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@  Painmace (Sat 18 Aug 18 - 13:35) Can't seem to only send a link, the whole shoutbox almost disappeared when the whole video window popped up haha
@  Obi (Sat 18 Aug 18 - 13:55) thank you for the share, that was very awesome. That whole channel is great
@  Painmace (Sat 18 Aug 18 - 17:20) Yeah that channel got some great content
@  Andrews (Sat 18 Aug 18 - 20:54) @Painmace all members youtube links are converted into video saving everyone to embed the video everytime. This can't be disabled in the shoutbox. To get around this, post the URL as a link with text. Edit your shouts in advanced to get more options :)
@  Andrews (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 16:31) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Midgardian. View Midgardian's Profile
@  Andrews (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 17:22) obi live
@  The Icarus (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 20:16) The cluster bombs
@  Obi (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 20:19) that was a thing of beauty
@  Obi (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 20:26) lol, Icarus, my son is amused by your profil pic on there.
@  The Icarus (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 21:23) Yeah I did a bit of a photoshoot for emotes, and ended up using that as a profile :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 19 Aug 18 - 22:22) Loving the mi-8 getting hit from 3.0 mortar https://youtu.be/-NfCxbEZrRM
@  Villhelm (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 10:30) RHS update, quite a few fixes it seems
@  TAE (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 11:00) Actual fixes or fixes that break two other things?
@  Obi (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 11:14) Only two other things? That would be a step up :P
@  TAE (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 11:15) Haha yeah, I meant break 2 or more for each problem fixed
@  Riott (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 12:20) Servers down for update
@  CAESAR (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 13:15) Still left a whole load broken though
@  CAESAR (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 17:17) Boots on the ground from Gamescom
@  Guss (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 17:55) Nice
@  Andrews (Tue 21 Aug 18 - 19:56) Buy dat Merch :P


Deployment Prize Update

Deployment Prize Update

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    Deployment Prize Update



    Dear members of RG,


    Although the prizes available at our fine community are not our focus, we like to reward both excellence and good fortune during official deployments.


    On that note, here is an update on the prizes for deployment 10 - VIETNAM.


    As with the signature strips and D10 logo on TS, you will have the opportunity to win prizes on behalf of you or your team. All prizes are dependant on the support we receive from our members.


    Due to popular demand we will once again be accepting and distributing steam games donated by our members and staff. 


    Deployment Grand Prize:


    Will be a one off grand prize that will also come with the D10 winners medal. Open to all members who support RG during the months of March/ April. 


    Deployment Champion:



    Will be choosen by HQ as the champion of the deployment. Will come with Ribbon and Prize.



    You can PM me on the forums for details of how and when to donate your unwanted games, support forum logo's and D9 supporters logo are awarded for all games that are over £10 in value.



    Individual Prizes


    A number of smaller raffled prizes will be available for all members to win and take part in. More details will be added to the raffle section this month. Prizes include custom RG merchandise and military related gifts.


    Gifted Prizes



    If you wish to support RG during deployment, you can add me on steam and send me your gift to be raffled. Please read the conditions below.


    Game value on current market is value of donation/support

    Appropriate Badges srtips can be worn

    All games/gifts must over the value of £10

    No Bundles please

    Prize/raffle will be listed with your name on the site

    Best time to contact me is Sunday (due to heavy work commitments)


    All prizes are for memorial and commemorative purposes, I look forward to awarding our winners alongside our staff in the deployment ceremony.


    Thanks again to all those who are continuing to support RG during deployment and good luck to you all.




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