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@  aBrat (Sat 20 May 17 - 09:00) Got 4 LawBreakers keys to share for this beta weekend. PM on steam to get one :)
@  Breacher (Sat 20 May 17 - 18:18) Rising Storm 2 is awesome, you charge like a man towards the enemy :D
@  Obi (Sat 20 May 17 - 19:25) it is pretty cool. The Sound design is VERY immersive.
@  Mozzy (Sat 20 May 17 - 20:58) It took a bit of work to get round BI's encryption, but I finally managed to extract and modify the new "Gryphon" Texture. Hopefully I can make some more custom textures for Talon and some more aircraft soon
@  stabcon (Sat 20 May 17 - 21:05) looks good
@  L.Banks (Sun 21 May 17 - 00:04) MOZZY I 'd really like to get a copy of that off you! (please :) )
@  Aeregon (Sun 21 May 17 - 10:01) I cant wait for todays operation!
@  Aeregon (Sun 21 May 17 - 10:02) I wish we would use the submarines too though XD
@  Aeregon (Sun 21 May 17 - 10:10) but thats probaly onyl fro vegas :(
@  stabcon (Sun 21 May 17 - 12:43) full house tonight everybody, make sure you are in TS by 17:45 bst. Or if going to be late let someone know.
@  stabcon (Sun 21 May 17 - 12:44) If you don't show, you will lose your slot
@  BilboD (Sun 21 May 17 - 14:57) Are the servers offline?
@  Mars (Sun 21 May 17 - 14:59) they are rebooting, should be up in 5
@  BilboD (Sun 21 May 17 - 15:18) Thank you Mars, I thought it was my server search :P
@  Callum (Sun 21 May 17 - 20:55) Ahh s****
@  The Icarus (Sun 21 May 17 - 20:56) Holy crap
@  Guss (Sun 21 May 17 - 21:16) It didn't like me
@  CAESAR (Sun 21 May 17 - 21:18) Crate assisted exit procedure.
@  TAE (Mon 22 May 17 - 04:52) See, for a brief moment there I thought this was Kerbal Space Progam
@  Aeregon (Mon 22 May 17 - 15:37) @tae, it looks funny, starts shaking and then explodes?

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HIGHROLLER - Taskforce Command

Team Leader: Andrews

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High Command

Highroller is the section in Reality Gaming that is responsible for the command and control of the Task Force. It has the ultimate responsibility and authority over the unit. From training to course level planning to operational execution - Highroller is there to organise and facilitate the ultimate combined arms MilSim experience of a large multinational community.

Those commanding from the Highroller section have significant responsibilities - for example, the use of force, finances, equipment, duties and mission effectiveness as well as providing detailed and continuing training on a weekly basis. Command plays a big part both in and out of missions, both from a pre-missions planning phase, to in-mission operation command, to debriefing after a successful Sunday operation. It is commands responsibility to make sure each training or Sunday operation is both successfully and enjoyable for all Reality Gaming members

The Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel Andrews) - Is the owner of Reality Gaming and community leader. He is responsible for the oversight of all RG systems and operation and has the final word on any Reality Gaming issues. As well as the figurehead of RG and promoting our values to the wider Amra3 community, The Lt.Col. also ensures the smooth running of Reality Gaming operations.

The Task Force commander (Major Mars) - is responsible for everything his unit does or fails to do both into and out of our Sunday operations. He cannot delegate this responsibility. The commander is responsible to both his superiors and his subordinates. He increases the effectiveness of the organisation by delegating to his subordinates the authority to accomplish their missions, holding subordinates responsible for their actions, and fostering a climate of mutual trust, cooperation, and teamwork. He organises his force based on the mission of the higher headquarters and a thorough understanding of his mission, enemy, terrain (and weather), troops and support available, time available, and civil considerations (METT-TC). The commanders tactical approach is responsible for ensuring the Task Force maintains combat effectiveness through limited casualties and loss of assets in missions.

The Task Force Executive Office (Captain Helios) - is the principal assistant to the Task Force commander. As the second in command, the XO must be ready to assume command immediately if the commander becomes a casualty. The XO transmits the commander's intent for the Task Force. His two main responsibilities are to direct the efforts of the Task Force staff and to sustain the Task Force itself.

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