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@  Andrews (Fri 07 Dec 18 - 22:17) @TEMPLAR some times you have to part ways with what you want most, in order to realise what you were before the burden was levied. Come back home one day bilbo.
@  Thehelloguy (Fri 07 Dec 18 - 22:51) @BilboD coolio! Been good having ya here, be safe and such. hope to see ya one day again ^^
@  marius (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 02:44) Tried to test entering RG servers with the Achillies mod loaded just now and got kicked for it. Happens to everyone or maybe I need to reinstall the mod?
@  Shlee (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 11:10) My first OP with RG, after a reconnect i remember Bilbo and myself with members of Highroller defending our position from a counter-attack. I'm sure i'm not the only one whose going to miss that familiar voice from Talon. Hope to c'ya around Bilbo :]
@  Riott (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 13:02) @Marius looks like there was an achilles update, you should be good now.
@  stabcon (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 13:14) Dont forget to RSVP for tomorrows mission!
@  marius (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 14:17) @Riott Cheers!
@  Dozer (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 17:47) Anyone else getting this error? https://imgur.com/a/j82D0Mw
@  stabcon (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 17:58) you need to look at the modpack release pages, and manually update ACE.
@  T.Perkins (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 17:59) @Dozer There was an ACE update last week, the fix is on the mods download page.
@  T.Perkins (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 17:59) @Dozer http://forums.realit...0-rg-ace-patch/
@  Dozer (Sat 08 Dec 18 - 18:08) Ah,missed it. Cheers guys!
@  Riott (Sun 09 Dec 18 - 11:51) Servers going down for a mod update
@  Riott (Sun 09 Dec 18 - 12:37) Servers back up
@  marius (Sun 09 Dec 18 - 21:10) RGTF leaving the AO
@  Curpling (Sun 09 Dec 18 - 22:08) https://imgur.com/a/0pOM2sx
@  Curpling (Sun 09 Dec 18 - 23:45) Ohh Marius!! Nice pic indeed! Im the one flying the third bird there.
@  marius (Mon 10 Dec 18 - 00:10) Got incredibly lucky timing there!
@  The Icarus (Mon 10 Dec 18 - 11:50) Really nice pic and mission! :)
@  Curpling (Mon 10 Dec 18 - 15:24) @marius - Its called being a pro :D


Modpack Update: Mensa (1.0.0)


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    Modpack Update



    The RG Leadership and Staff are proud to present the next iteration of our modpack. This release is the result of a lengthy project working to standardise and restructure the inner workings of the pack, which will make future updates quicker and easier for everyone.




    Further tweaks to equipment introduced with the Lynx release

    Addition of some more quality-of-life features and new mechanics to play with

    Even more in-house content

    Some spring-cleaning removing old, unused content to reduce download sizes







    As usual this update completely replaces the previous version, Lynx. Those files should not be loaded, and there's no need to keep them.


    Quality Assurance:

    Once again, despite numerous hours of work and countless restarts of Arma 3 the scope of this update is such that some bugs/errors may have crept through. Keep an eye out for any bugs and we'll be sure to squash them as quickly as possible.


    Massive thanks to all the staff and leaders who continue to contribute the time and experience required to turn these ideas into Reality.




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