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@  Thehelloguy (Wed 24 Nov 21 - 06:28)

Been a blast! looking forwards to lib!

@  Andrews (Sat 27 Nov 21 - 20:39)

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@  Refurius (Sun 28 Nov 21 - 13:54)

RG essentials has been updated. dont forget to update your arma3sync repo if you haven't already

@  Villhelm (Fri 03 Dec 21 - 17:25)

Just so people are aware a logistics run is happening tonight :)

@  stabcon (Tue 07 Dec 21 - 13:54)

Warno up, pleased RSVP for wednesday session if you would like to continue to provide Takistan with Freedom ™

@  Andrews (Tue 07 Dec 21 - 21:35)

Ctrl-F5 for Christmas Cheer Posted Image

@  Veter (Wed 08 Dec 21 - 11:48)

heck yeah

@  stabcon (Wed 08 Dec 21 - 21:14)

that was quite the fight

@  Andrews (Sun 12 Dec 21 - 23:20)

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@  Villhelm (Sun 19 Dec 21 - 10:38)

Tonight we break out the big guns

@  Andrews (Sun 19 Dec 21 - 21:41)

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@  lllBENlll (Mon 20 Dec 21 - 00:32)

what a worthy end-of-year mission it was great

@  Andrews (Thu 23 Dec 21 - 13:38)

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@  Villhelm (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 15:02)

Running a quick update on servers - done in 10 mins

@  lllBENlll (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 19:07)

Merry Christmas RG wish you all a nice Christmas

@  stabcon (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 20:58)

Merry Christmas

@  Andrews (Sat 25 Dec 21 - 08:18)

Merry Christmas RG, have great day!

@  stabcon (Sat 01 Jan 21 - 14:32)

Happy New year to you all, Looking forward to getting back into action on the 9th!

@  aBrat (Mon 03 Jan 22 - 09:14)

Late Happy holidays. Have been AWOL since start of December :))

@  Andrews (Fri 07 Jan 22 - 21:36)

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[Sunday Operation] Operation Locust Fire Pt 4 - Feruz Abad

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    by [RG] Stabcon, [RG]Villhelm, [RG lllBENlll]


    This mission is using the standard RG mod pack 
    + Project Hatchet, Lambs Danger + Suppression







    ISSUE DATE: 24/11/21
    ISSUING OFFICIAL: Lt.Col.Andrews



    Int Brief

    Takistan has been a melting pot of factions and conflict for many years. Just as things were starting to settle and some normality was returning to the region, the state of Welania, after recent defeats in their local regions have need of resources once more, and they have found them in the Oil rich region of Takistan.
    Welanian forces have swept through the nation swiftly and occupied it with ease. With a large military presence in nearly all populated areas, as well as in the mountains and valleys. A full occupying force is present and prepared to defend their newly quired assets.
    The civilian populace is used to conflict, so long as they are left alone and they have food and water they generally remain neutral the occupiers and overseers. However they have been known to take up arms against those who have little regard for them.
    We have faced Welanian forces before during Operation Dryad, its time to remind them who we are.


    Takistan is a middle eastern arid, desert like region with a hot climate and short nights. The terrain is predominantly mountainous with some green zones scattered situated to the north.
    Ground underfoot is rocky and sand like. The little water in the area is in small pools and lakes in the north so expect extremely dry terrain and the need to hydrate frequently.
    Infrastructure is minimal, most roads are dirt roads, with metaled roads in disrepair or being reclaimed by the desert sands.
    Building are mostly made of sand and stone, with the few more ‘modern buildings’ of breeze block and concrete. Most modern infrastructure can be seen to the large city in the North or located at smaller oil fields.
    Power, water and food supplies tend to be handled at the local level, however pylons are present between some villages.
    The mountains and valleys make travel by any means treacherous and longer than normal due to sever height differences.
    Enemy Forces

