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@  Villhelm (Tue 23 May 17 - 08:01) Aeregon a similar weapon is in the pack and certain Zeus's would allow it but in all honesty it's too focussed for week to week stuff
@  L.Banks (Tue 23 May 17 - 08:12) also considering we're normally trying to AVOID collateral... :P
@  Veged (Tue 23 May 17 - 10:25) Starpoint Gemini 2 is free on Steam + 1 DLC
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 23 May 17 - 10:31) Since I played Liberation way to much (as in everyday) and stopped playing it I decided to put together what clip
@  Diamond-Dog (Tue 23 May 17 - 10:38) @Daveo1996 Fun times were had in that Bradley!
@  Daveo1996 (Tue 23 May 17 - 10:40) FSG IFV <3
@  Aeregon (Tue 23 May 17 - 11:10) Do we need to redownload the RG modpack? or download it and add it to the current RG modpack?
@  TAE (Tue 23 May 17 - 11:24) Just download CBA and ACE from Helios' post and update those, the rest of the mods remain unchanged.
@  Aeregon (Tue 23 May 17 - 11:29) Oke. So what to do with the Fornax thing then?
@  Villhelm (Tue 23 May 17 - 11:40) Please post a thread containing your questions on the relevant part of the forum.
@  Guss (Tue 23 May 17 - 13:08) It says on the forum post. Download CBA and ace. That's all, just download and replace the old once in your mod folder. Nothing more
@  Obi (Tue 23 May 17 - 13:12) *delete the old ones first. Remember that. Don't just drag and drop
@  Aeregon (Tue 23 May 17 - 13:28) Good tip Obi!
@  Aeregon (Tue 23 May 17 - 13:29) woooow Ace has japanese translation now!
@  Brooks (Tue 23 May 17 - 13:38) Some work I did at Uni for anyone interested
@  Obi (Tue 23 May 17 - 14:23) Hey guys....you've been asked. Please don't flood the shoutbox.
@  The Icarus (Tue 23 May 17 - 17:33) Crysis stream starting in 27 minutes. Come say hello! :)
@  Sireuz (Tue 23 May 17 - 17:43) I will be there Icarus. Crysis got the best Frog Space Program, Wop Wop!
@  The Icarus (Tue 23 May 17 - 19:25) Thanks for those that joined the stream! If you missed it you can rewatch it here.
@  CAESAR (Wed 24 May 17 - 04:33) I forgot how cool some of the aspects of Crysis were, truly the successor to Far Cry.


Custom Insignia's

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#1 Helios


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Posted 02 May 2017 - 09:22



Hi everyone,

The DEV team is continuously working on improving your experience within this great community. Knowing this and that D9 is right around the corner, we're giving everyone an opportunity once again to get their custom user insignia in the pack on next modpack update (date tbd)

These insignia's will be used on wednesday's on your left shoulder, and can be used during unofficial operations (friday/saturday mission, wednesday PvP,...)

Therefor: For all Silver and Gold Supporters donating in between 01MAY17 and 31MAY17, a custom arm patch can be included in the pack. This also goes for if you want your current one updated. And besides getting your insignia (and a D9 supporter ribbon)... Your helping the community as well in the progress... win-win I'd say :)
If you want a custom patch, sent me a PM with the image before the end of May latest or post below please. Include the exact image you would like in any format. It's unknown when the pack will be updated, but the patches will be in once it happens.

Kind regards,
The Dev's
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#2 bone


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Posted 02 May 2017 - 11:29

 What are the patch dimensions we can work with?


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#3 Helios


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Posted 02 May 2017 - 11:33

512x512 or 1024x1024

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#4 Breacher


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Posted 02 May 2017 - 13:51

Ahhhh time to waste time on designing one and then just copy one from the internet :D
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#5 Thehelloguy


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Posted 06 May 2017 - 17:05

Looking forward! :)

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#6 Andrews


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 18:32

Bumping this for all who missed it!

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