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@  Helios (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 15:42) lol
@  Helios (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 15:42) prabably yes
@  warpedrazer (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 15:44) dave yes thats it was on about :D
@  Veged (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:13) Killer is Dead free on HB
@  Veged (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:16) The A-10 Video seems familiar to mine a couple weeks ago
@  BilboD (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:25) Yes Warped, I use a Steamlink for some games
@  The Icarus (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:44) Don't remember seeing that Veged. :( Oh well.
@  Thehelloguy (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 22:08) A peak on the new DLC for Arma III! :D
@  Veged (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 09:25) No worries Icarus. Lawsuit is already filed and should arrive soon.
@  The Icarus (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 13:44) Yeah, I'll just hand it to TAE.
@  Guss (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 15:25) What will be the timeframe for tonight,
@  TAE (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 16:00) Sure, toss 'em my way. My lawyers are bored anyways ;)
@  Villhelm (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 17:01) 7 30/45
@  Guss (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 17:36) I hope I'll make it. It has been way too long.
@  chrisob (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 18:21) https://youtu.be/7iI...E1IwxNzExMjAxNw
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@  CAESAR (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 22:22) Thanks for the mission Will. Well done everyone!
@  BilboD (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 22:25) Thanks for organising the mission, I know a lot goes on behind the scenes and you work hard to build immersion
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Posted 03 August 2017 - 07:36

by [RG]Mozzy

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack.




OPERATION 'Watchmen'

ISSUING STATION: UK Eastern European Command
ISSUING OFFICIAL: Defence Secretary Michael Fallon of her Majesty's Government 

Looks like Communism is a rising force in Europe once again. A Southern Croatian Island has had a small scale civil war between the Powerful Communist Rebel forces in the Northern Hills and the peaceful farming people in the Southern Plains leaving hundreds dead, injured or misplaced in the fighting. N.A.T.O is reluctant to help due to political reasons but a Ceasefire has been agreed for now with the help of the UK. However, the contested farmland in the middle of the Island remains disputed and small scale Insurgency has been causing a headache for the peace talks and with the Southern sides small military force almost completely destroyed, a new force must police and patrol the contested no-mans land...
Taskforce RG Task
TFRG has been selected by the UK Government to help police the contested farmland between the two sides so that the UK can avoid military action and remain neutral. Using British and left-over equipment, we will patrol the area and deal with any hostile actions or incidents we come across. Due to the high intentions and sensitive nature of the task, extra caution must be taken when dealing with any incident in order not to disrupt the peace deal. Part of this deal is that Aircraft are to be grounded unless it is an emergency situation.
Enemy Forces:
Communist Rebel Insurgents and militia armed with old soviet tech and weapons
Light Armour and Aircraft have been previously used by the enemy 
RG will have the following available:

  • 1 x CH-47
  • 2 x Wildcats (Unarmed)
  • 4 x Kamaz Cargo Truck's
  • 1 x T80 UE-1
  • 5 x Coyote (50 Cal Variant)
  • 2 x Riot Land Rover's 
  • 2 x Medical Land Rover's
  • 4 x 'Special' Land Rover's
  • 2 x ATV's

Operational Plan
Patrol the Contested Zone for hostile activity 

Squad operational intent
Patrol Operations and Ground Support

Logistics and Armour Support

Recon and Ground Support
RGTF Intent:
Police the contested Zone
Avoid the breakout of war

ROE: Do not engage unless absolutely necessary 

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


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