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@  Andrews (Wed 09 Sep 20 - 14:52)

@Refurius 40 Today - On the internet you never get old Posted Image

@  stabcon (Wed 09 Sep 20 - 20:09)

If any one would like a trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I have some codes, hit me up

@  stabcon (Wed 09 Sep 20 - 20:09)

works on PC

@  Andrews (Thu 10 Sep 20 - 10:08)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force mke92. View mke92's Profile

@  marius (Fri 11 Sep 20 - 10:24)

The upcoming operation looks to be quite the mission, looking forward to it.

@  Reti4 (Fri 11 Sep 20 - 12:58)

Yeah, looking to be an awesome one. Excited for it!

@  Refurius (Fri 11 Sep 20 - 21:29)

After Ben, Dussacks T-800, was gone for some weeks he asked me to tell you guys that his new gaming cave is almost done in his new house. His message: "I'll be back" https://cdn.discorda...0911_220215.jpg

@  Warthog (Fri 11 Sep 20 - 22:24)

Just hope there's more than that 48V battery pack to power his rig!

@  KIMBO (Sat 12 Sep 20 - 19:29)

Cant beat the radiator to keep those feet warm when it gets cold :)

@  Andrews (Sun 13 Sep 20 - 20:38)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Zantza. View Zantza's Profile

@  Veter (Sun 13 Sep 20 - 20:51)


@  Daveo1996 (Sun 13 Sep 20 - 21:01)

Ewww, embed that link man LINK IS HERE

@  Andrews (Mon 14 Sep 20 - 10:01)

Great mission last night guys well played all video

@  Hood (Wed 16 Sep 20 - 20:07)

Playing Among Us 4/10 so far if anyone would like to join

@  Vex (Wed 16 Sep 20 - 20:19)

Bonesaw's catch phrase https://www.twitch.tv/ninjafox13/clip/SeductivePlausibleWormUncleNox courtsey of Ninja's stream.

@  Refurius (Thu 17 Sep 20 - 22:09)

Sea of Thieves 30% off ... I know alot of you guys where looking to buy https://store.steamp...Sea_of_Thieves/

@  Andrews (Fri 18 Sep 20 - 06:39)

Servers have been updated with the new version of ACRE

@  Andrews (Fri 18 Sep 20 - 11:38)

Any space marines available for a drop tonight? http://forums.realit...-check/?p=20129

@  Andrews (Sun 20 Sep 20 - 05:43)

Wake up rise and shine its battle day!

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 20 Sep 20 - 20:25)

Today's OP pictures!


Operation Lammergeier I

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OFFLINE   stabcon


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    by [RG] Stabcon

    This mission is using the standard RG mod pack




    OPERATION NAME: Operation Lammergeier I

    ISSUE DATE: 12/07/2020

    RG have been deployed to the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan to bolster NATO and Afghan forces. An increase in insurgent activity has put enough strain on NATO positions that withdrawal from strategic locations is having to occur. Informants have identified a man named 'Suleman' to be the epicentre of this latest threat. 


    Due to the urgent nature of the QRF request, RG equipment is being supplied by deployed US forces.

    After a recent wave of attacks from enemy ground forces and IED strikes, a unit of the US 75th rangers are to be relieved from their current location (FOB Mike 1) by RG ground forces.


    Various vehicles left behind by US units at FOB Mike

    2x A-10C

    2x Chinook

    2x UH60

    2x MH60

    2x Blackfish

    3x 105mm Howitzer

    Rearm/Refuel assets are available
    Operational Plan
    RG forces are to police and secure the area around the FOB. Conduct COIN operations and ensure the sustainability of FOB Mike

    Squad operational intent
    Gambler forces are to conduct clearance patrols around the FOB and investigate possible sites of enemy activity.

    An element of Gambler is to act as a security force for Vegas objective.

    Process any detainees.

    Attempt to draw out any enemy forces in the immediate location
    Talon are to provide assets capable of conducting CAS operations within the vicinity of FOB Mike, for the duration of the operation.

    A number of supply crate and equipment must be delivered to FOB mike to ensure sustainability.

    Extraction of detainees 

    React to operational requirements

    Conduct a search of Al_Jebel for material linked to enemy activity.

    Detain civilians suspected of enemy activity and return to FOB.
    Seize any equipment that could be linked with insurgent activity.
    React to any intelligence linked with 'Suleman'


    Platoon Command will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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