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@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Tue 12 Feb 19 - 13:49) I advise anyone who has not yet done so to start setting up the new mod pack, really easy to follow step by step guide from Ptero and plenty of people willing to help if you have issues, unless you really want to be that guy who decides to sort it out 5 mins before training tomoz
@  pvt_p3te (Tue 12 Feb 19 - 23:17) Been giving Talon guys a bit of a hard time.. https://www.facebook...34469033470836/
@  Guss (Wed 13 Feb 19 - 16:51) Ha wtf
@  The Icarus (Wed 13 Feb 19 - 20:47) ATTENTION ALL: If you are getting kicked please send a PM to Riott and Ptero with your client log from tonight, these can be found in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Arma 3
@  Andrews (Thu 14 Feb 19 - 20:24) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force moody. View moody's Profile
@  Andrews (Fri 15 Feb 19 - 13:51) ALL - Please consider supporting RG this month! Let's keep this place going :)
@  lllBENlll (Fri 15 Feb 19 - 22:35) is there someone around who still got the old mods on his pc and could do me a favour
@  lllBENlll (Fri 15 Feb 19 - 23:06) ok i made it on my own no worries
@  Villhelm (Sat 16 Feb 19 - 10:57) Get your mods updated people and RSVP!
@  The Icarus (Sun 17 Feb 19 - 17:34) Lets go!
@  marius (Mon 18 Feb 19 - 18:10) Thats one broken down T-72
@  Daveo1996 (Mon 18 Feb 19 - 23:04) I do believe that is a T-80 if I am not mistaken...
@  Shlee (Mon 18 Feb 19 - 23:05) :rolleyes:
@  marius (Tue 19 Feb 19 - 06:05) Ah yea you are correct
@  Andrews (Tue 19 Feb 19 - 23:22) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Kosmas. View Kosmas's Profile
@  Seanster (Wed 20 Feb 19 - 15:27) Can someone put the training server up please.
@  The Icarus (Wed 20 Feb 19 - 15:39) Training server being booted up now.
@  Seanster (Wed 20 Feb 19 - 15:48) thanks
@  Lethals (Wed 20 Feb 19 - 19:10) Greeny went flying
@  Reti4 (Wed 20 Feb 19 - 23:03) https://puu.sh/CPhKS/b825b66d8e.jpg "Gambler, this is Arrow 2.0..."

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HIGHROLLER - Taskforce Command

Team Leader: Andrews

Highroller is the section in Reality Gaming that is responsible for the command and control of the Task Force. It has the ultimate responsibility and authority over the unit. From training to course level planning to operational execution - Highroller is there to organise and facilitate the ultimate combined arms MilSim experience of a large multinational community.

Those commanding from the Highroller section have significant responsibilities - for example, the use of force, finances, equipment, duties and mission effectiveness as well as providing detailed and continuing training on a weekly basis. Command plays a big part both in and out of missions, both from a pre-missions planning phase, to in-mission operation command, to debriefing after a successful Sunday operation. It is commands responsibility to make sure each training or Sunday operation is both successfully and enjoyable for all Reality Gaming members

The Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel Andrews) - Is the owner of Reality Gaming and community leader. He is responsible for the oversight of all RG systems and operation and has the final word on any Reality Gaming issues. As well as the figurehead of RG and promoting our values to the wider Amra3 community, The Lt.Col. also ensures the smooth running of Reality Gaming operations.

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