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@  Oryou (Fri 18 Jan 19 - 09:06) https://youtu.be/pFSIu7CyawI LandRover vs tank gun and recoiless rifle overpressure
@  Daveo1996 (Fri 18 Jan 19 - 19:25) If a Dev is around would they mind in updating the training server/servers, BAF Vehicles updated, cheers lads.
@  Hilo (Fri 18 Jan 19 - 19:31) https://scontent-arn...caf&oe=5CFC724E
@  Riott (Fri 18 Jan 19 - 21:23) Servers down for BAF update
@  Daveo1996 (Fri 18 Jan 19 - 21:25) Thanks Riott :)
@  Riott (Fri 18 Jan 19 - 21:32) servers updated :)
@  stabcon (Sat 19 Jan 19 - 13:47) Apologies to all those who applied for staff roles for lack of comms, you will be hearing from the team over the next few days so keep an eye on your inbox, cheers
@  chrisob (Sat 19 Jan 19 - 15:33) me and a few others are jumping on squad at 5.30ish if anyone is game
@  Lethals (Sat 19 Jan 19 - 15:47) I'll jump on, got to download it first
@  Callum (Sat 19 Jan 19 - 18:04) might join y'all later if you are still on
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sat 19 Jan 19 - 18:37) Yeah if on later I will be there!
@  Andrews (Sun 20 Jan 19 - 16:46) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force MagiiKPePPE. View MagiiKPePPE's Profile
@  marius (Sun 20 Jan 19 - 21:03) Well done today!
@  Lethals (Sun 20 Jan 19 - 21:09) Well done everyone-- looked amazing how you guys moved around the town and checked the corners, got each other out of danger and all. :)
@  Villhelm (Sun 20 Jan 19 - 21:20) Talon have requested Sireuz being "Mentioned in Dispatch" for shooting down enemy helicopters with the littlebird than anyone else all mission
@  Hilo (Sun 20 Jan 19 - 22:02) Awesome OP today, it got hot around the CCP but i had so much fun
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Mon 21 Jan 19 - 00:20) Tough mission tonight, thanks Marius!
@  Thehelloguy (Mon 21 Jan 19 - 04:31) Awesome mission Marius <3
@  Henrik (Mon 21 Jan 19 - 14:59) Really enjoyed yesterday's mission! Wasn't easy to stay alive, had a lot of fun. Thanks Marius!
@  irish (Mon 21 Jan 19 - 21:57) sup old guys anyone rember this irish guy :P


D10 - Flight Home

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    "Written from a passenger seat on the flight home from Nam"


    So D10 is over, am not a great fan of huge speeches (as you heard) but I thought id talk about how the timeline went. 


    Few months ago, in fact, a few months before D9, i asked to run D9, that i wanted to mix it up and run it as a liberation style event (German Gear, our aircraft carrier blows up, think a slightly simpler version of D8 but with slightly more different stuff)


    I was told D9 was already planned, but how about D10? Liberation was out (for reasons which are known to some) but i had a pretty much open book. 


    So, WW2 or Vietnam. 


    In short I chose Vietnam because I wanted there to be a nice balance. WW2 is great, but Talon instantly becomes an issue (gyro-copters and smaller maps for planes means there isn't a huge amount for them) I also have slight problems in keeping WW2 fine for all of our European squad mates, i don't want to deliberately offend and in short, in Vietnam no one really was the "Bad Guy". There was a proxy war between Soviets/china and the USA, both committing offences. 


    So I had a setting, and missions were pretty easy. Big Heli insert mission, defensive Khe Sanh Mission, Boat patrol, Saigon. 


    Lots of discussions with Stabs and Caesar later i began loadouts, UNSUNG had broken for about 3 months of coding time which was annoying but overall wasnt too hard (Thanks to dev teams of history for perfecting the template) but i settled on M16s for Gambler, SLR-style for Vegas, M60s (of course) for gunners and Hueys as our main platform. The pack was tested to hell and thrown out for you all to enjoy.


    Highlights of each mission


    First training: The sheer awe of people was humbling, it was really nice to see my hard work be appreciated, smokes from vehicles less so!


    Mission 0: Watching Vegas clear town after town without a sweat, the final extract and Talon landing under fire.


    Mission 1: Gambler insertions under fire were magical and Caesar putting a Bodybag on a dead pilot really added to the immersion. 


    Mission 2: Riott/Mozzy being shot down, the defense of SF Base Willard was a mess, The push through the jungle.


    Mission 3: The massacre and follow up defence, the co-ordination of the air strikes, the final evac.


    Mission 4: That defence, my god was that awesome.


    Ceremony: All the nice stuff you said, saying goodbye to about 8 months of prep was actually really sad for me, but thanks for all the kind words.



    Id like to personally thank the following:


    Stabs + Caesar- My god you guys were enthusiastic and helpful. Kept me very sane and re-assured. 


    Talon- Thanks for flying, especially with some of that shit i pulled


    Icarus, Ptero and Veged - You guys have had to hit the ground running, with some hiccups youve helped a hell of a lot


    Obi, Kimbo, Dave and others - Thanks again for all the feedback and encouragement. 


    Andrews - For letting me do this in the first place, for the feedback and the hilarious moments



    Every bastard who sprayed the woods with their M16/M60/M14/L2A1 - Stop killing my guys, but in all seriousness thanks for playing




    Overall Death Counts (Estimated)


    RG: 80-100

    VC - 1000+

    NVA - 200-300 (didnt appear untill mission 3)



    Nixon said of Vietnam "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now." 


    I hope you guys had a bit more fun


    This is The Almighty Zeus Mission Maker and Deployment Champion Villhelm (Please for the love of god call me Vill or Will) 


    Signing Off for the final time (in D10 anyway)



    *This is your pilot speaking, we have reports of some undead appearing in Vietnam, we are turning the plane around*


    Oh damnit, fine ill build Deployment Z3 (Vietnam Rising) then you assholes, cya in hell

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