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@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 12 Dec 18 - 23:47) Sound didnt record :(
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 12 Dec 18 - 23:48) Was funny thought Stabs, you went slightly Cockney at one point :)
@  Andrews (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 01:54) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force kishi02. View kishi02's Profile
@  Villhelm (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 13:29) Anyone for a big chunk of liberation tomorrow? I havent been on in a while
@  marius (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 13:46) Yea same here, would be fun :D
@  Daveo1996 (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 19:12) LEGO The Hobbit is free on HumbleBundle :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 13 Dec 18 - 23:23) https://youtu.be/esoFO3r8F5M this is so much fun for me :P
@  Villhelm (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 13:18) Right, 7.30 Liberation, lets push as much as we can!
@  The Icarus (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 14:52) Oorah
@  Andrews (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 20:07) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Drasta. View Drasta's Profile
@  CAESAR (Fri 14 Dec 18 - 22:20) Decent town clearances today lads
@  The Icarus (Sat 15 Dec 18 - 14:35) Servers down for Achilles 1.2.1 update.
@  stabcon (Sat 15 Dec 18 - 17:44) Subnautica is free on the Epic Games store
@  Andrews (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 20:58) Working on forum database
@  stabcon (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:28) Great final operation guys, thanks to everyone for coming! ggwp
@  Seanster (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:33) Single Technical vs RG
@  CAESAR (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:43) Didn't get any combat shots but great job today guys!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:58) Well done RG great way to end the Year, thanks :)
@  Obi (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 21:59) So mad I missed it!
@  TEMPLAR (Sun 16 Dec 18 - 23:44) Was a great mission


Potential NCO Cadre

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    Potential NCO Cadre




    Gambler Command will be running an NCO course in the very near future (Date TBC).


    The course is open to anybody who would be interested in being an NCO at some point here at RG.



    The aim of the course is to instruct candidates on all aspects of the NCO role, introduce them to the aspects of leadership and man management skills required in the role and to enhance the skills already learned within RG and Arma.


    Course Details:

    The course will offer candidates lessons on advanced signals, tactical thinking, working in high pressure environments, vehicle commanding and much more. Spread over 2 training sessions and a final exercise, candidates will be evaluated from the moment they load into the server to when they sign off. Assessments and individual feedback will be provided to all candidates at the end of the course. The course is designed to be testing, but fair. With the focus being on learning and growth.



    To apply for a space on the course please send Lt. Tae and 2Lt, Stabcon a pm expressing your interest with a explanation of why you would like a slot. Slots are of limited availability so be sure to make your application a good one ;)



    The course is open to anyone with the rank of Pvt or above. Current 2IC's who would like to brush up on their skills are also welcome to apply. 

    Applicants should be able to attend all 3 sessions (most likely on a Friday night)



    The tone of this post is for a reason, anyone thinking of applying should approach this with a serious head on their shoulders. Although we will strive to make the course as enjoyable as possible, the end goal itself is an important one. 

    All applicants should approach the course with self-discipline, a willingness to learn and a desire to enhance not just their own, but everybody else's experience here at RG.


    Any questions feel free to PM me.


    We look forward to your application!



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