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@  CAESAR (Thu 19 Jul 18 - 14:56) Did you see that or were you stuffing your face still? :lol:
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 19 Jul 18 - 16:36) Just about finished in time to see it :)
@  Obi (Thu 19 Jul 18 - 21:22) For the SW fans out there
@  The Icarus (Fri 20 Jul 18 - 14:59) I'll be damned. Disney made a good decision bringing the show back, finally...
@  Reti4 (Fri 20 Jul 18 - 15:37) As a hardcore EU fan, I have my issues with Clone Wars. But I love certain aspects of it, and regardless it's a damn sight better than anything they've put out since it was canceled.
@  Obi (Fri 20 Jul 18 - 17:00) Rebels is superior.
@  Obi (Fri 20 Jul 18 - 17:11) But dont get me wrong, I love CW.
@  Painmace (Fri 20 Jul 18 - 22:48) Rebels was trash compared to Clone Wars
@  Andrews (Sat 21 Jul 18 - 09:06) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force gwilddozen. View gwilddozen's Profile
@  Obi (Sat 21 Jul 18 - 15:07) How so Painmace? I'm guessing you stopped watching three episodes deep lol. Rebels put CW in the dirt by the end of the first season.
@  Painmace (Sat 21 Jul 18 - 22:18) Iv seen all of both, Clone Wars was a must better story, characters and character development. Also Rebels have tooned down on all the “dark stuff”/reality feel. The last episodes that never got finished wouls have been epic
@  Obi (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 01:00) I respectfully disagree on it toning down the dark stuff. It was on par if not above in regards to keeping the tone. Tarkin's introduction alone solidified that with the execution of those folks (this was s1 too). Then Vader's stuff and beyond to Maul. Which episodes are you talking about were unfinished?
@  Obi (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 01:05) Aside from that, CW didn't pick up its character development and well done story lines until after two seasons or so and even still it was rocky. The last two seasons were beyond epic, especially dealing with Ashoka's removal from the Order and the clones finding the bio-chips...but Rebels had LOADS of development and a story that was able to flow muchhhh more into itself unlike CW (to no fault of its own). I mean, look at Ezra S1 to S4....look at any of the characters really.
@  Andrews (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 04:59) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force PhoebeRymi. View PhoebeRymi's Profile
@  Andrews (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 05:46) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Elias89J04. View Elias89J04's Profile
@  Painmace (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 07:37) I surrender, to much text
@  Obi (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 08:05) Lol. Okay.
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@  Andrews (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 08:47) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force frankin0. View frankin0's Profile
@  The Icarus (Sun 22 Jul 18 - 12:30) Servers offline for updates: Achilles, FIR AWS, A-10, Harrier



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#1 The Icarus

The Icarus

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Posted 17 May 2018 - 16:53


by [RG]Caesar


ISSUE DATE: 17/5/2018
After a fractious decade of Civil War, famine and genocide, Duala continues to toil. The National Government in Kinsella cling to power, but have zero control over much of the countryside. Militias have united under the Duala Islamic Liberation Army to maintain their recent territory acquisitions and posture for leadership over a new Duala, pending the fall of the Government. Taskforce Arizona, a mixture of UN and RG personnel, have landed at Kinsella to stabilize and reinforce the Duala Defence Force and the elected leadership.
Taskforce RG Task
Having established a strategic plan, TFRG are conducting the first in series of offensive, direct action operations to detain and eliminate DILA leadership.

Enemy Forces:
Well armed Militia with anti air capability and possible armor.

RG will have the following available:
  • 2x FV510 Warrior IFV
  • 3x M1230 MRAP
  • 1x AH6 (4xAGM114K + 2xM134)
  • 1x AH6 (2x2.75” + 2xM134)
  • 1x MH6M
  • 2x MH60L

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
  • Conduct Direct Action (DA) Raids onto TF Arizona mission sites.
  • Apprehension of Tier Two personnel (Anti-Government Lieutenants).
  • Seizure and destruction of AG arms and narcotics.
  • Show of force in support of National Defence Force.
  • Aerial observation of TF Arizona mission sites.
  • Battlespace control.
  • Precision CAS on AG forces.
  • Insertion and Extraction of TF Arizona personnel.
  • Detain Tier One targets (AG Captains and Warlords)
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) of mission sites
  • Follow-on Raids where appropriate.
ROE: Tight

Lt Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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