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@  Guss (Fri 11 Oct 19 - 20:51) Band of Brothers is getting a follow-up!!!!
@  Guss (Fri 11 Oct 19 - 20:52) DAMN YOU APPLE TV PLUS EXCLUSIVITY
@  stabcon (Fri 11 Oct 19 - 21:06) https://media2.giphy...uTvy/source.gif
@  pvt_p3te (Fri 11 Oct 19 - 21:17) We're all pirates
@  pvt_p3te (Fri 11 Oct 19 - 21:18) !Epilepsy warning^^!
@  chrisob (Sat 12 Oct 19 - 15:52) Hell let loose is free to play this weekend
@  stabcon (Sat 12 Oct 19 - 19:51) If you havent yet done so, please RSVP for tomorrows mission http://forums.realit...operation-thaw/
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 13 Oct 19 - 21:03) Awesome Mission RG really well played guys, tanks and Infantry mixed well!!
@  Villhelm (Sun 13 Oct 19 - 21:39) Thanks dussack for acting as meatshields!
@  Sireuz (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 01:11) Another great OP! D11 keep bringing awesome new experiences, and thanks to everyone that takes part in making this as magical as Christmas, happy D11!
@  Barnes.J (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 10:30) Thank you to everyone involved in giving us the best experiences! Another amazing mission worked out well!
@  Wells (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 11:08) i had the time of my life yesterday on my very first mission with RG, all tho i had some issues with not being able to see farther then 20meters when using Ads.
@  stabcon (Mon 14 Oct 19 - 14:34) Glad you enjoyed it Wells!
@  Pterolatypus (Tue 15 Oct 19 - 12:48) Servers currently down for the CUP update - looks like a big one so might be a while. All done
@  shrap (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 10:40) no training tonight ?
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 10:42) Of course thre is you muppet
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 10:43) *there :)
@  chrisob (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 12:14) https://uk.virginmon...rien3&pageUrl=1
@  Guss (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 13:45) Nice one Chris!
@  Villhelm (Wed 16 Oct 19 - 16:23) Apologies for lack of training post! corrected now


Operation Halmazag

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    By RG Marius


    Operation Halmazag

    ISSUE DATE: 20/02/2019
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    It’s been a few years since ISAF reduced their presence in Afghanistan, with the pressure and burden of fighting the Taliban falling upon the AAF. Many contested regions which the ISAF, together with the AAF, fought to control has since been lost.

    Many experts claims the AAF was, and still is not ready for the daunting task of fighting the Taliban successfully alone. The Afghan Armed Forces simply lack the proper funding and infrastructure to support their fight against a increasingly stronger Taliban grasp in Afghanistan.

    Several large operations initiated by the AAF has been attempted in response to the increasing Taliban presence. These operations has however not yielded the results one hoped they would. Casualty rate amongst the AAF operating in contested regions has skyrocketed the last couple of years, and hopes of assistance in fighting the Taliban has been echoed to the many countries who once had a large presence in the region.

    The increasing Taliban presence and control of Afghanistan has alerted ISAF,  and a new initiative has formed to increase the ISAF presence in Afghanistan once again.

    Recently a cooperative effort, between the ISAF and AAF, to regain control of the region by the name of Anizay has begun. By early february, ANA operating together with ISAF successfully managed to push the Taliban out of the eastern parts of the region



    Taskforce RG Task

    With the success of pushing the Taliban out of the eastern parts of Anizay, RGTF has been tasked to help establish AAF presence amongst the more urban parts in the region.

    In order for this to happen, ANA forces operating from a recently retaken FOB, has executed several provocative patrols which yielded valuable information regarding Taliban specific presence in the area. Gambler is to sweep and clear Taliban presence in the eastern most parts of the Anizay farmlands in the north west of the region, where ANA forces met contact during their patrols.

    Once the relevant areas are clear of Taliban presence, Gambler is tasked to retake and hold a long time lost FOB which will be the key to establishing a lasting AAF presence in the region.

    Meanwhile Vegas is tasked to act upon recently gained intel, which revealed the location of a warlord in the region. Drone strikes to eliminate the warlord has been put on hold for now in hopes of Vegas successfully capturing the HVT, so that he can later be “extracted” of valuable intel.




    RG will have the following available:

    • 2x CH-47F

    • 2x MH-60L twin M2

    • 2x MH-6M Little Bird

    • 1x Apache AH1

    • 1x A-10C Warthog

    • 8x M1220 M2

    • 4x Jackal 2 HMG

    • Various supply crates

    • Ammo and refuel truck

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent


    • Clear Musakhan, Khas, Anizay, Deraz and surrounding compounds, of likely Taliban presence.

    • Retake and hold FOB Obeh until forces of the ANA and ISAF arrive to relieve Gambler.



    • Manage the transportation of reinforcements and resupply.

    • Provide CAS as requested.



    • Capture the warlord in the region and extract the target back to base for interrogation purposes.
    • Act upon any “extracted” intel from the HVT as the operation progresses.

    ROE: Tight

    Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  




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