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@  Obi (Wed 10 Apr 19 - 17:23) Its the same as with my Mortars: When you're involved, we both fall short :P
@  Andrews (Thu 11 Apr 19 - 18:03) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force Ralinas. View Ralinas's Profile
@  stabcon (Sun 14 Apr 19 - 21:19) Great job tongiht guys, hope you enjoyed it http://forums.realit..._41_1605022.png
@  Andrews (Sun 14 Apr 19 - 21:46) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force S.Redden. View S.Redden's Profile
@  stabcon (Tue 16 Apr 19 - 18:20) @All currently an issue with servers, under investigation and will update you all when sorted
@  stabcon (Tue 16 Apr 19 - 20:08) @All please update your A3Sync folder to connect to servers
@  stabcon (Tue 16 Apr 19 - 20:08) http://forums.realit...?showtopic=2796
@  AHM (Wed 17 Apr 19 - 15:38) Ubisoft's giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for a limited time.
@  stabcon (Wed 17 Apr 19 - 16:27) Please ensure 3sync is up to date for tonights session
@  Exshift (Sat 20 Apr 19 - 18:30) did anyone encounter this problem in training server ? https://i.imgur.com/0ZzKgXa.jpg
@  Obi (Sat 20 Apr 19 - 18:58) You sure you have ACE loaded? If you do and that happens, try unsubbing from it, waiting a bit for it to uninstll, and the resubbing to it on workshop and it should be fixed
@  Villhelm (Sat 20 Apr 19 - 21:42) Also make sure Battleye is disabled
@  Whigital (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 12:37) Be advised, Spec4Gear seems to be back on the Workshop
@  stabcon (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 12:51) yeah, no need to do anything now :)
@  Whigital (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 13:52) For me the SW version got added to the launcher again, so it would've loaded twice without deselecting it from the profile
@  stabcon (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 15:37) fair enough, make sure no one is loading spec gear tonight then ;)
@  Andrews (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 20:02) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force williamle12. View williamle12's Profile
@  Greeny1911 (Sun 21 Apr 19 - 20:41) if anyone has the audio form mission start do let me know xD
@  T.Perkins (Mon 22 Apr 19 - 09:11) Full Cutlass POV of mission
@  Andrews (Mon 22 Apr 19 - 14:47) Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holidays and hope the weather is good! Nice vid Perkins watching now :)

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