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@  Veter (Sun 17 Jan 21 - 21:32)

i don't even

@  Andrews (Mon 18 Jan 21 - 18:05)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Treschi. View Treschi's Profile

@  Thehelloguy (Tue 19 Jan 21 - 12:59)

@veter Guess I am a man of high standards :D

@  stabcon (Wed 20 Jan 21 - 12:12)

Massive thank you to the supporters,- youre all amazing!

@  Andrews (Wed 20 Jan 21 - 13:07)

Let's make 2021 another great year with our members continued support! As Stabs says amazing guys

@  Pterolatypus (Wed 20 Jan 21 - 16:42)

critical hotfix thanks to RKSL being removed from the workshop - about 90mb download.

@  Pterolatypus (Wed 20 Jan 21 - 16:43)

as usual if you have issues with arma3sync you can message me on here, steam or discord

@  Veter (Thu 21 Jan 21 - 10:38)

Acsension of Cherokee

@  pvt_p3te (Fri 22 Jan 21 - 22:50)

Amazing xD

@  AHM (Sat 23 Jan 21 - 06:24)

Thanks, @Pterolatypus

@  Andrews (Sat 23 Jan 21 - 11:26)

Great to see all the new content for the new year coming thanks all involved

@  Thehelloguy (Sun 24 Jan 21 - 12:58)

Thanks for 5 for years in RG bois! Been one awesome journey with ya all!

@  Lethals (Sun 24 Jan 21 - 21:16)

Talon doing Talon things

@  Andrews (Mon 25 Jan 21 - 11:04)

That's one of the coolest things i've seen. Love the carrier ops, had some internet issues last night but it looked great!

@  pvt_p3te (Mon 25 Jan 21 - 21:04)

with sound! courtesy of lexxix

@  Refurius (Tue 26 Jan 21 - 00:52)

now with added Ragdolls

@  Guss (Tue 26 Jan 21 - 07:46)

It was my pleasure!

@  The Icarus (Tue 26 Jan 21 - 11:38)

As stabs once put it "Thank to Talon for doing Talon things..."

@  stabcon (Tue 26 Jan 21 - 12:57)

what can I say, I am but a simple poet

@  stabcon (Wed 27 Jan 21 - 18:52)

unfortunate last minute LOA due to work, apologies, have a great session all!


D11 Casual Ops/Zeus Missions

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OFFLINE   stabcon


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    During the course of deployment, we encourage and welcome anyone to create and run casual ops in between official sessions. This post is for help, discussion and planning of these type of operations. 


    Below is some instruction and advice for anybody wishing to make an event during deployment.




    Mission ideas should be prevented to a command representative before being advertised to ensure it does not clash with main sessions or someone elses idea.

    Missions should be advertised 1 week in advance of being played.

    Mission files should be presented to command no later than 3 days before the date of play, or it will not be allowed to proceed (this gives time for files to be checked and uploaded)

    Any faction may be used

    Missions should focus on the conflict between forces, not on idealogies or humanitarian issues.

    Missions should cater for 20+ people in case of high turnout.







    This should be extracted into Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\yourusername\missions folder.



    The template is recommended to be used by all. It can be edited to suit your needs of course. In the editor you will see comments explaining what most things are and how to change them to better fit your mission. To use the template on another map, simply select everything by click/dragging over all items, and copy/paste on to your desired map or use the merge function.


    Currently the units placed down are the same as on the D11 RGTA with some name changes (able instead of arrow etc). 

    You can change any of this to suit your needs, however you should imitate what is already there.


    Any issues, feel free to reach out to any of the staff for help.






    If you are thinking of creating a mission, I would recommend focusing on smaller scale missions and objectives that you can scale according to how many people attend. There is no point in recreating Market Garden with only 10 people.

    There is a huge array of uniforms and equipment to choose from, don't be afraid to think outside the box a little bit.

    It doesn't have to be something from real life! You can create any objective you want.

    All the factions present have a great array of assets to choose from, don't be afraid to use the German faction if you want to.

    Dont forget about things like reinsert and resupply, how will you handle that with no helicopters?

    If you've never tried mission making before, this would be a great place to start.



    Thats it, I look forward to seeing your ideas come to life. Feel free to use this thread to ask questions and talk about ideas, as well as advertise whats coming!




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    OFFLINE   Barnes

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    DATE: 20th September 2019

    TIMESame as Sunday Operation.





    After our succesful takeover of Neaville and return to the RG base of Operations in Coleville, Battalion S2 Officers have discovered that there are still German forces around the base.

    They are set up in a small city nearby where they coordinate guerilla attacks in hope of stalling the supplying of first line Allied forces.





    Battalion thinks there is an effective of around platoon-sized element of Wehrmacht soldiers coordinated by a squad of Waffen-SS.

    There is a possibility for a high-ranking Waffen SS officer to be there.

    It is also believed that enemies have small arms (including semi-automatic rifles, bolt action rifles and fully automatic weapons), MG emplacements and the possibility of mechanized forces (halftracks) and a couple of Flak guns.





    Our objective is to assault the german position while having cover from the naval guns on the shore of Coleville.

    We are to go in and neutralize the threats. Try to capture the Waffen SS officer alive, he might have valuable intel. If he is not captured alive, try to find any intel which might help us in uncovering other German positions trying to cripple the Allied supply line.





    - Willys Jeeps

    - Artillery support from Naval guns

    - 3 M4A2 Sherman Tanks from 2nd Armored Division on standby




    Good luck out there, gentlemen!

    “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”

    - George S. Patton Jr., Patton Principles

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