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@  stabcon (Sat 18 Jan 20 - 18:59) seriously short notice but will be running a small zeus/test op in 30 minutes
@  Andrews (Sun 19 Jan 20 - 17:52) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Bonesaw8D. View Bonesaw8D's Profile
@  Reti4 (Sun 19 Jan 20 - 21:09) https://puu.sh/F1Bqu/47c07922f7.jpg Stab's Soapbox Speech
@  Cherokee (Sun 19 Jan 20 - 21:18) If theres something i took away from tonights OP it would be this
@  Andrews (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 00:18) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Paddy_mk. View Paddy_mk's Profile
@  Seanster (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:19) Stabcon's Speech
@  CAESAR (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:27) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
@  Refurius (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:55) Put that link in the oneliners sean :D its not a one liner but still!
@  Andrews (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 16:42) Guys please don't forgot to support RG this month if you can thanks in advance we rely on your support
@  stabcon (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 18:51) Less speech more.... Insane ramblings of a madman
@  stabcon (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 16:31) Please ensure you have updated your A3sync files before training tonight
@  stabcon (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 22:17) thanks for all the efforts in training guys! Hope you enjoyed
@  The Icarus (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 22:37) Thanks for setting it up. Was a lot of fun
@  Refurius (Thu 23 Jan 20 - 00:10) Yes alot of fun :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 23 Jan 20 - 14:48) Good training, It was different to how we have set it up in the past, nicely done, any Videos from Zues?
@  Andrews (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 07:09) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force KinQQz. View KinQQz's Profile
@  stabcon (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 15:00) contact DLC on sale folks - just think if everyone owned it we could use the map and assets....
@  TAE (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 15:46) It's quite the nice map - and those assets!
@  Villhelm (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 17:21) Tractors should be personal vehicles for all of Gambler
@  Obi (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 17:49) That sounds like a 3-0 vehicle anyway


[NEWS] Task Force Command Update

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    Task Force Command


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    Due to the recent success of our Task Force and in readiness for our next deployment, I am pleased to announce the re-activation of Task Force High Command (HIGHROLLER) to help co-ordinate all mission tasks, while enhancing our overall administration and command during official operations.
    About Task Force Command:


    Current Task Force HQ Team:
    Your current HQ staff are:

    Our new command team will aim to give our troops increased support using our combined skills within both admin and command roles.
    As our Task Force expands towards our Deployment Date, we will have promotional opportunities and new positions available within HQ.
    The goal is to build a solid consistent, informed, experienced mission support team, a group that commands the in game flow, as well as the milsim assets, essentially creating a seamless enhanced milsim experience for you all.
    Commander Slysi will be delegating our mission commander in his absence, if you would like to be considered for this role (Sgt or Above) please contact Slysi directly.
    Within the pre and post deployment ceremony, we will be re-building the officers group to help co-ordinate our staff and lead our sections. I look forward to seeing many of you that have earned the privelidge join the staff officers group and continue to support our deployment ambitions. We are always looking for new leaders to step forward.
    Thanks to all the hard working (members) milsim soldiers, who have contributed and collaborated in the success of our expanding community.
    Lt. Col. Andrews
    Senior Officer, RG Taskforce

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