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@  marius (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 15:36) LOL
@  pvt_p3te (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 15:36) Standard Irish driving there ;)
@  Brooks (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 15:37) Never Forget Goore.
@  Obi (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 16:44) OMG, I was looking for this video the other day. hahahaha
@  Pterolatypus (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 18:17) Dussack be like
@  Lethals (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 19:59) Vegas requests a vehicle, Pete got it covered
@  Obi (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 20:02) Ptero, haha, it makes it better with the accents.
@  oniin (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 20:02) I'm dieing right now love the 1 where daveo is driving the truck
@  Obi (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 20:03) Lethals, I'm dyin
@  Veter (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 20:05) Cant breathe
@  pvt_p3te (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 20:07) I didn't hit no vehicle!
@  Obi (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 20:07) Like the great philosopher, Some White Girl once said: I can't even.
@  Daveo1996 (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 22:30) Dussacks view of our "maiden flight"
@  marius (Sun 21 Oct 18 - 22:40) amazing :lol:
@  Henrik (Mon 22 Oct 18 - 09:42) At least it did not flip
@  Obi (Mon 22 Oct 18 - 10:50) I have been laughing about this since it happened.
@  Andrews (Mon 22 Oct 18 - 17:30) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Maki. View Maki's Profile
@  Maki (Mon 22 Oct 18 - 17:32) No sneaking in here ^^
@  Villhelm (Mon 22 Oct 18 - 18:57) Definitely not! Look around, check out some vids and put in an application if you think you like it!
@  Whigital (Mon 22 Oct 18 - 20:56) ACRE updated ....


New Arma 3 Apex developer diary video declassifies setting and content

Apex arma3 offciial

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    New Arma 3 Apex developer diary video declassifies setting and content

    South Pacific terrain, new armed forces, 13 weapons and 10 vehicles, co-op campaign, and more

    Prague, Czech Republic, June 8th 2016

    Representing the pinnacle of over 15 years of Arma development, Bohemia Interactive today published a brand newdeveloper diary video about their major upcoming expansion for Arma 3: Arma 3 Apex. In the video, Project Lead Petr Kolář and Creative Director Jay Crowe unveil the expansion's setting and content.


    Bringing players to the 100 km² South Pacific island archipelago terrain of Tanoa, which was revealed at E3 last year, the Arma 3 Apex expansion features new armed forces (including a brand new local faction of bandits and ex-paramilitaries), 13 new weapons, new uniforms, equipment and gear, 10 new vehicles, a 1-4 player co-op campaign, and more.


    On the road to Arma 3 Apex, Bohemia Interactive has also been releasing several major Arma 3 platform updates in the past months. The highlights include the implementation of an audio-visual upgrade, 3D Scenario Editor, new server browser, enhanced mod handling, Quick Play, vehicle-in-vehicle transport, weapon switching, better squad communications, spectator mode, and various other features and user experience improvements.


    The final release date of Arma 3 Apex will be announced during the PC Gaming Show at E3 next week on Monday June 13th. The event will kick-off at 11:30 AM Pacific Time (click here for all time zones), and will be broadcasted live on www.twitch.tv/pcgamer.


    For more in-depth information about the Apex expansion, and a detailed overview of its content and features, be sure to visit the new web page at www.arma3.com/apex - and take a look at the updated product pages on the Bohemia Store and Steam, which have been reinforced with the new Apex logo and artwork, a new description, and screenshots.



    Arma 3 Apex - Developer Diary: Setting & Content

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