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@  Daveo1996 (Sun 14 Oct 18 - 20:49) Why thank you :)
@  TEMPLAR (Sun 14 Oct 18 - 21:23) That was pretty intense!
@  Aatoshi (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:16) I can't join the teamspeak, it says only that the server is to old for the command. How do I change the version and what version?
@  Villhelm (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:21) If you look about 8 or so lines up it explains, its a mod issue unfortunatly
@  Aatoshi (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:22) Thanks Vill
@  Riott (Mon 15 Oct 18 - 16:22) @Aatoshi You can get the required version of TS here we use a slightly older version as acre doesn't have great compatibility with the latest TS yet
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 00:17) Just a friendly reminder: e^(pi * i) + 1 = 0
@  Refurius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 08:14) correction veged its (Wingardium Levios<A>) ... e^(n*pi*i) + 1 = 0 where n are natural numbers that a are odd
@  Daveo1996 (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 10:15) Wait... huh... what the.... damn NERDS!!!!
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 12:42) Thats not a correction. Both are correct
@  TAE (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 14:32) Can you, like, fight and stuff? This whole "we are both correct"-attitude is extremely boring for us popcorn-munching bystander.
@  Veged (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:08) Dunno where the official RG fight club is located. But I'm down for 1v1 minesweeper
@  Guss (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 18:35) When time is short!
@  Lethals (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:22) This is not how you wear a parachute..
@  marius (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 19:48) Someone read mein kampf recently
@  stabcon (Wed 17 Oct 18 - 21:12) thanks to all for training tonight, a lot gained from a command POV, hope you guys enjoyed it
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 14:15) Remeber guys! the only time to worry on para drops is when Talon are the first ones out ;)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:53)
@  lllBENlll (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 15:54) :D
@  Seanster (Thu 18 Oct 18 - 16:08) Or when you see the left wing out of the right window


[PROCESS] Recruitment Journey

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    There are multiple roles available in RG, from Gambler Grenadier to Gambler Auto-Rifleman to Vegas Specialist, and no matter your interest, you will find a position you feel comfortable and happy in. That said, before you start specialising in a certain role, all soldiers regardless of background must complete a mandatory 2 weeks of training. Progression into NCO/OFFICER positions are based on ability and work ethic.
    Create an online account so you can fill in and submit your application. (You can send yourself a copy) If you have any questions at all, chat to one of  our Advisers on Team Speak and arrange to speak with a Staff Officer.
    Once your application has been received and your basic eligibility assessed, you'll be sent a Private Message to arrange your introduction and interview. This informal process is a screening check for basic entry level competency. We have a 99.9% entry rate.
    Interview / Introduction
    If you are fit for duty, you'll be invited for an interview with a Staff Officer (SO). This lets you ask questions and allows the SO to see if you are suitable for the Task Force.
    At this stage, you are also given a Candidate Support Manager (CSM). Their job is to help you during the joining process.
    If you meet eligibility standards, you'll be invited to spend two weeks at Reality Gaming as a trial period. Here, you'll do physical and mental tests to judge your soldier potential. If you pass, you'll be offered a role at Reality Gaming.
    Make sure you discuss your result with your Candidate Support Manager as they will be able to explain the next steps. This is usually the person who gave you the introduction.

    During your Recruit phase you’ll learn a variety of basic soldier skills, guided by the squad members of the team you are placed in.


    Once you are comfortable with the basics, it will be time to start thinking about which role within a squad you wish to become more experienced in. As a Recruit or Gambler Reserve, you may request to try a role within a squad, provided it is not occupied by a current squad member, and you may begin specialising into that role.


    There is always more to learn, and as such, you will continue to develop skills during your time at RG, lead by the senior soldiers at RG.

    This period is to determine whether you are right for RG and whether RG is right for you.




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