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@  CAESAR (Sun 20 May 18 - 20:45) Hope everyone enjoyed the mission, got some trigger time! Well done everyone on the retrieval of the HVTs. let me know if you guys enjoyed that kind of objective!
@  Thehelloguy (Sun 20 May 18 - 20:48) Super fun misson, would love to see this in the near future again @CAESAR! :D
@  CAESAR (Sun 20 May 18 - 21:22) Linky
@  The Icarus (Mon 21 May 18 - 10:37) Just hit 3000 hours in arma 3, most of which was with RG. :)
@  Refurius (Mon 21 May 18 - 11:10) nice screenshots caesar
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 21 May 18 - 15:53) RSVP Button for new Op links to last weeks NVM you got it
@  Helios (Mon 21 May 18 - 15:55) B)
@  AHM (Mon 21 May 18 - 16:37) Way to go Icarus! Looking forward to the next 3000!
@  BilboD (Mon 21 May 18 - 16:54) Caesar great images, is the last one my CAS strike on the roadbock?
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@  Painmace (Mon 21 May 18 - 19:54) Hey guys, doubt anyone remembers me, but im planing on making a return (if i get accepted back in again ;] ) probably next week tho as i got my last exams then
@  BilboD (Mon 21 May 18 - 23:03) @Painmace, check your inbox
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 22 May 18 - 12:08) In-case some people cannot see it, the training post is up so just scroll down a little bit more on the News Feed, noticed a couple of people have RSVP'd for Sunday and not RSVP/LOA'd for Tomorrow
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@  Villhelm (Fri 25 May 18 - 10:59) Ill be running a BCT session for anyone who needs it, I have 1 already.
@  Sobchak (Fri 25 May 18 - 12:25) Just got back from a 2 week US roadtrip - nothing trumps that. I feel Like i could use a BCT session!
@  The Icarus (Fri 25 May 18 - 12:28) Was that a Donald Trump pun? <_<


Modpack Update: Lynx

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Posted 05 May 2018 - 15:34






Available Now





After months (and months) of planning and a hectic 6 weeks of production, we here at RG are proud to announce the next update for our modpack. There has been a tonne of hard work going on in the backyeaground in preparation for this release and we are excited to finally deliver it to you.

This update replaces the 'Indus' pack as well as the removal of some workshop mods (and inclusion of others) to offer what we hope will be an even better experience in our official sessions, we hope you all enjoy the changes as much as we have enjoyed developing them.




Overhaul of uniforms, weapons and equipment.

Inclusion of 'in house' developed mods and skins

New aircraft




In all honestly, the amount of changes that have been made are too many to list, most will be very obvious, with many other tweaks and fixes that have gone into the code buried deep in the pack. 








Reality Gaming Mod Pack Lynx - http://forums.realit...48-rg-modpack/ 

(Note download options are for external sites however both have been checked and are safe)


Steam Workshop Collection - https://steamcommuni.../?id=1376852404



Optional Mods:


You are free to use any or all of these mods on our servers, however they may impact your individual game performance so use at own risk.







Quality Assurance:

Although every effort has been made to ensure the highest quality of this update, due to its size we were unable to guarantee that every bug/issue was detected. There will be a separate thread put up in the near future to report any bugs that may be uncovered.



Special thanks goes out to all those who helped put this pack together, it truly was a team effort and symbolises what RG is all about, the community coming together to help push us forward. We hope you all enjoy the new content as much as we have enjoyed developing it for you.


Some more screenshots:













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Posted 05 May 2018 - 15:40



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Posted 06 May 2018 - 14:02

Some really kickass screenshots I must say.


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