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@  Pterolatypus (Mon 29 Mar 21 - 17:24)

additional mods have also been added to the release log thread so any future changees can be found there

@  Pterolatypus (Mon 29 Mar 21 - 18:41)

also the servers have now been updated - sorry about the delay

@  Andrews (Mon 29 Mar 21 - 21:57)

Thanks for the work all can't wait to see the new content in action

@  Andrews (Tue 30 Mar 21 - 11:39)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force pixelated_grunt. View pixelated_grunt's Profile

@  Andrews (Tue 30 Mar 21 - 21:16)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Yurisho. View Yurisho's Profile

@  stabcon (Fri 02 Apr 21 - 14:52)

Lythium mold has been updated - please ensure you have 'repaired' your mod in the A3 launcher and can load up the map before sunday - thanks

@  Sireuz (Sat 03 Apr 21 - 14:30)

If you want to apply to join 3-0, last day of recruitment is this Sunday. http://forums.realit...ort-hq-section/ for more info.

@  Andrews (Sat 03 Apr 21 - 22:12)

For those of you that celebrate it, Happy Easter to all of you.

@  Andrews (Tue 06 Apr 21 - 14:27)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Jamio. View Jamio's Profile

@  stabcon (Tue 06 Apr 21 - 19:01)

Apologies for the delay with training post, its up now, please RSVP or LOA

@  Andrews (Wed 07 Apr 21 - 22:17)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Skreecha. View Skreecha's Profile

@  Vex (Fri 09 Apr 21 - 12:19)

Antistasi - 7pm GMT tonight (approx) - Server 3

@  Andrews (Sat 10 Apr 21 - 22:29)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Kemper. View Kemper's Profile

@  Andrews (Wed 14 Apr 21 - 08:00)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force ItsDandi. View ItsDandi's Profile

@  Vex (Wed 14 Apr 21 - 19:56)

Throw back to Vill's firework night last year

@  Vex (Thu 15 Apr 21 - 11:17)

Antistasi - Server 3 - Tomorrow night 18:30 GMT

@  Vex (Fri 16 Apr 21 - 17:43)

Antistasi - Server 3 - Now till 11ish (most likely)

@  Andrews (Fri 16 Apr 21 - 21:40)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Lemon John

@  Vex (Fri 16 Apr 21 - 22:05)

You can follow the rough progress of Antistasi here: http://forums.realit...ge-1#entry20635

@  Guss (Sun 18 Apr 21 - 20:32)

We were pretty high up in the cockpit!


Desert Guardian: Operation Roaming Fox

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OFFLINE   stabcon


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    by [RG] Stabcon, [RG] Villhlem


    This mission is using the standard RG mod pack + AC130 + Lythium






    ISSUE DATE: 31/03/2021
    ISSUING OFFICIAL: Lt.Col.Andrews

    The Afghani region dubbed ‘Lythium’ by NATO forces has had a relatively long period of peace and stability. ANA forces have long maintained security in the region and have up until recently been able to quell unrest or insurgent activity.
    Unfortunately the area has began to fall victim to numerous attacks on military and civilian infrastructure, with a sustained campaign against security forces resulting in many ANA and Afghan Police fearful of reprisals against family and friends.
    The government has asked for assistance in helping to re-establish security in the region, attempt to quell the insurgency and allow Afghan forces to retake control of security operations.
    TFRG has been deployed to a joint ANA/NATO Airbase in the North of the region with equipment supplied by British and US forces. RG will maintain a presence here until the overall operation objective (Desert Guardian) is complete.
    Operation Roaming Fox will be TFRG’s chance to establish an immediate presence in locations close to the airbase, in an attempt to gather intelligence, reassure the local populace and acclimatise to the new conditions.
    The civilian population is not entirely trusting of NATO forces and their methods after years of ‘occupation’ as they see it. They are highly suspicious of UAV’s and other aerial recon, to the point they have been known to attempt to shoot them down or for whole villages to go into hiding due to some unfortunate errors in the past.


    6x Jackal
    2x Coyote Logostic
    4x Husky TSV
    2x Panther CLV
    2x Mastiff
    2x Ridgeback
    1x AC130
    1x C-130
    2x A-10C
    2x Merlin CSAR
    3x Merlin HC3
    3x Wildcat
    2x Chinook
    Support and supply equipment and vehicles.

    Operational Plan
    RG forces are to conduct presence patrols to the North of the region in an attempt to gather intelligence and reassure the populace of good intent.

    Squad operational intent
    Gambler squads are to conduct patrols at 3 objective locations.[/background]
    172177 kamir
    163198 afarat
    199192 morar
    Locations are to be patrolled at Sql discretion, insertion method at Sql discretion.
    Where possible, Gambler Squads should seek to assist the population.
    Any medical emergencies should be relayed to Dustoff.


    Insertion of Vegas personnel where requested
    Re-insert/Resupply of ground forces
    Operate ‘Dustoff’ Medevac
    Terrain and flight familiarisation
    Overwatch of Gambler locations if requested


    Vegas are to conduct a Recce patrol to a Mosque compound located at 078192 (Doran)
    Intelligence has suggested the mosque may possibly be a meeting place for insurgents. Vegas are to ascertain if the building is being used for religious or military purposes, if the latter, Gather evidence to justify any future actions. 

    Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.



    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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