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@  BilboD (Fri 20 Apr 18 - 17:17) LOA for at least a week as my graphics card seems to have died, have fun on the mission tonight and Sunday
@  Andrews (Fri 20 Apr 18 - 18:39) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force mindlaunch. View mindlaunch's Profile
@  Andrews (Sat 21 Apr 18 - 10:16) Nice weather in the UK :D
@  Andrews (Sat 21 Apr 18 - 11:07) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force nnhcnh. View nnhcnh's Profile
@  stabcon (Sat 21 Apr 18 - 14:09) So much going on behind the scenes at the moment, so many dedicated and talented members 2018 is going to be a great year for RG!
@  Andrews (Sat 21 Apr 18 - 16:15) @stabcon under your leadership and the cohesion of all sections - we all have a bright future I have no doubt.
@  Andrews (Sat 21 Apr 18 - 23:32) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Martingek. View Martingek's Profile
@  stabcon (Sun 22 Apr 18 - 16:11) Have a great mission tonight guys!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sun 22 Apr 18 - 16:34) Cheers Boss! GL D-Dog
@  Andrews (Sun 22 Apr 18 - 20:34) HI RES VIETNAM TASK FORCE RG: https://ibb.co/ghrABx https://ibb.co/eJksPH https://ibb.co/e5dqBx https://ibb.co/k0adWx https://ibb.co/cZNgjH https://ibb.co/eJkOyc https://ibb.co/insgjH
@  Lethals (Sun 22 Apr 18 - 20:42) Sean and Andrews enjoying the view :rolleyes: https://i.gyazo.com/...c9f1df33dbc.jpg
@  Obi (Sun 22 Apr 18 - 20:44) "The thousand-yard stare. A Marine gets it after he's been in the shit for too long. It's like you've really seen...beyond. I got it. All field Marines got it. You'll have it, too."
@  shrap (Mon 23 Apr 18 - 11:35) Great Mission last sunday! Enjoyed facing superior enemy forces, it wasn't a turkey shoot :D
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 23 Apr 18 - 13:19) Awesome mission Vilhelm and well done DDog, Looking forward to finale this Sunday :)
@  Obi (Mon 23 Apr 18 - 13:26) Dave, don't say Finale...that makes it sound too...final...like its going to be over.....wait a second....NOOOOOOO
@  Villhelm (Mon 23 Apr 18 - 15:36) Im sure we will find some way to uZe it sOMe how, By the way Its always good to sEe people enjoying Stuff even when gambler loses a lot of people.
@  Whigital (Tue 24 Apr 18 - 07:50) @Villhelm I see what you did there ....
@  Andrews (Tue 24 Apr 18 - 11:01) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force nyctoz. View nyctoz's Profile
@  Andrews (Tue 24 Apr 18 - 11:01) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Stirky. View Stirky's Profile
@  William (Tue 24 Apr 18 - 19:03) Talon, you better watch your ground crew


[EVENT] White Rabbit [12 FEB - 6PM]

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#1 Helios


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Posted 09 February 2017 - 17:15


by [RG]Helios

This mission is using a limited modpack - read post below



ISSUE DATE: 09/02/17


Over the past few weeks, Italian renegade forces have pushed Greek forces back across Lemnos, gaining significant ground. Greek commanders have staged a calculated retreat and were holding a defensive line waiting for reinforcements. NATO forces have just landed. The NATO task force has requested urgent reinforcements to launch a counter attack, that will be capable of taking out the hostile command, and control HQ at the Lemnos International Airport. The core of the reinforcements will be forces from Taskforce RG.

RG Taskforce Task
TFRG will deploy as a US Army force at Molos Airfield, then assault Paros (209169), where it seems the Italian forward command post is located at. We must seize the command post, destroy the enemy AA and artillery battery located around the town and then hold the town until friendly NATO mechanised forces reinforce the position.
After securing Paros, TF will then deploy to assault the airfield. Once the airfield has been secured, TFRG will assume a defensive posture and defend against any hostile attempts to retake the airfield till friendly forces are able to break through to your position.

Enemy Forces:
Enemy forces are well armed and equiped. They possess both mechanised and amrourd support units, though their air support is weak. They do have AA capabilities.

RGTF have the following available

1 + 1 Bradley
4x M113 (M2)
2x HMMWV unarmed

1 + 1 UH60 MEV

(1x AH64D)

Support vehicles on base.

Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent
Ground operations


Forward Recon
As per command

RGTF Intent:
Capture the enemies forward command post
Secure the airfield
Maintain ownership of the airfield until reinforcements arrive

ROE: Weapons Tight
Civilians have started to return to their homes, and may be present in towns and villages along the way. However, Intel reports that these is still a sentiment of distrust amongst the local population, as they view NATO as bringing further bloodshed to Lemnos. Civilians are not be be fired upon, unless they pose a clear and present danger.

Highroller will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.

Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:


“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”
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#2 Helios


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Posted 09 February 2017 - 17:21

This mission will be used again as a testing opportunity of our mods. The mods we'll use for this mission:
  • CBA
  • TFAR
  • ACE
TFAR can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/m...9.12/0.9.12.zip
ACE, if you haven't downloaded it yet for last wednesday, can be found here: https://github.com/a.../ace3_3.8.3.zip
On Saturday evening there will be a crash course for everyone interested in how to use the new radio mod. Separate announcement will be available soon. If you have any question, find me on TS or steam.

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#3 Helios


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Posted 12 February 2017 - 10:50


Recruits and reserves - Please notice your squad assignment in the above post. If you have been slotted in a squad you may go straight to their TS room when you connect to the server instead of waiting in the recruits and reserves channel.

Those with a 'Reserve#' marker against their name will be on the reserves list and should wait in the reserves and recruits TS channel for a slot if available. You will be slotted at 17:45 to any TF slot that is open at that time in ranked order (i.e. Reserve 1 will be placed first, then reserve 2 etc.)
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