    Welanian forces are equipped with Russian equipment from the late 80’s up to present day. The general infantry uses the latest in clothing and weaponry. Expect to see ratnik ‘pink and beige digital gear deployed by the enemy. Vehicles will likely consist of everything from unarmed Gaz vehicles up to T-80 tanks.
    Make no mistake, the enemy are well equipped, well trained, and well disciplined. We must not underestimate them. Probability of counter attacks is high.
    The enemy have deployed a full battlegroup, consisting of ground and air support.
    Independent Forces:
    Local militias have been present in Takistan for a long time, they will often only be seen defending their own villages and livestock. However, they have been known to wage campaigns against aggressor forces should they be caught in the crossfire.
    Local forces are equipped with small arms, AK’s etc and will utilise IED’s. They have been known to target supply convoys and patrolling forces.
    RG must make every attempt to assist locals if they need it.
    Friendly Forces:

    RG will be the only Blufor units acting in a combat role during this mission. US units are on standby to move into cleared territory and defend and assist the civilian populace, however they will not be involved in any direct fighting. US units will be recognisable in US army OCP gear.

    RG forces will have access to NATO equipment from across the organisation, however the bulk of vehicles are being supplied by the US. They are not fully willing to commit too much equipment from the start. We will have very limited equipment to start. We are hoping by making progress and pushing back enemy forces that we will be given access to further assets, in return for resources of our own of course.
    RG forces are responsible for organising their own equipment from the stores before moving out on operations.


    RG’s mission is to capture all territory held by Welanian forces and hand it over to Blufor units.


    Command will issue all callsigns missions when operations begin. However the overall mission can be broken down into phases.

    Phase 1
    Establish a secure area around our field HQ in order to develop a FOB.

    Phase 2
    Capture more territory to ensure complete security to the south of the region

    Phase 3
    Capture airfields and valuable locations

    Phase 4
    Reduce the enemies capacity to launch counter offensives

    Phase 5
    Capture remaining territory
    Each section of RG will have their own responsibilities as decided by command, orders will be given when needed.
    Gambler will have responsibility of capturing enemy held locations and driving occupying forces out of the region.
    Vegas will be responsible for reducing the enemies effectiveness by conducting raids on military infrastructure.
    Talon will be responsible for Supply and maintenance of the FOB’s and equipment, as well as insertion methods for callsigns as they need them. CAS, CAP opportunities as appropriate.
    Talon may also be attached to ground units should the need arise.

    Service Support

    RG sections are responsible for the drawing of their own weapons and equipment during this operation.

    Dress should be suitable to the environment.
    Standard RG equipment should be utilised in your sections, including radio’s and comms equipment, engineering equipment etc.
    Weapons should be of NATO and RG standard. Utilising 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO calibre for appropriate roles.
    Ammunition distribution is down to section leads and individual troops to organise, draw what you need before operations begin. Resupply in the field will be possible through Talon and 3-0 callsigns.
    Each section should ensure their specific medics are fully stocked. Further medical assistance may be available on a mission-by-mission basis.
    PoW’s should be well treated and extracted to the nearest FOB.
    Talon callsigns are available for tasking for transport and logistics.
    US callsigns are only available for defensive postures once sectors are secured.

    Command & Signals

    Captain Stabcon has overall command of this operation
    Callsign Gambler 1-0

    Lt Villhelm is operation 2IC
    Callsign Gambler 2-0
    Gambler Section callsigns
    Arrow 1-0
    Blade 1-0
    Dussack 1-0
    Talon Callsigns:
    Talon 1 (Talon Lead)
    Raven – Medium transport
    Atlas – Heavy Transport
    Further callsigns given as needed.
    Arrow 343 net, block 1 channel 1
    Blade 343 net, block 1 channel 2
    Dussack 343 net, block 1 channel 4
    Gambler 1-0/2-0, 148 channel 1
    3-0 callsigns 148 channel 1
    Vegas, 343 net block 1 channel 6. 148 Channel 2
    Talon Lead and air callsigns 148 channel 2
    Talon internal, 148 channel 3
    148 Channel 2 to be used by command elements only unless in times of emergency or authorised.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:






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