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@  stabcon (Sat 18 Jan 20 - 18:59) seriously short notice but will be running a small zeus/test op in 30 minutes
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@  Reti4 (Sun 19 Jan 20 - 21:09) https://puu.sh/F1Bqu/47c07922f7.jpg Stab's Soapbox Speech
@  Cherokee (Sun 19 Jan 20 - 21:18) If theres something i took away from tonights OP it would be this
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@  Seanster (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:19) Stabcon's Speech
@  CAESAR (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:27) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
@  Refurius (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 11:55) Put that link in the oneliners sean :D its not a one liner but still!
@  Andrews (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 16:42) Guys please don't forgot to support RG this month if you can thanks in advance we rely on your support
@  stabcon (Mon 20 Jan 20 - 18:51) Less speech more.... Insane ramblings of a madman
@  stabcon (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 16:31) Please ensure you have updated your A3sync files before training tonight
@  stabcon (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 22:17) thanks for all the efforts in training guys! Hope you enjoyed
@  The Icarus (Wed 22 Jan 20 - 22:37) Thanks for setting it up. Was a lot of fun
@  Refurius (Thu 23 Jan 20 - 00:10) Yes alot of fun :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 23 Jan 20 - 14:48) Good training, It was different to how we have set it up in the past, nicely done, any Videos from Zues?
@  Andrews (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 07:09) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force KinQQz. View KinQQz's Profile
@  stabcon (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 15:00) contact DLC on sale folks - just think if everyone owned it we could use the map and assets....
@  TAE (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 15:46) It's quite the nice map - and those assets!
@  Villhelm (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 17:21) Tractors should be personal vehicles for all of Gambler
@  Obi (Fri 24 Jan 20 - 17:49) That sounds like a 3-0 vehicle anyway


Operation Menace

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    By RG Marius


    Operation Menace

    ISSUE DATE: 14/02/2019
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    In mid January a conflict has risen anew in the eastern european region.  The Chernarussian nation has for decades been on ill terms with their neighbouring country Moldova. Their border disputes, which arose after the fall of the Soviet Nation, has sparked a new conflict in the region. On the 15th of December, satellite images spotted large concentrations of Chernarussian forces mobilizing on the border between the two nations. At 06:00 hour on the 21st of December, the Chernarussian military invaded Moldova and managed to seize large parts of the disputed border, only to continue pushing further inland.

    The geopolitical consequences and motives for this invasion is without a doubt larger than one might expect. Political figures in the USA are implicating the Russian government in supporting and pushing the Chernarussian invasion of Moldova. The Russian government has however officially denied any involvement and has condemned the invasion, yet trade of arms is flowing greater than ever between the two nations.

    It is only recently that the US and NATO pushed for a closer relationship with Moldova in hopes of bringing the country to the fold of the alliance. The prospect of US intervention has for the most part gone fairly supported in the western politics and media. The involvement is however not accepted by the Russian government, who claims it all can be solved with diplomatic engagements. Nonetheless, US intervention is in motion with the idea of invading Chernarus to force the peace.


    Taskforce RG Task

    RGTF has been tasked to join with 8th Marine Regiment of the II MEF in their task to push the Chernarussian Guard out of South Zagoria, the forested and mountainous coastal area, in the north east of Chernarus.

    The 8th Marine Regiment are to send their 2nd and 3rd Battalion to make land on the southern coast of South Zagoria, which will include the province capital city ‘Chernogorsk’. The 1st Battalion together with Headquarters Company will make land on the eastern coast. When ready, the 8th Marine Regiment will start an offensive pushing further inland.

    Air superiority has already been achieved in the region after a heavy mix of precision strikes and air operations carried out by the US Navy. There is however still targets in the region which are in need of elimination. Vegas has been tasked to deploy in South Zagoria on the 16th of February to help designate targets for the US Navy. On the 17th, and once RGTF arrives in the region, Vegas is to act upon priority intel recently uncovered by the MCISR-E.

    Gambler and Talon will  arrive in South Zagoria on the 17th of February, with the 2nd and 3rd Battalion already on site. RGS SALCISIA will make port by ‘Kamenka’, unloading Gambler, with Talon stationed on the RGS NEPTUNE further south. Gambler will take on the task of pushing further inland on the most western flank, while the heavy push is executed  by the 8th Marine Regiment in the center and east of South Zagoria.



    RG will have the following available:

    • 4x HH-60A Twin M2.

    • 2x AH1 Apache

    • Motorized vehicles provided by the USMC.

    • Various supply crates.

    • Ammo and refuel trucks.

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent


    • Push towards and assault ‘Pavlovo’ and ‘Zelenogorsk’

    • Once Zelenogorsk is cleared of enemy presence, Gambler is to secure ‘Green Mountain’ and its large communication tower. Once completed, elements of India Company of the 3rd Battalion will relieve Gambler.



    • Manage the transportation of reinforcements and resupply.

    • Provide CAS as requested.



    • Act upon priority intel recently uncovered by the MCISR-E.

    ROE: Tight

    Capn.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  




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