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@  Refurius (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:55) Put that link in the oneliners sean :D its not a one liner but still!
@  Andrews (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 16:42) Guys please don't forgot to support RG this month if you can thanks in advance we rely on your support
@  stabcon (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 18:51) Less speech more.... Insane ramblings of a madman
@  stabcon (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 16:31) Please ensure you have updated your A3sync files before training tonight
@  stabcon (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 22:17) thanks for all the efforts in training guys! Hope you enjoyed
@  The Icarus (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 22:37) Thanks for setting it up. Was a lot of fun
@  Refurius (Thu 23 Jan 20 - 00:10) Yes alot of fun :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 23 Jan 20 - 14:48) Good training, It was different to how we have set it up in the past, nicely done, any Videos from Zues?
@  Andrews (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 07:09) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force KinQQz. View KinQQz's Profile
@  stabcon (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 15:00) contact DLC on sale folks - just think if everyone owned it we could use the map and assets....
@  TAE (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 15:46) It's quite the nice map - and those assets!
@  Villhelm (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 17:21) Tractors should be personal vehicles for all of Gambler
@  Obi (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 17:49) That sounds like a 3-0 vehicle anyway
@  Andrews (Sat 25 Jan 20 - 22:21) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Yakkobi. View Yakkobi's Profile
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@  Veter (Sun 26 Jan 20 - 21:21) Woah
@  Andrews (Mon 27 Jan 20 - 09:17) Last call for support this month thanks again to our regular donators have a great week at RG


Operation Neptune

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    Operation Neptune







    Date: June 6th 1944
    Normandy, France

    Whilst the Airborne contingent of RG forces are dropping over France as part of Operation Albany, those left are preparing to storm the beaches of Fortress Europa in what is to be the largest Amphibious assault ever undertaken. With Allied forces given individual sectors to attack. The overall objective is to establish a foothold in Northern France to allow a full scale allied invasion to commence. RG is being attached to the US First Army and will be responsible for its own section of beach.






    RG is to assault their designated sector of beach, secure a foothold and await further orders.
    Gambler and Vegas have been assigned a small sector slightly west of Omaha.
    Insertion onto this sector will be conducted via LCVP (Higgins boat)
    Once on the beach Gambler and Vegas are to assault their pre designated targets and secure an exit off the beachhead.
    RG Forces are to link with other Allied forces at a village south of the Beach.
    Talon units will be responsible for the delivery of troops and supplies to the beach and forward areas.
    Talon to provide air support once a foothold is established and any AA threat dealt with.




    Service Support:
    RG will be operating in close proximity to elements of the US 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division
    RG will have the following equipment:
    US Ranger Equipment
    7x LCVP
    Willy GP and Supply Trucks
    2x M3 Half Track
    6x P-51 Mustang (if operationally viable)

    Radios will be issued to Command and Squad NCO's only.
    All troops should study and memorize the maps provided prior to mission start in the event of separation from friendly forces



    Sign ups now open and it is mandatory to RSVP






    Link to detailed information on the real event


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