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@  Daveo1996 (Thu 22 Mar 18 - 19:34) I think it is time for some Liberation
@  T.Perkins (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 10:08) Love that you guys say when there is free games! Ive been wanting to get a racing game for some time, now I have one for free! Thanks Dave!
@  Villhelm (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 11:24) If you lot have any issues with the D10 pack drop me a PM. Ill have an FAQ up tonight
@  Robio (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 12:16) @Villhelm Look correct? https://i.imgur.com/gmWx5Pu.jpg
@  stabcon (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 12:20) all good @robio
@  Robio (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 12:41) Good. I've exported my preset if anybody wants it.
@  Villhelm (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 15:04) Looks good but yeah let's keep it off the Vox, drop me a PM for anything D10 related
@  bambam99 (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 15:05) people are being oppressed join Liberation server ASAP :)
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 16:22) wow guess what's back https://youtu.be/xCwwxNbtK6Y #Sweep the leg!
@  bambam99 (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 16:34) yes!! about time. Focus Danial San, really looking forward to it :ph34r:
@  The Icarus (Fri 23 Mar 18 - 17:49) Looking to go onto Lib around 18:30
@  Andrews (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 14:15) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force MergDualo. View MergDualo's Profile
@  Andrews (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 14:33) Welcome to the Reality Gaming Task Force maxwell. View maxwell's Profile
@  stabcon (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 14:51) Anybody familiar with arma3 texturing/retexturing on vehicles/uniforms and has some free time, please PM me #supersecretprojectthatsnotreallysupersecretbutstillcouldbecool
@  CAESAR (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 15:05) :rolleyes:
@  KIMBO-MK-1 (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 15:38) lol
@  Andrews (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 16:04) :ph34r:
@  The Icarus (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 16:42) New reddit post up: https://redd.it/86u7bk
@  BilboD (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 20:57) Upvoted
@  Villhelm (Sat 24 Mar 18 - 21:15) doing some quick vietnam testing on the server, join us on TS

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