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@  CAESAR (Thu 21 May 20 - 20:08)

Organised Lib session tomorrow night (Friday), 1900GMT. See if we can roll over a few objectives, probably get vehicles in play if we have the numbers.

@  Guss (Fri 22 May 20 - 10:35)

Happy Invictus my citizens!!

@  stabcon (Fri 22 May 20 - 11:38)

Civilisation 6 free on the Epic store

@  Shlee (Sat 23 May 20 - 08:25)

great landing by Talon

@  Andrews (Sat 23 May 20 - 18:01)

Another one: https://streamable.com/l3iuk8

@  The Icarus (Sat 23 May 20 - 19:09)

Got killed 0.5 seconds before landing. :(

@  pvt_p3te (Sat 23 May 20 - 21:30)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

@  Jay-Eff (Sun 24 May 20 - 20:26)

Really enjoyed my first mission in two months, cheers

@  Andrews (Sun 24 May 20 - 21:34)

CV the man, out did himself tonight and stabs and the task force was giving the enemy hell! Video of myself attached to arrow on the way...

@  Andrews (Mon 25 May 20 - 12:47)


@  Andrews (Tue 26 May 20 - 12:33)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Samsamuel1. View Samsamuel1's Profile

@  CAESAR (Wed 27 May 20 - 12:58)

Might try and get a big combined push going on tonight's Liberation for the town of Nadbor if we have the numbers.

@  Barnes (Wed 27 May 20 - 19:34)


@  NinjaFox (Thu 28 May 20 - 00:34)


@  Hood (Fri 29 May 20 - 14:09)

Any plans for Lib tonight

@  stabcon (Fri 29 May 20 - 16:59)

nothing set in stone mate but server will be up!

@  lllBENlll (Fri 29 May 20 - 19:01)

a few of us hopping onto Lib now

@  lllBENlll (Fri 29 May 20 - 22:54)

Had fun thx guys see ya

@  CAESAR (Sat 30 May 20 - 00:07)

Great job everyone!

@  Aatoshi (Sat 30 May 20 - 00:11)

Great fun first time in Lib!



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    Welcome To Tigerland


    Your home for the foreseeable future.













    The task force will bunk down on Andrews Airbase at the South East corner of the area, here you can find everything you need, except for comfy beds, good food and fresh water.






    The Quartermaster is available at the Eastern end of the air strip, next to the Motorpool. Visit these guys if you need some different equipment, wheeled transport, or you just want to try something new. The QM normally has the radio playing if you want to hear whats going on in the real world.


    QM Stores:









    At the centre of the Airfield, next to Talon's hangar, you'll find the RG colours, this is where you'll report for duty. Remember, to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be f***ed.





    Should you want to get around the training area quickly, seek out the notice boards, there is one close to the QM. Although i'm not sure why you want to miss the opportunity to do some sight seeing or take a ride in a Huey.






    At the Range complex, Range staff are there to assist you, if you need targets set, go to them and they will sort it out for you, except for at the explosives range... you can do those yourself... Although there is a medic there, my guess is you'll need him.





    At the River Patrol area, we want to let you learn for yourselves, RGTA staff will provide new boats should you destroy the one issued, the rivers are pretty clear... if you dont mind Malaria that is






    The Pilot training Area is central to the map, here you can find staff that will supply Helicopters and Jets, as well as some other more unique aircraft around the base that will be replaced should you destroy them. There's nothing for you grunts there. Ammo and refuel vehicles are next to the hangars at the northern side. Ignore the fact they look like normal transport trucks, we've had to make do with what we've got. Those mechanics can work wonders behind the scenes, they do the job, thats what counts.






    The vehicle range is for the GI's, here you can find armoured/tracked vehicles. There are a few tracks and roads that lead away from it to practice various drills. Theres another motorpool here to get your vehicles from.





    Over by the jungle warfare training area there a few stands to go to. The first being the mine/trap demo area where you can learn how many different ways the enemy would love to kill you, the other is the defensive trench line, where you can learn how easy it is to see the enemy through the jungle. Ammo, a medic and other supplies can all be found here. Oh and just north of here it seems the enemy is active, we've marked the area on the map. They hide in the trees. One of the RG staff has tapped into the radio, if any of you speak vietnamese maybe you can listen and tell us what the hell they are saying. Dont go north of the trenches unless you intend to pop your cherry.






    In the far north we have Firebase Tae. Here we can find all the artillery and mortars we could want, as well as ammo trucks. East of the firebase is the artillery and FAC range. There are some captured enemy vehicles scattered around the range (its marked on the map) so you can learn to map read and make sure you don't drop ordnance on friendlies. There are some  OP's to help you out too. Avoid flying in that area unless authorised.







    Other than that, the rest of the area is more or less empty so we can do what we like, theres a lot of jungle out there, we aim to make use of it with various training sessions covering as many topics as we can. Pay attention, listen to your instructors, or you'll end up like this guy...







    That's all for now, not long to go.





    yes, i have too much time on my hands, hope you enjoyed the post, if you want to look at all the images ive got so far look below. Cheers!


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