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@  Andrews (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 12:36) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Berlin. View Berlin's Profile
@  stabcon (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 12:44) anybody stream or record last nights Op?
@  TEMPLAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 13:28) Shlee most probably did.
@  TEMPLAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 13:29) https://www.twitch.t...eos/334601661##
@  Seanster (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 14:26) Obi did
@  Obi (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 15:04) I always feel like my streams are dubious for content because I'm normally nose into a Mortar display haha.
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:00) RIP Stan Lee :(
@  BilboD (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:00) Adverse AirOp Environment for Re-supply
@  BilboD (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:02) Tail Rotor loss as viewed from the ground - Video taken by Shlee
@  CAESAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 20:37) :*(
@  Affy (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 05:56) @sheppard is still mean
@  Sheppard (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 08:57) @Affy :D Lies. I'm just sad I can't jump to Blade Chan and shout Affy sucks anymore.
@  Sobchak (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 10:26) Sheppard, you can, its still part of our pre-mission warm up.
@  CAESAR (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 16:18) Fallout is out!
@  Andrews (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 17:30) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force MonkeyMadness20. View MonkeyMadness20's Profile
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 17:52) Hitman 2 > Fallout 76 :)
@  Shlee (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 18:48) What happened to the chopper did it get back safe?
@  BilboD (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 18:51) Unfortunately, the hardest part of recovering to Base safely without a tail rotor is the last 5 metres. There is a large possibility of unintended over rotation or tipping at the point of landing. We lost the airframe om landing.
@  TAE (Wed 14 Nov 18 - 09:55) Bilbo... you've got to do it like the WH40k Orks. Believe in it's flying capability and it will fly. Maybe Talons needs to paint their air frames red... can't hurt, right?
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 14 Nov 18 - 13:10) @TAE Lmao


Operation Treeline

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    By RG Marius



    ISSUE DATE: 07/11/2018
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller


    In October a large diplomatic and military emergency occurred. In the months before, the US started diplomatic talks with the Chernarus government to allow US deployed Anti-Ballistic missile defensive systems in the region. The Russian government responded badly to this and protested heavily, saying it would break recent treaties regarding ballistic weapon systems. Putin said during one UN meeting that a couple of hours would allow the US to reprogram these ballistic systems to be used aggressively. Unfortunately the protests by the Russians were ignored and the US were eventually in October allowed by the Chernarus government to deploy their ballistic defense systems.

    Russia took quick actions to the development and invaded Chernarus in late October, before the US were able to deploy any of their ballistic systems. After a quick capture of the southern coast and the railway system, the Russians sighted American forces they thought would leave the area after learning of the invasion. The US military had instead bet their life that if they made a defensive posture in the path of the Russian invasion, the Russians would reconsider and halt their advance. Fortunately for the US forces stationed in the region, they were correct and the Russians halted their invasion but did not leave the region. Now the two major powers are at each other's throat and emergency meetings were called to calm the situation.

    Diplomatic talks between the two major powers has so far resulted in what can only be described as failures. War between the two is likely but the world fear what might happen when these two nuclear powers collide. But just a week ago in recent diplomatic talks, both US and Russia signed a treaty which banned the usage of nuclear weapons in this conflict as both nations feared what may happen if they ignored the question. However this has alarmed many diplomatic leaders and the world fears that Russia will continue the invasion now that nuclear warfare is off the table.

    The people were right to fear, as US military intelligence has picked up Russian plans for major offensives. If that was not bad news enough, as of today Russian navy engaged the small but considerable US navy just off the coast of Chernarus, the battle is still ongoing. War is now a reality.



    Taskforce RG Task
    RGTF has been hired to help the US forces in the upcoming russian offensive. US Army commander on site has given RG the task to hold the line west of Zelenogorsk while the US forces hold both the village and east. Unfortunately our relevant AO is but a small part of the battle in the region as other planned offensives has been uncovered north of Chernogorsk. Intelligence and logic suggests the russian objective is to take control of the NW airbase to establish control of the region through air superiority.


    Enemy Forces:

    • Enemies are well trained and equipped as per Russian military standards.

    • Intel gathered by air, shows a minimum of two platoons of russian MBT’s is mobilized for the offensive. This intel is two days old.

    • Russian artillery is spotted preparing for the offensive.



    RG will have the following available:

    • 2x FV510 Warrior

    • 3x Land Rover HMG

    • 15x HMMVW M2

    • 6x FIM-92F (Stinger)

    • 1x CH-47F

    • 2x MH-60L Twin M2

    • 2x MH-6M Little Bird

    • 2x F/A-18 E Super Hornet

    • Various ground transport vehicles

    • Ammo and fuel trucks

    • Various supply crates

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent


    • Dig in on the defensive installations dispersed on the line west of Zelenogorsk.

    • Hold off the russian offensive concentrated at Zelenogorsk.

    • Retreat as needed. Main objective is to defend the NW airbase.



    • Transport reinserts/resupplies.

    • Intercept any enemy jets and helicopters.

    • Provide CAS as requested.

    • Relocate supply crates in case of the NW airbase falling into russian control.

    • As per Command.



    • Destroy the anti-air radar tower in Elektrozavadosk

    • Help Gambler in their defense

    • As per Command

    ROE: Free

    Lt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:





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