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[SUNDAY OP] Operation Sandstorm: Rolling Mayhem [24SEP17 - 6PM]

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 18:06


by [RG]Daveo1996

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack.



ISSUE DATE: 19/09/2017

RGTF have been encamped in the valley town of Garmsar ‘104064’ ever since they dealt massive blows to the rebel A.N.A battalion with some Taliban positions also being cleared along the way. RGTF captured a rogue A.N.A General and after a brief ‘interview’ we found out the stronghold of Garmsar which was later captured and we found out that the regional HQ for the rebels is situated at Rasman. Now it is time to secure this region but it won’t be easy.

Enemy Forces:
The Rebels consist of light infantry with numerous armoured and light skinned vehicles backing them up. The Rebels are believed to have some external backing as they seem to have endless amounts of food, ammo and other needed supplies.

The Taliban seem to control some villages dotted around the northern parts of the this region. They consist of some light infantry and light skinned vehicles, armour is not expected to be in their possession but with the rebels retreating back to their main HQ they might have left something behind.

Mission Intel:

What remains of the equipment given to RGTF and what was captured

2x Merlin HC3 18 GPMG
1x UH-60L
1x MH-6M Little Bird
1x AH-6M-L Little Bird
1x AH-6M-M Little Bird
2x M1A2 Abrams
2x T-72B
6x Coyote P HMG
1x M2A3 (BUSK III)
1x Humvee Unarmed
1x Humvee M2
2x Humvee (Medical)
1x Jackal HMG
1x Land Rover HMG
2x Land Rover Milan
1x MRZR4

Fuel and Ammo trucks provided
Heavy AT and AA weaponry provided

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
  • Convoy to the Villages of Zavarack ‘098115’ and Karachiner ‘122104’`and eliminate all hostiles, Zavarack is believed to be an enemy repair/refuel depot, unknown what armoured units remain
  • Once both towns are free of hostiles, form up and proceed to Rasman ‘061113’
  • Capture and Secure Rasman
  • Repel enemy counterattack
  • Logistics
  • Crew a tank and assist Gambler
  • Provide CAS
  • Eliminate enemy artillery emplacements at Nagara ‘030099’ and Nur ‘018119'
  • Capture Commander of the artillery regiment - Location unknown, said to be on the move
  • As per command
  • ROE: Weapons tight
    Civilians are present throughout the area. PID all targets before engaging.

    Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

    Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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#2 Helios


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Posted 24 September 2017 - 14:16

Names might not bur completely up to date.
Highroller will also function as Gambler tonight

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