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@  Thehelloguy (Wed 24 Nov 21 - 06:28)

Been a blast! looking forwards to lib!

@  Andrews (Sat 27 Nov 21 - 20:39)

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@  Refurius (Sun 28 Nov 21 - 13:54)

RG essentials has been updated. dont forget to update your arma3sync repo if you haven't already

@  Villhelm (Fri 03 Dec 21 - 17:25)

Just so people are aware a logistics run is happening tonight :)

@  stabcon (Tue 07 Dec 21 - 13:54)

Warno up, pleased RSVP for wednesday session if you would like to continue to provide Takistan with Freedom ™

@  Andrews (Tue 07 Dec 21 - 21:35)

Ctrl-F5 for Christmas Cheer Posted Image

@  Veter (Wed 08 Dec 21 - 11:48)

heck yeah

@  stabcon (Wed 08 Dec 21 - 21:14)

that was quite the fight

@  Andrews (Sun 12 Dec 21 - 23:20)

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@  Villhelm (Sun 19 Dec 21 - 10:38)

Tonight we break out the big guns

@  Andrews (Sun 19 Dec 21 - 21:41)

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@  lllBENlll (Mon 20 Dec 21 - 00:32)

what a worthy end-of-year mission it was great

@  Andrews (Thu 23 Dec 21 - 13:38)

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@  Villhelm (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 15:02)

Running a quick update on servers - done in 10 mins

@  lllBENlll (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 19:07)

Merry Christmas RG wish you all a nice Christmas

@  stabcon (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 20:58)

Merry Christmas

@  Andrews (Sat 25 Dec 21 - 08:18)

Merry Christmas RG, have great day!

@  stabcon (Sat 01 Jan 21 - 14:32)

Happy New year to you all, Looking forward to getting back into action on the 9th!

@  aBrat (Mon 03 Jan 22 - 09:14)

Late Happy holidays. Have been AWOL since start of December :))

@  Andrews (Fri 07 Jan 22 - 21:36)

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[Sunday Operation] Operation Walnut

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    by [RG] Stabcon


    This mission is using the standard RG mod pack 
    + Project Hatchet, Lambs Danger + Suppression






    OPERATION Walnut

    ISSUE DATE: 07/01/22
    ISSUING OFFICIAL: Lt.Col.Andrews



    Int Brief
    Following a push into the Region South Sahrani has taken the former neutral town of Corazol - this town, once famous as an old WW2 port has been a neutral zone between the often warring nation states. RACS units have pushed north and managed to set up sufficient defences. They have made threats to move further north. We have been called in to prevent that

    Sahrani is a temeprate island near the Medeterainian - it has both grassland and savannah in the north and south respectively, with the north being more prosperous under diplomatic rule. Corazol is a strange "hilled" city, with a number of dips and troughs. Heavy bunkers have been built and churches occupied.
    Enemy Forces

    Sahranirebel forces are primarily equipped with cold war era Western bloc equipment and vehicles. Primarily wearing Urban uniforms with woodland but it is mostly personalised and not 'uniform'. Weapons vary from M16s to G36s so expect a mixture of enemy small arms. Vehicles comprise of APCs and heavier and they have taken supply of a number of medium armoured vehicles although we could not ascertain how many.


    Expect AA power but not Radar power
    Friendly Forces:
    No Friendly forces are in the region


    RG’s mission is to assault known enemy area, locate and destroy enemy FOB


    Gambler forces are to push into the AO
    Gambler units to assault locations as decided by command.
    Talon to provide CAS and logistical support for the operation
    A more detailed briefing will be held for squad leads prior to mission start.

    Service Support

    Talon equipment provided by Northern Sahrani - Mainly Boxers
    Standard RG equipment should be utilised in your sections, including radio’s and comms equipment, engineering equipment etc.
    Resupply in the field will be possible through Talon and 3-0 callsigns.
    3-0 to provide, Mortar and Medical Support
    PoW’s should be well treated and extracted to the nearest FOB.
    Talon callsigns are available for tasking for transport and logistics.

    Command & Signals

    Captain Stabcon has overall command of this operation
    Callsign Gambler 1-0

    Lt Villhelm is operation 2IC
    Callsign Gambler 2-0
    Gambler Section callsigns
    Arrow 1-0
    Blade 1-0
    Dussack 1-0
    Talon Callsigns:
    Talon 1 (Talon Lead)
    Raven – Medium transport
    Atlas – Heavy Transport
    Further callsigns given as needed.
    Arrow 343 net, block 1 channel 1
    Blade 343 net, block 1 channel 2
    Dussack 343 net, block 1 channel 4
    Gambler 1-0/2-0, 148 channel 1
    3-0 callsigns 148 channel 1

    Talon Lead and air callsigns 148 channel 2
    Talon internal, 148 channel 3
    148 Channel 2 to be used by command elements only unless in times of emergency or authorised.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:




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