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@  Guss (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 12:37) Amazing!
@  Shlee (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 13:27) I love it :D
@  CAESAR (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 18:03) @Andrews That's amazing. I love the detail on the deployment pages and Hall of fame!!
@  J. Hansen (Sat 04 Apr 20 - 19:43) Hows things lads? :) ;)
@  Shlee (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 05:32) absolutely brilliant
@  Andrews (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 08:18) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force erleks. View erleks's Profile
@  Adrian (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 17:33) http://realitygamer.org/ seems like to have a css bug
@  Adrian (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 17:33) or perharps just css due to the new css has a similar name to the old one.
@  Andrews (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 18:56) If you visited the page before its heavily cached so you need to hard refresh - if you have any fixes pls let me lknow :)
@  Adrian (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 20:48) well personally u can just rename the css and it should be good
@  Adrian (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 20:48) that way people won't have to do a hard refresh
@  Andrews (Sun 05 Apr 20 - 21:21) thanks the site has been updated lemme know if anyone has issues
@  Obi (Mon 06 Apr 20 - 16:56) Gotta have some Faith of the Heart... or the highlight video from last nights op from 3-0 POV.
@  CAESAR (Mon 06 Apr 20 - 17:44) :wub:
@  Guss (Mon 06 Apr 20 - 21:53) That ending brought tears to my eyes
@  Andrews (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 10:08) testing new forum update select 3.0 from the themes - send all feedback/bugs to me via PM thanks
@  Obi (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 14:18) New site stuff is looking great. Always nice to get a fresh coat of paint :)
@  Aatoshi (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 15:43) New site looking sexy, I like it
@  Andrews (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 17:06) Still working with the team on the theme and bits. Any bugs guys please PM me all work in progress - thanks to stabs and obi for the help so far
@  Viktor (Tue 07 Apr 20 - 18:40) New cover page looks catchy!


Staff Vacancies

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    Ever wanted your own pretend virtual office in Arma3? Can you see yourself with a fancy forum tag? Feel like I don't PM you enough and want more? Well we might just have the job for you!



    Going into 2019, RG is looking for more staff members to help continue the growth and development of the community. We are looking for members from all 3 sections who would have some spare time and are wiling to contribute to the success of RG. These roles will require some extra responsibilities outside of normal RG times.


    Please find below details of current vacancies.



    Development Assistant:

    (2x Vacancies)


    As a development assistant, you will work with HQ and the dev team to help bring the best technical experience possible to RG. From assisting in bug fixes to working on internal projects.

    Some experience with Arma 3 coding would be advantageous although not 100% necessary. We will gladly accept candidates who have a willingness to learn and have a strong affinity with Google-Fu.

    Anybody with modelling/texturing/coding experience is encouraged to apply.



    Recruitment Staff:

    (2x Vacancies)


    As a recruiter, your mission, to explore strange new forums, to seek out new recruits and new members, to boldly go where no community has gone before. 

    Essentially, bring in new recruits. Working with other teams, you will be the first introduction new members have to this community. Responsible for organising and maintaining recruitment campaigns, as well as interviewing and ensuring new members are accepted and settled in quickly. This is a hugely important job and does require some extra commitment. We encourage applicants from all 3 sections. No experience is necessary but you should be comfortable working on your own initiative and speaking to new people.



    Media Team

    (3x Vacancies)



    The media teams role will be to work with other teams to prepare material for external and internal usage. For example preparing images for modpack updates or missions or editing a 'highlight' video for the recruitment team.

    We are looking for people who enjoy making screenshots in editor or in game, anyone who streams or edits videos. This is very much an open role for anyone who wants to contribute. Some experience with photoshop/editing software would be advantageous, or anybody who is willing to learn.




    Mission Creators:


    We are looking for anyone who would be interested in making Sunday missions for the community, no experience is necessary as workshops will be held in the near future. Reporting to the mission manager, your role would be to provide a number of missions for the community to play throughout the year and provide feedback and assistance to other mission makers. 





    If you are interested in any of the above roles, please send a joint PM to myself, 2LT Villhelm, and CSM Caesar with 'Staff Application' as the message subject, followed by what role you are interested and why, as well as any questions you may have.



    As a last note, please don't think lack of experience will be a blocking point. We'd rather have people who can put the extra time in and are keen than experts who cant. Also, yes, its all very formal isnt it? but honestly, that's just the way I decided to write this post :)

    This is your chance to help RG, and if you can do that in any way, we would love to have you on board.


    Note: If you are good at something, or would like to do something not mentioned above, We'd love to hear your ideas!

    I look forward to seeing your applications!  






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