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@  shrap (Fri 15 Jun 18 - 16:47) Dozer... We are expecting to be hit hard and having to fight off hordes of fanatical enemies ! :P
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@  BilboD (Mon 18 Jun 18 - 00:37) VEGAS Exfil CAS.
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 18 Jun 18 - 00:43) Are you sure with that amount of ordnance dropped on those 2 MI8's that they are properly destroyed? lol nice one
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@  BilboD (Mon 18 Jun 18 - 11:48) @Daveo. I didn't want them proving to be a threat to Gambler and we don't get paid extra for rewturning ammo to the stores.
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 18 Jun 18 - 13:02) I think we need to swap ammo suppliers :)
@  stabcon (Mon 18 Jun 18 - 14:10) ACRE update featuring vehicle racks.... NICE!
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[SUNDAY OP] The unwanted enemy [05 NOV - 6PM]

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Posted 31 October 2017 - 17:44


by [RG]Daveo1996

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack.



ISSUE DATE: 31/10/2017

RGTF have successfully ended the campaign of the rebellious A.N.A forces in Takistan and have been graciously thanked by the Afghan Government with a whole new Operation. The rescued civilians that were being held in the mosque in Zargabad claim they overheard the Rebel Commander talking with whom they believe was a Russian Envoy discussing a deal that the made with Russian forces which would see fresh reinforcements and supplies being brought in to held the rebel forces and in return Russia would get access to Afghanistan's Oil reserves that the rebels had captured. With the collapse of the Rebel campaign it seems that Russia is adamant in getting their oil nonetheless and have occupied the majority of Lythium located in Afghanistan's North-West tribal territories. As diplomatic relations are plummeting the Afghan Government and NATO thought it would be best to send in the RGTF to retake this region instead of risking an open war between NATO and Russia.

Enemy Forces:
The remaining Rebel A.N.A forces have either surrendered or have fled to the hills. It is highly unlikely we will meet an organised Rebel contingent but it is unknown what other plans they were making with the Russians.

The Taliban have been active in this area as the dry riverbeds and mountainous terrain make it a prime spot for disrupting local military installations.

The Russian Army is believed to have captured the majority of this region and are preparing defensive positions in order to keep it, it is believed they invaded from the North so the south should have ill prepared defenses. From what we know so far is that they apparently have occupied some former A.N.A positions that were abandoned during Operation Sandstorm and are beginning to build FOBs near strategic locations.

Allied Forces:
We recently lost communications with a local contact but other than that it is just us out here.

What remains of the assets acquired during Operation Sandstorm.

1x Humvee Unarmed
1x Humvee M2
2x Humvee (Medical)
6x Coyote P HMG
1x Jackal HMG
1x Land Rover Milan
1x Land Rover HMG
1x M2A3 (BUSK III)
1x M1A2 Abrams
2x Merlin HC3 18 GPMG
1x UH-60L
1x MH-6M Little Bird
1x AH-6M-L Little Bird
1x AH-6M-M Little Bird

Fuel and Ammo trucks provided.

Refuel and rearm vehicles are available at the carrier.

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
Form convoy and move towards and capture Offar @176028
Reform the convoy and move towards and capture Arobster @169059

Assist Gambler
Provide Reinserts and Resupplies
Provide CAS

Scout for any intel on enemy locations at the nearby farmstead @181009
Scout for any intel on enemy locations at the nearby village @178021
Assist Gambler and Talon with the capture of Offar @176028
Scout North-East of Offar for an Enemy FOB, Intel File, we lost comms with a local contact near that FOB, look around for any sign on their possible whereabouts.
Assist Gambler and Talon with the capture of Arobster @169059
As per command

ROE: Weapons tight
Civilians are present throughout the area. PID all targets before engaging.

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


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