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@  BilboD (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 19:02) Tail Rotor loss as viewed from the ground - Video taken by Shlee
@  CAESAR (Mon 12 Nov 18 - 20:37) :*(
@  Affy (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 05:56) @sheppard is still mean
@  Sheppard (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 08:57) @Affy :D Lies. I'm just sad I can't jump to Blade Chan and shout Affy sucks anymore.
@  Sobchak (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 10:26) Sheppard, you can, its still part of our pre-mission warm up.
@  CAESAR (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 16:18) Fallout is out!
@  Andrews (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 17:30) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force MonkeyMadness20. View MonkeyMadness20's Profile
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 17:52) Hitman 2 > Fallout 76 :)
@  Shlee (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 18:48) What happened to the chopper did it get back safe?
@  BilboD (Tue 13 Nov 18 - 18:51) Unfortunately, the hardest part of recovering to Base safely without a tail rotor is the last 5 metres. There is a large possibility of unintended over rotation or tipping at the point of landing. We lost the airframe om landing.
@  TAE (Wed 14 Nov 18 - 09:55) Bilbo... you've got to do it like the WH40k Orks. Believe in it's flying capability and it will fly. Maybe Talons needs to paint their air frames red... can't hurt, right?
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 14 Nov 18 - 13:10) @TAE Lmao
@  Lethals (Wed 14 Nov 18 - 16:17) Hey, I wouldn't mind some custom paint :D It helps with flying, just like adding racing stripes on a car improves its racing capability
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 14 Nov 18 - 21:27) Thanks for the training tonight Vill
@  BilboD (Thu 15 Nov 18 - 01:16) @TAE thanks for the advice. I had complete faith in the pilot, one of the benefits of sitting in the co-pilot seat. You get a great front row seat.. Although I always think with the Blackhawks a good rainbow and glitter paint job would make it look like a Unicorn. :P
@  Lethals (Thu 15 Nov 18 - 02:50) Tactical inserion of a Jet into the battlefield? Talon has that one sorted.
We sligned a Jet into an area, unsligned it in the air and continued to fly around with it no problem. GIF had size restriction so it cropped it :(
@  Curpling (Thu 15 Nov 18 - 06:38) The only thing needed now is to reslign it midair again and then exfill wit the helicopter.
@  L.Banks (Thu 15 Nov 18 - 12:48) So basically you can make any jet VTO, just need a better place for it to land... nice!
@  Lethals (Thu 15 Nov 18 - 13:32) It's a great way to save fuel for the travel haha :D
@  CAESAR (Thu 15 Nov 18 - 15:25) "Back in my day..." we had a working rocket assisted landing and take off C130


[SUNDAY OP] Triathlon [08 OCT - 6PM]

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    by [RG]Jammer & [RG]Helios

    This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack.



    ISSUE DATE: 04/10/2017
    ISSUING STATION: UN/DPKO - Office of Operations
    OPERATIONAL AREA: Argentina (Panthera Winter)

    Argentina has been slowly stabilizing and recovering from the effects of the civil war. Its outlying territories and smaller islands have been suffering from corruption, self-proclaimed governors and atrocities committed against civil population. UN has been trying to stabilize the most impacted areas with moderate success. RGTF is being sent in to remove a particular hornet's nest - the personal stronghold of a self-proclaimed governor and his officers. Intelligence confirms this group has been terrorizing local population - as negotiations have failed, UN closed the area and pushed as close to the stronghold as possible without provoking direct confrontation. As it is winter time, conditions are harsh - food is scarce, and tension is running high.
    RGTF is being sent in to make the last leap and forcibly remove the influence of the governor and his officers - as the TF has KOS orders, this will be a black operation. The task force has to initiate a direct confrontation, break through the primary defense lines of the governor's forces, seize assets to assault the stronghold and eliminate the officers present there.

    Taskforce RG Task
    This will be a fast-paced, delicate operation where timing is of the essence. Vegas is to execute a HALO paradrop near the Southern mainland harbor and assault & capture it. Meanwhile Gambler forms a high-speed convoy and breaks through enemy lines towards the harbor. Vegas needs to hold the harbor until Gambler can link up. The TF will assault the stronghold from the sea by using the harbor's assets. Talon will provide limited air and artillery support for the convoy. Once harbour is secured, the TF will 'set sail' to the enemy fortress

    Enemy Forces:
    Mixed paramilitary forces and mercenaries.

    Enemy Forces:
    UN Peacekeeping forces are present in the AO.

    RG will have the following available:
    • 10x Light Vehicle
    • 2x UH-60
    • 1x MH-6
    • 1x AH-6
    • 1x Artillery
    Refuel and rearm vehicles are available at the carrier.

    Operational Plan
    As per command

    Squad operational intent
    • Ground operations
    • Logistics
    • CAS
    • Reconnaissance
    • As per command
    RGTF Intent:
    • Assault enemy HQ
    • Eliminate Warlord and officers

    ROE: Weapons tight
    Civilians are present throughout the area. PID all targets before engaging.

    Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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