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@  TAE (Wed 12 Feb 20 - 13:06) join in progress - meaning you can join the mission without any issues at any time
@  chrisob (Wed 12 Feb 20 - 21:18) PVP was great thanks Vill for spicing up todays training!
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Wed 12 Feb 20 - 21:19) Nice change of pace, thanks Vill
@  Silberio (Wed 12 Feb 20 - 21:39) Thanks Vill!!!
@  The Icarus (Wed 12 Feb 20 - 22:31) Thanks for setting it up Vill. Loads of fun!
@  Villhelm (Wed 12 Feb 20 - 22:41) No worries! Feedback thread here: http://forums.realit...dback-the-ship/
@  Pterolatypus (Thu 13 Feb 20 - 11:56) Servers have been updated so you should be able to use Dynasound and Enhanced Soundscape again - sorry for the inconvenience!
@  Whigital (Thu 13 Feb 20 - 13:36) How did this pass under the radar -> https://forums.bohem...ct-cup-maps-20/
@  stabcon (Thu 13 Feb 20 - 14:08) it did not! heaavy WIP though, so will likely be one for the future
@  Refurius (Fri 14 Feb 20 - 11:24) Dont forget, friday OP today at 1900gmt by our very own zezzek!
@  Aatoshi (Fri 14 Feb 20 - 11:30) By Zezzek? I have to join in on that
@  Zezzek (Fri 14 Feb 20 - 18:15) Reminder: You have a date with Arma in 45 mins.
@  Aatoshi (Fri 14 Feb 20 - 22:28) Sorry Zezzek, forgot about the time, was fixing my car, I'm sure it was great
@  marius (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 01:29) Was a fun and great mission Zezzek! Thank you for putting it on for some fun on a friday
@  TAE (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 05:05) Yeah it was indeed fun! Thanks Betty for stepping up
@  Black Betty (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 11:04) Thank you for giving me the opportunity Tae and Zezzek. :)
@  Refurius (Sat 15 Feb 20 - 13:17) done very good for the first time betty :) *thumbs up*
@  Refurius (Mon 17 Feb 20 - 09:13) awesome mission yesterday. one of my most fav. ones! thanks vil
@  Liggo (Mon 17 Feb 20 - 17:40) Can someone put the training server up please ? :)
@  Guss (Wed 19 Feb 20 - 12:23) Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free on Epic and Assassin's Creed Syndicate as from Tomorrow!


D7 Sign up proceedure

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    The following will be the process for signing up to D7 missions
    WARNO's for deployment missions will be posted on the Monday at 21:00hrs (GMT)


    All members will be expected to be in their TS channel no later than 1745hrs on Sunday. Members not in channel at that time and without contacting their CO to report they will be late, will be assumed to be a no show and their slot reassigned.


    Leader group, devs and mission critical units:
    These members will automatically be given a slot in each D7 deployment mission before any other unit, however I ask you lead by example and sign up in good fashion, or LOA early so your role can be substituted :)


    Those RG members with a permanent slot in a squad or section:
    RSPV to the mission diary event before Saturday 23:59hrs to secure your standard slot - go about your day.


    If you have not signed up by this point, it will be assumed that you do not intend to attend the mission and your slot will be made available for reserve members


    Recruits or those that have made Private and above but are not assigned to a permanent slot in a squad or section:
    RSVP to the mission at your earliest convenience but no later than Saturday 23:59hrs to be added to the reserve list - go about your day

    Those on the reserve list will be assigned to ANY open slot after the Saturday deadline has passed in the following order:-

    1. Donators with Silver rank or higher AT THE TIME OF THEIR RSVP SIGN UP AND REGARDLESS OF AMOUNT assigned in time order (as per RSVP timestamp).
    2. Those that have have signed up to the mission first (as per RSVP timestamp)

    Sunday morning (before midday GMT), the full mission slots will be posted with the members assigned. Attached with also be a 'reserve list' of surplus members in the order as stated above. These members will be slotted Sunday evening at 5:45 into positions that have become available due members that are no-show or late LOA's of slotted members

    Members on this list will not be guaranteed a slot in the mission but if they are in the 'reserve and recruits' TS channel at 1745hrs (15 minutes before go time) they may be slotted - in rank order - to open slots - please note, you may be asked to fill ANY role that the TF needs at the time.

    Sign ups that add themselves to the list after the cutoff:
    These members will go to the end of queue regardless of Rank, position, longevity, donation etc.

    What this means:

    If you find you are on a reserve list totalling 20 members and you are ranked 19th then you're almost certainly not going to be able to slot on Sunday and it's probably not worth turning up on Sunday evening to TS (unless you really want to or just hang out!).

    If you are on the reserve list and find yourself at a high Rank, say 3rd, then there is a chance you will be able to slot and it's your choice if you would like to idle in the TS channel for a free slot if it becomes available.


    Good luck, and see you in deployment!



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