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@  Daveo1996 (Sun 14 Oct 18 - 20:49) Why thank you :)
@  TEMPLAR (Sun 14 Oct 18 - 21:23) That was pretty intense!
@  Aatoshi (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:16) I can't join the teamspeak, it says only that the server is to old for the command. How do I change the version and what version?
@  Villhelm (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:21) If you look about 8 or so lines up it explains, its a mod issue unfortunatly
@  Aatoshi (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:22) Thanks Vill
@  Riott (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:22) @Aatoshi You can get the required version of TS here we use a slightly older version as acre doesn't have great compatibility with the latest TS yet
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 00:17) Just a friendly reminder: e^(pi * i) + 1 = 0
@  Refurius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 08:14) correction veged its (Wingardium Levios<A>) ... e^(n*pi*i) + 1 = 0 where n are natural numbers that a are odd
@  Daveo1996 (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 10:15) Wait... huh... what the.... damn NERDS!!!!
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 12:42) Thats not a correction. Both are correct
@  TAE (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 14:32) Can you, like, fight and stuff? This whole "we are both correct"-attitude is extremely boring for us popcorn-munching bystander.
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:08) Dunno where the official RG fight club is located. But I'm down for 1v1 minesweeper
@  Guss (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:35) When time is short!
@  Lethals (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:22) This is not how you wear a parachute..
@  marius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:48) Someone read mein kampf recently
@  stabcon (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 21:12) thanks to all for training tonight, a lot gained from a command POV, hope you guys enjoyed it
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 14:15) Remeber guys! the only time to worry on para drops is when Talon are the first ones out ;)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:53)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:54) :D
@  Seanster (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 16:08) Or when you see the left wing out of the right window


Arma 3 Eden Update now live

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    Arma 3 Eden Update now live 
    Eden 3D Editor, Launcher-Based Server Browser, Audio Upgrade, and more 


    Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday February 18th 2016 Building towards the Apex expansion, Bohemia Interactive today released a major platform update for their tactical military shooter, Arma 3. The Eden Update features the much-anticipated Eden Editor (3D Scenario Editor), Launcher-Based Server Browser, audio upgrade, and many other improvements. The update is reinforced by a brand new trailer.

    The goal of the Arma 3 Eden Update is to enhance the game's core usability and to cater to custom content creators in meaningful ways:


    • Eden 3D Editor – Retaining the beloved simplicity of creating scenarios, the new editor finally adds the third dimension and a lot of desired functionality. More info: Top 10 – Eden 3D Editor
    • Launcher-Based Server Browser – Get into multiplayer sessions more easily via better filtering options and Workshop mod support. More info: Top 10 – Server Browser
    • Audio Upgrade – A multi-channel amplitude panner and distance-based samples for weapons and explosions add more immersion and fidelity to combat sounds.
    • Font – Process information more quickly with a new, easier-to-read in-game font.


    In addition to the above, the Eden Update also implements Steam Leaderboards, various scripted system optimizations, parallax ground surfaces, NVIDIA's HBAO+, and more. The complete changelog (1.56) is available for examination here: https://dev.arma3.co...t/spotrep-00052.

    For more information about the Eden Update, go to www.arma3.com/eden - and check out the latest post on the Arma 3 devblog by Creative Director Jay Crowe, in which the Eden Update is further introduced.



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