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@  Obi (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 20:31) A moment of silence for KIMBO
@  Ante (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 20:36) gone but not forgotten :(
@  The Icarus (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 21:23) I have amazing grace as death music in left 4 dead 2 :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 21:40) Beautiful rendition OBI I too have been practicing ;)
@  Barnes (Tue 12 Nov 19 - 22:32) Oh, please allow me to jump on the bandwagon and show you my rendition of the 20 century fox intro: here :D
@  stabcon (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 08:27) Apologies for no training post so far guys. However tonight us on, please ensure you have the modern modest loaded
@  TAE (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 08:50) Isn't auto-correct great Stabs?
@  CAESAR (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 11:19) :D
@  Villhelm (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 12:48) Apologies all, internet wasnt back on till yesterday, training post now up!
@  Thehelloguy (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 15:07) :D
@  The Icarus (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 17:07) Training server being restarted for final RGTA version. Should be back within the next 5 minutes! All done!
@  Obi (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 21:25) Just wanted to give a thanks to those who nominated me for that award. To say that I appreciate it would understate how I feel about it. Thank you!
@  Barnes (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 21:26) It was a hard pick between you and the Jap that Banzai'd Kimbo. :D
@  Obi (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 21:32) I was going to give it to him, honestly. It was a good attack.
@  Barnes (Wed 13 Nov 19 - 21:55) Congratulations to everyone that got involved in D11 and a very big thank you and good job to the staff that made D11 such an enjoyable experience.
@  Andrews (Thu 14 Nov 19 - 17:15) Congrats to all on D11 sorry I was not there with you all - Well done to the leaders and command sections!
@  Obi (Fri 15 Nov 19 - 15:48) Oh boy, you don't get more classic RG modern than killing Ghunderha-err Kingpin.
@  Barnes (Fri 15 Nov 19 - 19:19) Who this dude? It's slippin' my mind right now
@  Barnes (Fri 15 Nov 19 - 23:48) Company of Heroes 2 is FREE now on steam.
@  TAE (Sat 16 Nov 19 - 04:32) Gave me a good nostalgic chuckle as well Obi

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Posted By:  Villhelm @ 14 November 2019 - 17:47

By RG Villhelm


THE RETURN (Part 1 of 2 of Operation Kingpin)
ISSUE DATE: 14/8/19


Following some strange incidents around the world (some evidence points to time travel - ridiculous) RG have returned once again to Altis, where the former RGTA has been morphed into some kind of terrorist training ground. 


Being allowed to use our old staging area at Molos airfield we have been tasked by the UN and US to bring down the leader of one such organisation, a man known as Ghunderhar Kingpin


He has set up a number of "camps" on the south of the island and we are to take these out, extreme prejudice is to be used. 





  • 6x Blackhawk

  • 2x MRAP M2

  • 3x AH-6M

  • Rearm/Refuel assets at base


Operational Plan
As per command

Squad operational intent





  • Move to the south of the Island

  • Destroy Insurgent camps

  • Look for information on Kingpin





  • Transport

  • CAS

  • Reinsert/Resupply




  • Retrieve intelligence asset

  • Investigate intel at [REDACTED]



ROE: Free

Capt.Stabcon will be in direct control of the RG Task Force operation.



Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA  


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Toggle %s Agenda 13th November 2019

Posted By:  Villhelm @ 13 November 2019 - 12:47




Wednesday 13/11/19 - Schedule and Agenda

Training - 19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)


All recruits or any member that has not completed BCT is to report to Villhelm to be assigned onto basic training for the first hour


  • 18:55- Recruit Assignment & Load Onto Server
  • 19:00- Taskforce Briefing
  • 19:05- Training Begins
  • 20:45- Training End & Debrief


TASK FORCE CEREMONY - Tea and Medals- Possibly additional activities. 




Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:



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Toggle %s Operation Iceberg

Posted By:  stabcon @ 08 November 2019 - 11:58

Operation Iceberg








Date: May 10th 1945
Location: Okinawa Prefecture


The Battle for Okinawa started in April. With some of the most intense fighting of the entire conflict. The Japanese have been pushing back with extreme ferocity, capturing numerous smaller islands around the prefecture. Using these islands as logistic and reserve bases. Unless these smaller islands can be dealt with, the main force on Okinawa will struggle to contain the spread of the Imperial forces. RG have been tasked with assaulting one of these smaller islands and securing it. It is an island that has previously seen a great deal of combat, yet the Japanese have recaptured it and intend to put its Airfield back into use. This would greatly threaten the Pacific fleets supporting the battle on Okinawa. Intelligence believes the island is also being used to store a great deal of men and equipoment in preparation for a large scale counter attack. The enemy is prepared and surprise is not on our side. The Imperial Navy has been sighted steaming toward our location. Enemy forces consist of Army and Naval forces, they have air and armoured support and know we are coming.







RG is to assault the island, move inland and capture the airfield.

RG ground forces will make an amphibious assault onto the island at grid 013058. Talon will support this assault by bombing the coastline immediately before ground forces land.
Once the landing zone is secured, Gambler forces will move into an ambush position south to intercept reenforcements. The goal here is to draw forces in from the airfield and other southerly positions.
Vegas forces will move from the LZ to eliminate any positions to the eastern flank, allowing later movement through this area for all ground forces.
Preliminary recon flights place likely positions at 022058, 025061 and 027061.
Once the ambush succeeds and the eastern flank is secure, ground forces are to RV (position to be decided in battle) and proceed south toward the airfield.
RG will then secure that airfield by any means possible.
Talon will provide logistical and CAS/CAP support throughout, however they are to also locate and eliminate the Imperial fleet before it reaches our own ships.

Service Support:
RG will have the following equipment:
US Marine Equipment
7x LVTA2
2x Willy GP (2 Armed)
10x F4U Corsair
Various logistic Vehicles/supply crates
No Allied Forces are expected on this island or in support of our operation.

Radios will be issued to Command and Squad NCO's only.

All troops should study and memorize the maps provided prior to mission start in the event of separation from friendly forces
Link to actual Operation: https://en.wikipedia...ttle_of_Okinawa
Map used Henderson Airfield



Sign ups now open and it is mandatory to RSVP



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Toggle %s AGENDA 6th November

Posted By:  Villhelm @ 04 November 2019 - 22:02




Wednesday 06/11/19 - Schedule and Agenda

Training - 19:00-21:00hrs (GMT)


All recruits or any member that has not completed BCT is to report to Villhelm to be assigned onto basic training for the first hour


  • 18:55- Recruit Assignment & Load Onto Server
  • 19:00- Taskforce Briefing
  • 19:05- Training Begins
  • 20:45- Training End & Debrief

Additional Funtime activities - Lead by 2nd Lt Villhelm



Signups are now open and it is mandatory to RSVP or post LOA:



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