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@  stabcon (Mon 17 Sep 18 - 18:27) that's some tour so far, well done man!
@  Andrews (Mon 17 Sep 18 - 20:33) @Shlee Nice!
@  TAE (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 04:32) That's some old school stuff Shlee! :)
@  Villhelm (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 08:06) Wow that makes me feel old, pretty much 4 years down now
@  TAE (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 09:56) my brain claimed it was 2. Stupid brain
@  pvt_p3te (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 15:20) 11 Years ago we were much more disciplined...
@  Guss (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 15:31) Ha :) that's a nice one
@  The Icarus (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 15:41) Servers down for mod update: BAF vehicles!
@  Andrews (Tue 18 Sep 18 - 21:26) @pvt_p3te wow arma was so big then. 11years, you & stal, still mustard. Feels like a lifetime ago :D
@  TEMPLAR (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 12:20) Daaaym, now this would be immersive.
@  Obi (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 12:27) Yay, they finally added it
@  Andrews (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 13:11) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force shmitty. View shmitty's Profile
@  Henrik (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 17:10) I'd be curious to see how it affects the rifle grip
@  Obi (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 21:23) Yeah, same....but damn I hope we can put that in. Just to have some visual cue that someone's on coms.
@  CAESAR (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 21:37) It's a cut up single anim from the idle animations by the looks of it. We'll look at it and review!
@  stabcon (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 22:02) the amount im on the radio itd look like im doing the YMCA
@  Daveo1996 (Wed 19 Sep 18 - 22:08) Oh now we just have to get it :)
@  Andrews (Sun 23 Sep 18 - 11:23) Have a great one today guys!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 23 Sep 18 - 13:30) Cheers Andrews!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 23 Sep 18 - 15:42) Getting in the mood https://imgur.com/a/Edm9UyR



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    “Moral of the story is I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. I'll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter.”


    OPERATION Full Measure
    ISSUE DATE: 28/6/2018
    ISSUING STATION: Highroller
    Following TF RG’s intervention against the PMC two weeks ago, Malden’s Neighbor to the North, Aprela,  launched an opportunistic invasion of the Island just as the new NATO trained Defense Forces were getting settled in. They claimed legal right to the Island due to an anachronistic clause in a centuries old diplomatic arrangement between the two nations. Russia has moved to support their claim.


    Meanwhile, damage in the previous engagements and the current conflict have given cause for the UN and IDAP to declare a humanitarian emergency on the Island and begin evacuation of the Civilian population. Evacuation assets are limited and the process is taking longer than expected.


    On the eve of the evacuation, the Defense Forces endeavor to launch a massive counter attack on the Western part of the Island. Because of this, TFRG has been mobilized to support the ‘back-line’ of the Defense Force and provide defense for the IDAP operations. The Evacuation has been carrying on for the last day and a half and continues into the early morning.

    Taskforce RG Task

    TFRG has been called back in by NATO and tasked with the defense of the IDAP extraction on the southern part of Le Port. The UN and IDAP have requested a general defense of the town for ease of rebuilding once the conflict is over.


    Three critical infrastructure assets have been designated on your INTEL packet/map. IDAP and the UN are requesting their defense, but not at the cost of personnel or assets. A loss of these assets would set future rebuilding efforts back, but are not as important as ensuring IDAP’s successful extraction of Civilians in the area.


    IDAP vehicles and personnel will be operating in the area. Check your fire. IDAP will advise when their operations are completed.


    NATO has made special request of VEGAS: Several VIPs have been lost behind enemy lines. Their extraction is priority. Those VIPs have Intel that NATO does not want falling in Russian hands.


    Enemy Forces:
    Ill-equipped, yet seasoned soldiers carrying Russian weapons and equipment. Armor and vehicles are Russian Surplus.

    Russian forces may mobilize in support; INTEL has confirmed their presence, though they have been acting in a support and logistical capacity as of current.

    RG will have the following available:

    • 6x Amphibious Armored Vehicle AAVP7
    • 2x AH-6M - Attack Littlebird
    • 3x MH-6M Transport Littlebird
    • 2x CH47f Chinook
    • 1x MH60L-Spec Ops Blackhawk
    • 1x MH60L-Med Blackhawk

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent

    • Defend Le Port and as many civilian infrastructure assets as possible
    • Defend the IDAP extraction
    • React to any possible enemy attack of opportunity
    • If possible, support Vegas should they require it.


    • CAS/Observation
    • Logistics
    • As per command


    • Gather intel
    • Extract any VIPs
    • Aid in any defense following primary tasking



    ROE: Tight

    ADVISORY: IDAP is reporting the possible presence of unexploded ordnance in the area. Caution is advised.

    Lt Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.




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