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@  Oryou (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 12:19) I've seen those that fit onto a stretcher, would be great
@  Breacher (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 12:53) Unfortunately you still have to "kiss" him :( I guess that's why people leave me behind when I am down, no one wants to "kiss" me :D
@  Oryou (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 12:59) No, you use a mask, much better
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 15:01) Breacher thats why I get hit so much I love them Kisses xxxx :P
@  Andrews (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 15:52) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force mute all. View mute all's Profile
@  TAE (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 16:41) Two days after Mars disappears with Myhrr, the world is once more on fire. Coincidence? I don't think so
@  Breacher (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 17:40) Just his ghost taking revenge on those who betrayed us... :D
@  Wessy_NLD (Tue 27 Jun 17 - 18:17) @Breacher I hope not...:D
@  shrap (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 11:25) TAE are you suggesting that in D10 we find out Mars went AWOL with Myhrr and never sunk ? :)
@  TAE (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 12:14) It certainly felt that way, with most of Ukraine as well as a ton of other companies being "down" to a cyber attack. Have you looked at the Myhrr box?
@  Villhelm (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 12:21) Its not that kind of supervirus :P
@  TAE (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 12:36) How can you say that?
@  L.Banks (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 13:55) Actually it was never defined as a biological virus, just as a WMD that could destroy humanity
@  Breacher (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 14:41) Nah, D10 headline should be "rouge one", everybody hates us now after what mars did :) I think we should fight for restoring our dignity :)
@  Villhelm (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 14:46) Breacher i dont think calling us red one would really help, and Mars did the right thing.
@  Breacher (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 14:51) I would do it the same way, with dignity I mean the Image we had before the end of D9. Just imagine how angry everyone (Superpowers) is at Mars, but he is gone now, so blaming us would actually be the logical thing :)
@  Obi (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 18:36) I like where Breacher is going with that. Like when GIJOE were in the crap in the comics. Had to defend against 'friendly' forces and all that.
@  Breacher (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 19:12) I should write a story and send it to the Devs. Maybe :D
@  Brooks (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 19:16) Best idea ever.
@  Daveo1996 (Wed 28 Jun 17 - 20:03) ughhhhhhh!! pmsl

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    Member Since: 07 Dec 2014 21:55

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    Steve Cake

    Member Since: 30 Jan 2017 18:02

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    Member Since: 30 Jan 2017 19:22

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GAMBLER - Squad Cutlass

Team Leader: Diamond-Dog

The real Heart Breakers and Life Takers of Gambler!

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Squad Cutlass

Sergeant Diamond-Dog - Fireteam Leader
Corporal Steve Cake - 2nd in Command

VACANT - Marksman
Private Lokter - Automatic Rifleman
PFC Callum - Automatic Rifleman
VACANT - Grenadier
Private Wessy - Light Anti-Tank
PFC.Stoimy - Rifleman (Medic)
PFC.Breacher- Rifleman (Mechanic)

Squad Cutlass roster and application thread can be found here

Team News

New XML's Posted by Mars

Hey all, with Dussack now officially back to Cutlass (yay) please all check and amend your XML's to the following:

Looking for members Posted by Mars

With Squads now consisting of 9 men, we are looking for a combat medic, rifle mechanic and automatic rifleman to join Cutlass. Interested, post here:

Our friend from across the pond Posted by Mars

Callum has more than proven himself to be a capable soldier and dedicated Cutlass worrior, as well as an all round good bloke. It is therefor with great pleasure (and long overdue) that we welcome Callum as a permanent member to the best squad in RG.


Latest changes whitin Cutlass Posted by Helios

As of this week, PFC.Callum is now officially our Grenadier. Let's hope he sees the mines in time. Pvt.Jacko has been accepted on trial as Squad medic. With ACE3 comming up, you'll be a key player to keep up in the fight.

Good luck with the new tasking guys!

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