corrected now
@  Barnes.J (Fri 18 Oct 19 - 10:35) Mission post?
@  Ante (Fri 18 Oct 19 - 14:35) is there gonna be a Zeus mission tonight?
@  Andrews (Fri 18 Oct 19 - 21:31) Have a great weekend all :D
@  Villhelm (Sat 19 Oct 19 - 10:32) If anyone is at EGX drop a PM
@  chrisob (Sun 20 Oct 19 - 20:05) Many thanks for the donation guys!
@  Sireuz (Sun 20 Oct 19 - 20:06) From today Op: https://imgur.com/a/Pxl4UrY


[NEWS] Task Force Command Update

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    Task Force Command


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    Due to the recent success of our Task Force and in readiness for our next deployment, I am pleased to announce the re-activation of Task Force High Command (HIGHROLLER) to help co-ordinate all mission tasks, while enhancing our overall administration and command during official operations.
    About Task Force Command:


    Current Task Force HQ Team:
    Your current HQ staff are:

    Our new command team will aim to give our troops increased support using our combined skills within both admin and command roles.
    As our Task Force expands towards our Deployment Date, we will have promotional opportunities and new positions available within HQ.
    The goal is to build a solid consistent, informed, experienced mission support team, a group that commands the in game flow, as well as the milsim assets, essentially creating a seamless enhanced milsim experience for you all.
    Commander Slysi will be delegating our mission commander in his absence, if you would like to be considered for this role (Sgt or Above) please contact Slysi directly.
    Within the pre and post deployment ceremony, we will be re-building the officers group to help co-ordinate our staff and lead our sections. I look forward to seeing many of you that have earned the privelidge join the staff officers group and continue to support our deployment ambitions. We are always looking for new leaders to step forward.
    Thanks to all the hard working (members) milsim soldiers, who have contributed and collaborated in the success of our expanding community.
    Lt. Col. Andrews
    Senior Officer, RG Taskforce

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