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@  Thehelloguy (Wed 24 Nov 21 - 06:28)

Been a blast! looking forwards to lib!

@  Andrews (Sat 27 Nov 21 - 20:39)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Nik. View Nik's Profile

@  Refurius (Sun 28 Nov 21 - 13:54)

RG essentials has been updated. dont forget to update your arma3sync repo if you haven't already

@  Villhelm (Fri 03 Dec 21 - 17:25)

Just so people are aware a logistics run is happening tonight :)

@  stabcon (Tue 07 Dec 21 - 13:54)

Warno up, pleased RSVP for wednesday session if you would like to continue to provide Takistan with Freedom ™

@  Andrews (Tue 07 Dec 21 - 21:35)

Ctrl-F5 for Christmas Cheer Posted Image

@  Veter (Wed 08 Dec 21 - 11:48)

heck yeah

@  stabcon (Wed 08 Dec 21 - 21:14)

that was quite the fight

@  Andrews (Sun 12 Dec 21 - 23:20)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Techuila. View Techuila's Profile

@  Villhelm (Sun 19 Dec 21 - 10:38)

Tonight we break out the big guns

@  Andrews (Sun 19 Dec 21 - 21:41)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Watson. View Watson's Profile

@  lllBENlll (Mon 20 Dec 21 - 00:32)

what a worthy end-of-year mission it was great

@  Andrews (Thu 23 Dec 21 - 13:38)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Sanya. View Sanya's Profile

@  Villhelm (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 15:02)

Running a quick update on servers - done in 10 mins

@  lllBENlll (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 19:07)

Merry Christmas RG wish you all a nice Christmas

@  stabcon (Fri 24 Dec 21 - 20:58)

Merry Christmas

@  Andrews (Sat 25 Dec 21 - 08:18)

Merry Christmas RG, have great day!

@  stabcon (Sat 01 Jan 21 - 14:32)

Happy New year to you all, Looking forward to getting back into action on the 9th!

@  aBrat (Mon 03 Jan 22 - 09:14)

Late Happy holidays. Have been AWOL since start of December :))

@  Andrews (Fri 07 Jan 22 - 21:36)

Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Godwin. View Godwin's Profile


D7 Attendance list

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    NAME                 Mission 1  Mission 2   Mission 3   Mission 4  
    1Lt.TAE                  X          X          X          X
    2Lt.Helios               X          X          X          X
    Capt.Mars                X          X          X          X
    Cpl. Ahlstroem           X          X
    Cpl.Derbysieger          X          X          X          X
    Cpl.Jonas Point          X                     X          X
    Cpl.Riott                X          X          X          X
    Cpl.stabcon              X          X          X          X
    Cpl.Sveke                X          X          X          X
    Cpl.WarpedRazer          X          X          X
    LtCol.Andrews            X          X          X          X
    PFC.aBrat                X          X          X          X
    PFC.Anto                 X          X          X          X
    PFC.Dozer                X
    PFC.Guss                 X          X          X          X
    PFC.Pterolatypus         X          X          X          X
    PFC.Scaeva               X          X          X          X
    PFC.Shlee                X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Angrybird            X          X          X
    Pvt.Eistee               X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Dachii                                     X          X
    Pvt.Elementz             X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Logansbloodyclaw     X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Mathias              X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Matt                 X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Nelson               X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Obi                  X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Oliver King          X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Skywalker                                  X
    Pvt.Squeaks              X          X          X
    Pvt.Steve Cake           X          X          X          X
    Pvt.Thehelloguy          X          X          X          X
    Pvt.True Gangrel         X          X          X
    Pvt.ZezzeK               X          X          X          X
    Rct. Niikotii            X          X          X          X
    Rct. Saucy Angel         X          X
    Rct.Sobchak              X          X          X          X
    Sgt.chrisob              X          X          X          X
    Sgt.Doolz                X          X          X
    Sgt.Fluffy               X          X          X          X
    Sgt.Veged                X          X          X          
    Sgt.Villhelm             X          X          X          X
    Spc.Bilbo                X          X          X          X
    Spc.Blackheart                      X                     X
    Spc.Bulbz                X          X          X          X
    SPC.Greeny               X          X          X          X
    Spc.Jammer               X          X                     X
    Spc.Lao                                        X
    Spc.L.Banks              X          X          X          X
    Spc.NinjaFox             X          X          X          X
    Spc.Slysi                X          X
    Spc.Stal20048            X          X
    Spc.TBWilliams           X          X                     X
    Spc.Tristan              X          X          X          X
    SSgt.Zepplin1            X          X                     X
    Total                   51          52        48         44

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