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@  stabcon (Fri 29 May 20 - 16:59)

nothing set in stone mate but server will be up!

@  lllBENlll (Fri 29 May 20 - 19:01)

a few of us hopping onto Lib now

@  lllBENlll (Fri 29 May 20 - 22:54)

Had fun thx guys see ya

@  CAESAR (Sat 30 May 20 - 00:07)

Great job everyone!

@  Aatoshi (Sat 30 May 20 - 00:11)

Great fun first time in Lib!

@  Pterolatypus (Sat 30 May 20 - 12:19)

Server switch has been delayed, will probably be in a couple of hours instead. Will keep you posted.

@  Pterolatypus (Sat 30 May 20 - 13:54)

Servers have been transferred onto the new box (if you need the IP just ask around) domain switch and TS will be done later tonight.

@  CAESAR (Sat 30 May 20 - 14:51)

Thanks Ptero!

@  The Icarus (Sat 30 May 20 - 15:25)

Nice one, good work. I can definitely feel a difference in performance. Thanks Ptero, Riott, and Andrews for arranging this!

@  The Icarus (Sat 30 May 20 - 15:27)

Also great job on Liberation everyone!

@  Andrews (Sat 30 May 20 - 22:19)

Some recent footage of the Task Force

@  Andrews (Sun 31 May 20 - 01:44)

TS and Server switch has been completed - connect via ts3.realitygamer.org / ts.realitygamer.org - Servers: server.realitygamer.org

@  SinningDemon (Sun 31 May 20 - 13:46)

anyone that can help me out?

@  CAESAR (Sun 31 May 20 - 14:51)

What with?

@  stabcon (Sun 31 May 20 - 16:05)

above question sorted

@  Guss (Sun 31 May 20 - 20:16)

Thanks to everyone who worked in the background on the servers. I had extremely stable fps throughout the mission. Not sure if it was server related, but gonna go with 'yes' anyway ;) Good job

@  Andrews (Sun 31 May 20 - 20:31)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Zach. View Zach's Profile

@  Andrews (Sun 31 May 20 - 20:39)

All servers are up, casual server available for special missions, mod testing and suggestions. Contact your leader for more information.

@  Andrews (Sun 31 May 20 - 20:47)

If anyone has friends that want to join RG here's how to register https://youtu.be/tUhTyjXULHw?t=520

@  Andrews (Mon 01 Jun 20 - 00:16)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Sherman. View Sherman's Profile


Operation Countdown

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OFFLINE   Villhelm


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    By RG Villhelm


    Operation Countdown

    ISSUE DATE: 03/01/2019
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    Russia's economy is in deep trouble, and to divert attention Russia is spreading influence and disquiet across Eastern Europe and within Russia. Facing the increasing political and social unrest and the potential disintegration of the order, Russia has atempted to destabilise Western Europe to preserve its authority. It demanded that the Western World provide concessions or it would pursue a course of war and invade Western Europe in retaliation. NATO has so far pushed back and ignored any sort of concessions. They have called on Russia to stop its actions against the world or face harsh consequences.


    Initially, Russia has complied, but has secretly created plans for its invasion of Europe. They have put their strategy, Maskirovka (Camouflage), to conceal their goals and actions. Russian soldiers are being put into rigorous training while the West has been fooled by the Maskirovka. Due to the prepared Russian plans, the Pacific Theater has been left quiet, with no Asian countries willing to join any war should it commence. It is apparent a small group of Russians are attempting to stage a diplomatic incident on the border with Ukraine in order to create all-out conflict. They have strayed into Ukranian territory and this time we are pushing back.



    Taskforce RG Task
    Smash through enemy defences and wipe out any high level assets.


    Enemy Forces:

    Russian Troops are heavily equipped with every possible asset you can think of, our saving grace is that it appears their Kerosene is low, so dont expect their fast air to be off the ground anytime soon.


    RG will have the following available:

    • 5x Warriors

    • 1x Merkava

    • 1x Apache

    • 2x Wildcat (armed)

    • 2x AH6

    • 2x MH6

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent


    • Take Firebase "Astrid"

    • Take the Airfield



    • Transport reinserts/resupplies.

    • Provide CAS as requested.

    • As per Command.



    • Stealth Insert

    • Bunker Raid - Locate HVTs and Invasion Plans

    • As per Command

    ROE: Free

    Lt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  CK9Kaq0.png



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