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@  Breacher (Fri 12 Jan 18 - 16:16) DCS F18 is available for pre purchase :D
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@  Daveo1996 (Sat 13 Jan 18 - 20:12) Alot of mod updates today, server out of date :(
@  Andrews (Sun 14 Jan 18 - 17:46) Another year together in the RG family. New years meeting soon. Looking forward to catching up with everyone
@  T.Perkins (Sun 14 Jan 18 - 18:00) https://www.twitch.tv/viodugir for if anyone cant make it to the mission, or just wants to watch it back from Cutlass POV
@  Mozzy (Sun 14 Jan 18 - 21:14) Thanks for playing tonight guys, sorry if there were any issues :)
@  Thehelloguy (Sun 14 Jan 18 - 21:16) Super fun mission for sure, maybe the most stressfull mission as an engineer clearing some of the mines were tense
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@  shrap (Mon 15 Jan 18 - 20:34) Just arrive back in Europe....... Jet lagged though....
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@  stabcon (Wed 17 Jan 18 - 09:22) Heads up to all that RHS updated. Nothing new to get excited about. Lots of bug fixes
@  Helios (Wed 17 Jan 18 - 12:25) Mods on server updated (thnx for the heads-up!), however I can only updated the keys of the server once home so that'll be done around 16.00 GMT
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@  Guss (Thu 18 Jan 18 - 17:01) It's been a very long time, but finally got time to put some old footage back together. Not easy with the crazy bad internet connection. Mayham
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@  shrap (Fri 19 Jan 18 - 17:24) anything happening tonight ?
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[SUNDAY OP] Operation Amigo [10SEP17 - 6PM]

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 18:31



by [RG]Mozzy

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack.

This is a member November event.





ISSUING STATION: Ukrainian Defence Centre

The Crimean Peninsula has been the site of conflict between pro Russian rebels and loyalist Ukrainian volunteers for some time now. The stalemate and chaos it has caused has given Russia an opportunity to secure a shiny new NATO airbase from which it can more easily threaten the now feared and hated "RGTF" with its fleet of fighter-bombers. This is something that we simply cannot allow but considering the military and political power of Russia, we are going to need a cunning plan and a little help....
Taskforce RG Task
TFRG must secure the airbase currently held by Russian paratroopers in order to keep ourselves safe from harm. To do this, we will use the cover of night to para-drop (LALO) behind enemy lines and use stealth to make our way to the enemy airfield. Vegas will use submersibles to get close to the enemy and act as a pathfinder for Gambler, lasing targets for Talon CAS where necessary. Friendly guerrilla forces are standing by to provide support however they can as according to commands wishes.
Enemy Forces:
Russian paratrooper Brigade armed with latest Russian gear
Expect heavy air presence and heavy Triple A
Light Armour
RG will have the following available:

  • 4 x Griphon Fighters
  • 4 x Antonov Troop transports
  • 2 x Chinooks (Reserve)
  • 2 x SDV
  • Anything the friendly Guerrillas find for us

Operational Plan
Para-drop in, sneak to airfield, raise Hell

Squad operational intent
Paratrooper Ops

Transport and logistics

RGTF Intent:
Secure Airfield

ROE: Maintain Stealth for as long as possible

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


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