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@  Daveo1996 (Sun 14 Oct 18 - 20:49) Why thank you :)
@  TEMPLAR (Sun 14 Oct 18 - 21:23) That was pretty intense!
@  Aatoshi (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:16) I can't join the teamspeak, it says only that the server is to old for the command. How do I change the version and what version?
@  Villhelm (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:21) If you look about 8 or so lines up it explains, its a mod issue unfortunatly
@  Aatoshi (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:22) Thanks Vill
@  Riott (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:22) @Aatoshi You can get the required version of TS here we use a slightly older version as acre doesn't have great compatibility with the latest TS yet
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 00:17) Just a friendly reminder: e^(pi * i) + 1 = 0
@  Refurius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 08:14) correction veged its (Wingardium Levios<A>) ... e^(n*pi*i) + 1 = 0 where n are natural numbers that a are odd
@  Daveo1996 (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 10:15) Wait... huh... what the.... damn NERDS!!!!
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 12:42) Thats not a correction. Both are correct
@  TAE (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 14:32) Can you, like, fight and stuff? This whole "we are both correct"-attitude is extremely boring for us popcorn-munching bystander.
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:08) Dunno where the official RG fight club is located. But I'm down for 1v1 minesweeper
@  Guss (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:35) When time is short!
@  Lethals (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:22) This is not how you wear a parachute..
@  marius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:48) Someone read mein kampf recently
@  stabcon (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 21:12) thanks to all for training tonight, a lot gained from a command POV, hope you guys enjoyed it
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 14:15) Remeber guys! the only time to worry on para drops is when Talon are the first ones out ;)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:53)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:54) :D
@  Seanster (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 16:08) Or when you see the left wing out of the right window


[ORBAT] Task Force Organisation (Overview)

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    Task Force Command


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    Our taskforce operates as airborne infantry, specifically as a Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). Although the specifics of this will, as ever, be unique to Reality Gaming, it can be likened to many real world operational setups.
    Special Forces: Vegas (as Delta Force, SAS, etc.)
    SFSG: Gambler/Talon (as Rangers, 1st Para, etc.)
    The purpose of our taskforce is to undertake high risk and often time sensitive missions at distance to other supporting units. Deployable by helicopter or aeroplane the SFSG will support the actions of Vegas by providing skilled infantry support.



    Highroller (SOC)
    Will undertake Command and Control responsibility for the task force; co-ordinating at a high level and providing the strategic steer for mission completion.
    Gambler (1st Rifles)

    The Infantry Platoon will report directly to Highroller. Led by a 1Lt and supported by a 2Lt, Gambler will undertake an airborne infantry role, consisting of 4 sections. Each of these 4 sections will share the same layout, and will follow the same SOPs, so that sections may easily switch between roles and support one another when needed. Sections will therefore function similarly during operation, and there will be no preference given, nor a unique identity given to each squad, as the split exists to make command and control easier.




    Gambler 1-4 are run by Sgts who report directly to the 1Lt and 2Lt, and are formed of Squads Arrow, Blade, Cutlass, and Dussack.

    Talon (Army Air Corps)
    Will report directly to Highroller. Led by a veteran SSgt, Talon will undertake an air cavalry role in supporting ground troops through transport, recon, and CAS. Otherwise will retain current structure.
    Will report directly to Highroller. 
    Led by an experienced SSgt, Vegas are responsible for low intensity and special forces missions.

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    The key to us all working well together is not in how we are formed but in how we operate.


    It is important to note that although the majority of the taskforce is a SFSG, that "supporting" does not mean following Vegas around helping them where they need it. It means undertaking high intensity missions that create an opportunity for the SF team to do their job. A prime example that we all know about is from Blackhawk Down, but it could also involve attacking an enemy stronghold to draw forces from other areas that Vegas wish to infiltrate, or acting as a blocking force against enemy counterattacks.


    We are deliberately trying to keep the remit quite wide in order to give everyone good variety in their experience and to allow the missions makers to be as creative as their dastardly minds will allow them!



    Example Mission


    We wish to capture the enemy general on the horse. He is heavily protected and a direct assault would be too slow and allow him time to escape. Infiltration is not possible as there are too many enemy at his position.

    Gambler assaults a nearby base with support from Talon.




    Not wishing to lose the base, and with little other RG forces posing a threat, the enemy general reinforces Krasnostav as he doesn't want RG to hold a town that would prevent him from using his airbase.






    With a lack of local protection Talon now transport Vegas to near the enemy general, and Vegas push hard to capture him quickly and extract back to the beach. The enemy forces are pinned in a firefight with Gambler and are unable to react quickly enough.







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    Highroller 1 (Lt.Col) - Overall administrative leadership of the Taskforce

    Highroller 2 (Mjr) - Mission command of the Taskforce




    Gambler Platoon CO (Lt) - Command of Infantry Platoon

    Gambler Platoon XO (2Lt) - Second In Command of Infantry Platoon

    Gambler Medics (Spc) - Various medical personnel attached to Platoon Command


    Gambler Fireteam Leader (Sgt) - Command of Fireteam, and Assault Team Leader

    Gambler Second In Command (Cpl) - 2ic of Fireteam, and Support Team Leader

    Gambler Grendier (Pvt/PFC*) - Assault Team, Pointman, carries grenade launcher

    Gambler Light AT (Pvt/PFC) - Assault Team, carries anti-tank weaponry

    Gambler Autorifleman (Pvt/PFC) - Assault Team, carries light machine gun

    Gambler Engineer (Pvt/PFC) – Assault Team, carries entrenching tool and repair kit

    Gambler Autorifleman (Pvt/PFC) - Support Team, carries light machine gun 

    Gambler Marksman (Pvt/PFC) - Support Team, carries marksman rifle

    Gambler Combat Medic (Pvt/PFC) – Support Team, carries basic medical supplies




    Talon 1 (1Lt) - CO of Talon, pilot capable but primarily involved in air command and control

    Talon 2 (2Lt) - XO of Talon, backup to CO but primarily lead pilot

    Talon 3 (WO1) - Most senior non-officer pilot

    Pilots (WO2/3) - Pilots / Co-pilots




    Vegas 1-0 (SSgt) - Team Leader

    Vegas 1-1 (Sgt) - Assistant Team Leader

    Vegas (Cpl) - Operators

    Vegas (Spc) - Junior members



    * Private / Private First Class are based upon experience, skill, leadership, and reliability of the RG Member

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