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@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:08) Dunno where the official RG fight club is located. But I'm down for 1v1 minesweeper
@  Guss (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:35) When time is short!
@  Lethals (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:22) This is not how you wear a parachute..
@  marius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:48) Someone read mein kampf recently
@  stabcon (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 21:12) thanks to all for training tonight, a lot gained from a command POV, hope you guys enjoyed it
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 14:15) Remeber guys! the only time to worry on para drops is when Talon are the first ones out ;)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:53)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:54) :D
@  Seanster (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 16:08) Or when you see the left wing out of the right window
@  shrap (Fri 19 Oct 18 - 07:56) Any zeus mission tonight ?
@  stabcon (Fri 19 Oct 18 - 16:39) nothing on the books im afraid shrap, could try and rally the troops for some public co-op
@  Zezzek (Fri 19 Oct 18 - 17:26) Ill throw something together, if anyone is interested.
@  shrap (Fri 19 Oct 18 - 17:53) join blade channel, we are starting a rebellion :P
@  Andrews (Fri 19 Oct 18 - 19:44) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Hilo. View Hilo's Profile
@  Zezzek (Sat 20 Oct 18 - 13:18) There is a few of us playing Antistasi tonight if anyone is interested. we will be starting at 1900 gmt.
@  CAESAR (Sat 20 Oct 18 - 13:51) TFAR is the devil
@  Zezzek (Sat 20 Oct 18 - 14:01) I could not agree more Caesar, but to my knowledge Antistasi only supports TFAR.
@  Daveo1996 (Sat 20 Oct 18 - 14:37) It's treason then...
@  Zezzek (Sat 20 Oct 18 - 14:39) Alright I have been corrected. Antistasi supports Acre, so we will be using this then.
@  CAESAR (Sat 20 Oct 18 - 15:03) I am glad you don't have to suffer :D



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    Warning Order TaskForce RG

    Issue Date: 09/07/2018

    Issuing Station: Highroller

    Issuing Officer: LtCol Andrews

    Commanding Officer: Lt Stabcon





    Due to recent world events, a number of VIP's have found themselves in Russia on a task that could change the course of history for a particular nation. These events are being televised across the globe with millions of people having a vested interest in how things develop.



    Taskforce RG Task:

    Due to a large number of the taskforce showing interest in the global events, Command have issued a generic LOA for all members for the following dates:


    Wednesday 11th July

    Sunday 15th July


    RG members are to either report to domestic CO's, or relevant establishments to keep up to speed with world events. Those who have no interest in developments will be able to report to the training area as it will still be operational on the wednesday, and there is a strong possibility of some 'freelance/mercenary' work available on sunday. Please refer to other documents for more information on these events.




    RG members are to enjoy time off in any way they see fit, but report back for full resumption of duties on the 18th July 2018.





    Command And Control:


    Command will still be operational throughout this time. Members are to report in on a regular basis to be kept up to date with any intel. 
















    Basically lots of people want to watch the world cup, so training has been cancelled, there may be a zeus mission on sunday for those who want it, stay tuned for info on that.





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