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@  Helios (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 15:42) lol
@  Helios (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 15:42) prabably yes
@  warpedrazer (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 15:44) dave yes thats it was on about :D
@  Veged (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:13) Killer is Dead free on HB
@  Veged (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:16) The A-10 Video seems familiar to mine a couple weeks ago
@  BilboD (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:25) Yes Warped, I use a Steamlink for some games
@  The Icarus (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 20:44) Don't remember seeing that Veged. :( Oh well.
@  Thehelloguy (Thu 16 Nov 17 - 22:08) A peak on the new DLC for Arma III! :D
@  Veged (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 09:25) No worries Icarus. Lawsuit is already filed and should arrive soon.
@  The Icarus (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 13:44) Yeah, I'll just hand it to TAE.
@  Guss (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 15:25) What will be the timeframe for tonight,
@  TAE (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 16:00) Sure, toss 'em my way. My lawyers are bored anyways ;)
@  Villhelm (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 17:01) 7 30/45
@  Guss (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 17:36) I hope I'll make it. It has been way too long.
@  chrisob (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 18:21) https://youtu.be/7iI...E1IwxNzExMjAxNw
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@  CAESAR (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 22:22) Thanks for the mission Will. Well done everyone!
@  BilboD (Fri 17 Nov 17 - 22:25) Thanks for organising the mission, I know a lot goes on behind the scenes and you work hard to build immersion
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[DEPLOYMENT 9 - SUN] Salvation [25 JUNE - 6PM BST]

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#1 Mars


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Posted 21 June 2017 - 19:31


by Reality Gaming Development

This mission is using the standard RG mod and map pack plus the D9 booster pack





ISSUE DATE: 21/06/17
ISSUING STATION: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
ISSUING OFFICIAL: Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)

DEPLOYMENT AREA: Little Nicobar (Isla Duala)



The 4 day war.

The RGTF have made it off of Iceland with Myrrh intact - just. Those that remained have not been so lucky. Although the Russian fleet suffered greatly at the vastly superior and mainly US 6th fleet, there were still heavily losses on both sides. The Russians stated 1465 men KIA or MIA including the near total destruction of the Admiral Kuznetsov, though intelligence puts that number conservative at best. NATO, the UN and its allies reported 960 losses with wide scale damage to the combined fleet. Not 24 hours after the battle, Russian backed ground forces breached the Ukrainian ceasefire line and drove headlong into Europe. NATO, as well as scrambling QRF to bolster the South-Eastern front, caught Russia completely off guard by launching a counter attack from Latvia into the Russian heartland. With both sides considering large losses could be on the cards, a uneasy ceasefire has been brokered with infantry returning to their pre war lines. China has agreed to no such deal. With NATO's eyes elsewhere and in a bold move, China has enforced a no fly zone over the entire South China Sea and landed infantry into Northern Philippines, effectively declaring war on both its neighbour and the US.


The Myrrh conundrum.

NATO has asked that Myrrh is given to the UN to be protected and never used in conflict. Russia has demanded it is handed over to its rightful owners, the Russian Federation, to be 'securely stored' in an underground bunker. Tensions are still high as both sides eye both the potential power and risks of Myrrh.

The RGTF have brought Myrrh to a small and largely uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal which is used primarily as a military base. With the Chinese invasion well under way the US has started to pressure NATO for the RGTF to turn over Myrrh. Fearful of a total overrun of its Philippines bases and the pacific theatre, it is most likely they plan to reprogram Myrrh as a last resort weapon of mass destruction against the Chinese.



It seems we have brought a traitor with us to this island. Ever since Black Stapler a MI6 agent has been embedded with RGTF to help with intelligence, however a communication has been intercepted coordination the Chinese to our position from within our very base. The Chinese are here, they are preparing to assault our position and once captured Myrrh, deny NATO and the US the means to stop them either conventionally or with Myrrh itself and become the most powerful superpower overnight. Casper has fled, hoping to cross into the Chinese lines.


The stakes could not be higher or more grave. Allowing the Chinese to have Myrrh would be unthinkable to the nuclear armed United States. Bringing Myrrh back to the US or NATO would simply be unacceptable to Russia who have reportedly readied ICBM's in Kazakhstan. Hold the Chinese and we risk the wrath of Russia and with NATO unlikely to stand by as one of its units is wiped off the map the conflict can only escalate again - or worse, Myrrh is used in attack or defence. Lose to the Chinese and we risk the conflict turning nuclear. Within our grasp is Myrrh and with it, the destruction or salvation of humanity... and the RGTF.



Taskforce RG Task

With seemly no way out we must defend the base long enough so a political solution can be found.


Enemy Forces:

PLA military, They have mechanised infantry and have landed heavy armour. They are backed by the PLAAF and have access to long range and accurate missile based artillery.


RG will have the following available:

6x F16 Fighting Falcon

2x UH60

6x Little Bird (2xH 2xM 2L)

2x Little bird (unarmed)

1x Skycrane


2x M119A2

6x Landrover FFR

6x Landrover HMG

4x Mortar



Operational Plan

To follow


Squad operational intent
Ground operations


CAS \ Logistics


QRF \ ground operations \ as per command

RGTF Intent:

  • defend


ROE: Weapons Tight:

PID friendly units, all else authorised.


Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.


Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


"I was born into the world as the king of truth for the salvation of the world" - Buddha

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"Sometimes I feel like the guy who's turned up to an earthquake with a dustpan and brush..."
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#2 Helios


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Posted 25 June 2017 - 07:04

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#3 Mars


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Posted 25 June 2017 - 12:00




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"Sometimes I feel like the guy who's turned up to an earthquake with a dustpan and brush..."
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